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Leftover Crack May 07, 2019
THIS is gonna rule! Saturday July 13th, 2019. Tix available here:
Leftover Crack Feb 12, 2019
Easy Action joining us in Texas. This is gonna be some good shit
Leftover Crack Jan 14, 2019
January 27th Mexico City @ Foro Alicia
Leftover Crack Jan 14, 2019
January 26th Guadalajara @ Anexo Independencia
Leftover Crack Jan 14, 2019
Jan [email protected] Black Box,Tijuana
Leftover Crack Oct 03, 2018
November dates!! Nov 25th to Dec 9th. Been a while, can’t wait to see y’all again. Tix available FRIDAY 10/5, ask at the clubs listed. (PS- Don’t panic if you don’t see your city/town/parish. We will be hitting everywhere soon so stay tuned).
Leftover Crack Sep 23, 2018
We’ve got a new release & two tours that will cover the worst 3/5ths of the United States between the end of a December & March. We even have some great bands that have agreed to tour with us that you know & love, despite all of the rumors & lies spread by Federal Informants that walk into your lives without a second thought. Mystery punks awash in secret sauce & an unspoken past of subservient sheepiness & a big lotto check for sending your friends to prison. But it’s fun to hear gossip about hypocrisy. If only it were so easy for me to believe that my favorite activists do the very opposite of what they’ll dedicated their lives to. Why we might be your best friend that you write to in prison or your favorite anarcho-punk band right now! (Yes, evenAFTER High-School). Snitches & people paid to sew discontent in our political movements are too much trouble. I dare say “Off With Their Heads”! Even though it seems a bit violent for my tastes & rather extreme. Just don’t be afraid to confront someone that is lying about something that matters. Liars “don’t want to talk about it”. And if you’re unsure about what to do, please write me a letter... Brad Logan 155 Avenue C JK , This is Ezra Kire 155 Avenue C NY, NY 10009 Morning G 4 EvR 🇺🇸🌇
Leftover Crack Sep 16, 2018
Here’s some internet panhandling that I absolutely support...
Leftover Crack Sep 07, 2018
Hey, Leftöver Crack is still playing tonight! And the other three Canadian dates. Nothing is canceled. It’s gonna be fun... sorry that the other post was so long, but here is the simple version...
Leftover Crack Sep 06, 2018
Canada! We're still coming! The United States of Americas closed borders, cultural/racial insensitivity & general intolerance of any place or anybody that does not fit their cookie cutter mold of capitalism over caring has been thoroughly documented & perhaps has been a bit of a white-washing over countless other government policies with a bit less PR. But as someone that travels all around the world, I can assure you that most of the people that work at the immigration offices, border crossings & border patrols of countries everywhere are very similar & unfortunately enjoy weilding their small measures of power a little bit too much. After jumping through all of the hoops, including filing & providing the proper paper work, applying for artist work visas & even hiring an immigration attorney to make sure that we fulfilled every part of the intricate process completely, Brad Logan & I have been denied entry into Canada. Apparently even with all of the correct permissions & paperwork approved & supplied, the entry into Canada is left to the discretion of whichever border agent that we encounter. This one did not want to let Brad & I pass into the country despite our best behavior & efforts. But Leftöver Crack is not a band that will give up on playing a show, a tour or making something happen once we put our mind to it. So, instead of canceling our Canadian dates, we've enlisted the help of some our best friends that also hapen to be our favorite punk singers to help make these shows kick off . We have convinced Joey Steel of NYC's All Torn Up!, Skullcaster & Cop/Out as well as Dave Rodriguez from the Krum Bums, Starving Wolves &, most recently, The Casualties to fill in on vocals, while our lead guitarist Reed Wolcott from Detroits We Are The Union will be filling in on the parts that he's already inherited from our former lead guitarists. We promise that the shows will be fun as fuck & that you will enjoy it way more than staring at a blank stage. For those of you that have purchased advanced tickets & would prefer to have their money back instead of attending the concert will be able to do so via the original point of purchase without hassle. We pretty much did this same thing when we toured canada the time before last, our two guitarist/vocalists were refused entry, so Alec, Donny & I had to put the set together with myself on guitar after handing the instrument off to others for several years & we pulled it off. Now, I know it's not gonna be the same without Brad or I, but I promise you, that if you give it a chance & perhaps sing along, you'll have just as much fun as you would have with us stinking up the rooms. Just remember, these guys don't have to be making these shows happen & it took a bit of convincing to get everybody on board, but they're practicing all of your favorite Choking Victim & LöC songs as I dictate this to our friend to be posted online & it'll be punk as fuck, but also just as good as we always play thanks to our super tight as fuck band. Just please remember, it's not any of the bands faults that we've been denied. The burden lands squarely on the shoulders of the Canadian border patrol & immigration. So don't let these arbitrary borders further divide us. Let's celebrate the victory of having these shows go on despite the efforts of our governments to stifle our message & meaning. I'm sad as fuck about this & I'm currently in legal limbo detained somewhere between Canada & the USA until further notice. Help me & the band out by coming down to the shows, being positive & supportive & hopefully I can get out of here to work on another tour up there soon. BUT WE NEED YOUR ENTHUSIASM & SUPPORT NOW MORE THAN EVER! Love, Sturg "Stza" Crack Never Cancel, Always Care!
Leftover Crack Aug 22, 2018
Hey everybody! Two of us LöC folk have tickets to see Billy Joel tomorrow night at MSG. They were not cheap & they are "behind the stage" (not "backstage", a place where it's unclear if we're gonna be able to watch The Piano Man throw a tantrum or rock so gently or all of the stuff!!! So, we have physical tix & if we can get our filthy hands onto a downloaded ticket to the show or even a recent MSG show or other BJ show at MSG. The more recent the better, we can possibly get some fly as fuck seats that actually face the front of the stage & the sound system... So, if anybody can help, we're already IN the concert with our scannable tix, then, if we can "present" our alternative tix, we can at least get into a better section hopefully. Please DM me if you can help on any level at all. I'll even sell popcorn & crackerjacks just to get a decent spot. I'll jump through hoops like a circus dog. Cuz in the not so far future, either Billy or I will be dead & I have been a fan since I was in shitty diapers... Cheers, Stz & LöC
Leftover Crack Aug 20, 2018
This photo never ended up on my IG for some reason, despite the appearance of #Bezby, #HappyFrog & #Soupy! I’ve just posted a few of the last remaining copies of vinyl that I have at (link in my IG bio). All of the past orders have finally been shipped & we have tracking numbers for them if anybody wants to e-mail me with the name that is on the order that I received via PayPal/big cartel. After this stuff, I don’t see any reason to keep the shop going as I don’t think that I have anything worthwhile to sell. I can’t justify autographed posters or anything else completely impractical, but, I’ll post something if I do.... Big thanks to everybody that ordered something in the past few months. Y’all got me through a really hard winter & a counterintuitively harder spring & summer. It’s onto new releases for the foreseeable future: “Leftöver Leftöver Crack: the E-Sides & F-Sides” Compilation with all of our split halves, comp tracks, EP’s & bonus songs from “Rock the 40oz.” til the FWT reissue. A top secret CV release & the commencement of tracking for LöC Vol IV !!! #GetReadyForAction #PunkPlanet #HellcatRecords #Razorcake #Rancid #GiveEmTheBoot #Epitaph #AlternativeTentacles #DeadKennedys #JelloBiafra #OpIvy #TheSilencers #ChrisLaSalle #TimArmstrong #TravisBarker #SkinheadRob #theTransplants #Transplants #GarnierFructis #HooHoo #RubySoho #TimTimeBomb #AndOutComeTheWolves #AndOutComesTheNBomb #GreenDay #GoodRiddanceTimeOfYourLife #NOFX #FatWreck #FatWreckChords
Leftover Crack Jul 10, 2018
We’re looking for a temp rhythm guitarist that might be needed for more & other CRS projects. I do feel like this is kind of racist, but, I’m sick of playing in bands with a bunch of white-males... I know, I am one & I love my band mates, but there’s no reason for the lack of diversity to continue... We’re looking for various band members in the California ar a mostly. We have shows coming up in a couple of weeks. You’ll need to travel to Huntington Beach to try out in the next week or so & you’ll need to be available until July 30th.... Also, you’ll need to be confident & able to sing back up vocals... We might seem like fuck ups, but we have a sense of professionalism that we’ll need from you also. Hit me up at [email protected] No super fans No uptight jerks No oversensitive introverts Just people that love music & want to have fun playing it. We don’t need serious overly PC folks, but we are very serious about our political messages & we’re not forgiving when it comes to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or general intolerance... above everything, we travel & have fun. If you don’t like to dance, then don’t get in touch... If you can make us laugh, but can’t play guitar, the job is yours... Thanks, Stza
Leftover Crack Jun 16, 2018
Hi. Brad from LoC. Kristen Ferrell and I just started a thing. Occult wear for evil puppies and kitties! Check out our FB page and Etsy store. More is being added monthly so stay in touch. #rescuedogs #rescuecats #adoptnotshop
Leftover Crack Apr 05, 2018
Hey! Our... well, my @scott sturgeon first show in 8 months! Come catch all of these great bands & great friends in Brooklyn, two weeks away... We’re gonna premiere the first song for the next (new) LöC record & Play all of the SFH, LÖC & CV songs that we can remember! #AllAges #AllAwesome
Leftover Crack Mar 29, 2018
Leftover Crack Mar 29, 2018
Leftover Crack Jan 03, 2018
OUT NOW on Indecision Records Bandcamp!
Leftover Crack Dec 15, 2017
The official Leftover Crack store is now open. All shirts are on no-sweatshop Canvas and Bella brand, and all orders this month come with free screen-printed vinyl LoC stickers.
Leftover Crack Aug 29, 2017
If we don't do everything within our power to halt the plans of this government agency that would deign to erase their history of atrocities, absurdly hypocritical & paradoxically empowered by not just a xenophobic, treasonous, hate-crime condoning, white privileged fascist cancer, but by millions of hateful, brainwashed mistakes & human miscarriages. Then run & hide & hope that you won't be sniffed out by the armored thought crime detectives, minority hunters or one of the dozens of other militarized agencies of white American homeland soldiers of this 4th Reich. Book burnings are just a "warm up" to your perpetual enslavement or pathological human cleansing. You are your neighbor & your head will always be next on their chopping block...
Leftover Crack Aug 24, 2017
Fat Wreck Chords store tomorrow from 4-7pm Sturgeon "Stza" Crack & Frank Piegaro from SFH, Degenerics & The Love Songs will be playing some tunes around 6:15/6:30pm (new time) 2196 Palou Avenue S.F....
Leftover Crack Aug 10, 2017
We played a semi-secret show in Tompkins Square Park last Sunday for the 29th anniversary of the police riots where the NYPD placed black tape over their names & badge numbers & then proceeded to beat & maim every citizen in their path in a notoriously brutal attempt to evict a group of homeless folks camping in the park & to silence the very popular & loud voices of protest amongst the residents of the neighborhood including the droves of squatters, homesteaders, low income families & homeless alike. When video footage filmed from the roof of a box truck that the police could not retrieve before it was thrown over to a local hanging out of a window reached the media, the Tompkins Square Riot & the NYPD became world famous once again as ground zero in a class war that pits the poor against the soldiers of power & wealth; the corrupt police. Tompkins has one of the richest leftist/anarchist political histories in the world & in our small & some might say "crass" way, we are honored to carry on the with dialogue of struggle & resistance that may are missing in their lyrical messages of unity & love that directly translate to caring about each other & standing up fore one another & together against the tyrany that oppresses our lives & strangles our freedoms. Authority corrupts & permits the most aweful crimes to go unnacounted for & so we sing about killing cops, because they murder, rape & imprison us with impunity. It's art with violent imagery & ideas againt actual & persistent violence that seeks to erase & censor these arts & silence our opposistion. Cheers to the Shadow for giving us spots for Trashy, Sick Shit & ourselves.
Leftover Crack Aug 05, 2017
NYC! LöC have decided that during our planned lack of shows next year (actually, starting....NOW! or Monday/October 23rd actually when I will be escaping civilization & possibly writing LöC IV)... Come to our last "local" show that we are aware of: LöC, Surfbort, Fat Heaven, Shift Pay & maybe one more tba 7pm Brooklyn Bazaar 150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 More info & ticket inks, visit:
Leftover Crack Jul 24, 2017
Zagreb, Croatia tomorrow night at Club Mocvara with All Torn Up! Come see how we've "matured" as a I'm sure that's why anybody comes to a Leftöver Crack show...