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Trouble and Desire (feat. Lee Ranaldo)
In Doubt, Shadow Him!
Electric Trim: Live at Rough Trade East
Electric Trim
Ambient Loop for Vancouver
Between the Times & the Tides (Bonus Track Version)
Maelstrom from Drift
East Jesus
F**k S**t Up
Scriptures of the Golden Eternity
Lee Ranaldo Jun 13, 2019
Wanted to see some of the collection and have a last look at the current bldg before both change when @themuseumofmodernart reopens about 6 months from now. #MoMA
Lee Ranaldo Jun 11, 2019
Premiere of this amazing document last night.
Lee Ranaldo Jun 09, 2019
Karma Bookstore • Gerard Malanga • Poetry Reading • Music [sic] • Book Launch @ Karma Bookstore
Lee Ranaldo Jun 08, 2019
Karma Bookstore w Gerard Malanga abt t happen.
Lee Ranaldo Jun 07, 2019
Sonic Youth
Lee Ranaldo Jun 07, 2019
Timeline Photos
Lee Ranaldo Jun 07, 2019
Sonic Youth
Lee Ranaldo Jun 04, 2019
Psyched that my signature Club amp from @ztamplifiers is now available! Voiced to my specs, 220 watts of power, it sounds great at all volumes. We used it a lot while recording my upcoming album, as seen here. Link in bio. Photo: @raulrefree
Lee Ranaldo Jun 02, 2019
Gretchen Bender, Untitled (Daydream Nation), 1989. @ Red Bull Arts
Lee Ranaldo Jun 02, 2019
Henry Flynt last night at Issue.
Lee Ranaldo Jun 01, 2019
Upcoming at Karma Bookstore.
Lee Ranaldo May 31, 2019
This collaboration between myself, Jim Jarmusch, Marc Urselli and Balázs Pándi was released last week on Trost Records.
Lee Ranaldo May 31, 2019
Border Control
Lee Ranaldo May 28, 2019
Where you can find me from now on. Absolutely love the new Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo which deliver legendary studio-quality sound, wirelessly. #sponsored
Lee Ranaldo May 27, 2019
Lee Ranaldo Discusses His Return to Improv Music with New Album 'Lee Ranaldo / Jim Jarmusch / Marc Urselli / Balázs Pándi'
Lee Ranaldo May 23, 2019
Sonic Youth reissuing Live at Battery Park LP (stream "Bull in the Heather")
Lee Ranaldo May 23, 2019
Since 2002 Bowers & Wilkins high-fidelity speakers have been my reference of choice, both in the studio and at home. Now that same great sound is available wirelessly through their new #FormationSuite system; just open the boxes, pull up the app and go - amazing. #sponsored
Lee Ranaldo May 18, 2019
Jet lagged and test driving my ride for the week in Denmark. The bike’s only so-so but the landscape is superb! @ Kalundborg
Lee Ranaldo May 17, 2019
The Quietus | Reviews | Lee Ranaldo / Jim Jarmusch / Marc Urselli / Balázs Pándi
Lee Ranaldo May 15, 2019
Going thru posters again
Lee Ranaldo May 13, 2019
Recently I had a chance to get an early listen to the new Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duos - amazing true high-fidelity sound is now WIRELESS! #FormationSuite #sponsored
Lee Ranaldo May 10, 2019
Lee Ranaldo May 09, 2019
Lee Ranaldo May 06, 2019
75 Dollar Bill, kicking it at house party in lower Manhattan.
Lee Ranaldo May 03, 2019
A little light reading, precariously balanced; Sherman, set the wayback machine: Crosby in EBDGAD (low to high). @davidbrowne_