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Lea Porcelain Aug 20, 2019
We’re happy to share part 2 of our session in the circle. Thanks to @offshore for inviting us and the opportunity to film in this gorgeous location in the heart of Kreuzberg! I hope you enjoy this live version of “I Am Ok”. See you Friday at @funkhausberlin Love, Lea ❤️
Lea Porcelain Aug 16, 2019
We`ve been to radioeins last weekend for a chat about our new EP, our new Bar Night at Funkhaus and future plans of Lea Porcelain. We also did perform 'Love Is Not An Empire' as stripped down version. Have a listen!!! Love, Lea. <3. LINK BELOW!!!
Lea Porcelain Aug 14, 2019
TOUR ANNOUNCE! We’re going East! This October we’re returning for a full on Eastern Europe tour from Riga, over Vilnius, Warsaw, Prag, Budapest and Bucharest! We are excited and happy for this long run and after a few nice shows last year, where we have been treated with so much kindness that we are happy now play for all these amazing cities! Come by and invite your friends! Meet you in Warsaw Street! Love, Lea ❤️ #leaporcelain #leaporcelainontour DEPO Kablys + Club Pogłos Kasárna Karlín Dürer Kert Control Club Picture by dear friend Peter Kaaden
Lea Porcelain Aug 13, 2019
Big thanks to everyone who came to our EP Release Party on friday and the first night at our own Porzellan Bar at @funkhaus_berlin ! It was amazing fun to play for you and we have already set a new Barnight where we will invite artists we like for you to enjoy! And we will play the other Song or two as well! 23rd of August! Mark the calendar! End of the summer is gonna be 🔥 - so much Love, Lea ❤️ Special thanks to: Jan and Florian our dearest band, Max Hartmann photo for the pictures , Sara for gorgeous drinks and Funkhaus Berlin for everything else! Let’s take the end of summer by storm! 😍🌪😍
Lea Porcelain Aug 13, 2019
Our new “Love Is Not An Empire - EP” is up for streaming on your favourite platform! Thanks to everyone who helped us creating this beautiful piece of music - it is amazing to have such a great band and team around us. And without you guys out there listening to it - nothing of it would be possible! Thank You! Listen to these 5 Tracks, skip a heartbeat and spread the Love. Love Is Free! Not An Empire! THANK YOU! Love, Lea
Lea Porcelain Aug 13, 2019
New Barnight announced on the 23rd of August! After our great Release Party last Friday, we're happy to announce that the story of our new Porzellan Bar Funkhaus Berlin continues! It's gonna be a place where we will invite artist that we like to play in an intimate atmosphere to a nice audience. We will curate the music booking and play some new songs acoustically ourselves that night. ATTEND HERE --> Lea Porcelain Barnight No.2 at Funkhaus - Music by LP & Friends Thank you EVERYONE who was there last Friday - it was magical! The fireworks after the concert made it even more special! Looking forward to do this more often this year until the end of the summer! And we see you Friday in a week! Mark the calendar! Love, Lea <3
Lea Porcelain Aug 09, 2019
THE WAIT IS OVER! We are overjoyed to finally release and present you our new EP called “Love Is Not An Empire”! It was recorded over the course of a year while we were recording all kinds of new material all over the world. We recorded in London, Rio, Berlin and of course in Spain. We hope you love what we have created! Each songs tells a different story. We are more than happy! And to all Berliners! We celebrate altogether tonight, with a FREE concert at Funkhaus Berlin by the river to cherish this great day! Here’s to a good day and more good days to come! BIG LOVE, LEA P.S: The first ones who guess where which song on the EP was recorded - gets a free T-Shirt. 1 Guess per Person! <3 <3
Lea Porcelain Aug 08, 2019
☀️ Tomorrow is the big day and our prayers to the weather God have been heared - it’s gonna be sun, 28 degrees and no rain! 🥳🌞🙌 We expect you by the river at Funkhaus in our bar from 6PM on! The concert will start at 8:30! 🏖🍹 Dj’s afterwards will rave into the night! Event: Bring your mates, bring your lovers! We’re excited like it’s Christmas in summer!! Love, Lea ! ❤️❤️🏖🏖🍹🍹
Lea Porcelain Aug 07, 2019
Only 2 days left until we release our EP “Love Is Not An Empire”! We’re grateful for everyone from our band and team that helped us so much along the way! THANKS TO Jan & Flo for being the greatest band & M ax Hartmann for the best pictures , thanks Anna & Moritz for being the best mgmt ❤️ Felix „the Viking“ Gerhards & Max Jurisch for everything we‘re unable to do sometimes. Like cool posters. We cannot wait to party with you on Friday! Music starts 6PM Funkhaus Berlin, Gig starts at 8:30PM 🥳🎉🎉
Lea Porcelain Aug 06, 2019
Our new single 'Clock of Time' is out now... We made this track during our time in London and it means a lot for us to finally release it. We waited for the right moment and the right video... We hope you feel it! Spread the message and show us some love!! Cant wait to see you guys this Friday on our EP Release Party! ❤️❤️❤️
Lea Porcelain Aug 05, 2019
'A soaring slice of digital pop euphoria, equipped with an ambitious video... and it's a warning not to let the sands of time slip past, to seize hold of life while you can.' - Clash Magazine. Thank you so much for choosing 'Clock Of Time' as Track of the day and for premiering our new video!!! Love, Lea. ❤️
Lea Porcelain Aug 05, 2019
Leo is always there. #dogsontour #leaporcelain @apparat3000
Lea Porcelain Aug 04, 2019
Backstage Life is the only life ❤️ #leaporcelainontour #apparat3000 #italy #springtour @apparat3000 - 📸 by @maxhartmannphoto
Lea Porcelain Aug 03, 2019
New Tour, New EP, New News coming! 👀👀 Looking forward to share with you in the coming week! And don’t forget our Release Party @funkhaus_berlin - We Will Play Live and For Free! Music from 6PM on! #leaporcelain #funkhaus #releaseparty
Lea Porcelain Jul 31, 2019
So happy to release a new video and single next Monday. Mark the date August 5th. We shot this video in Marrakesh and wanted to release it on a special occasion. 🇲🇦 The song is about the transience of time. ⏳ We think this is the right moment to make everyone aware that our time here on this planet is limited, just like all materials are but we should not limit the time of ourselves, any species or even our own humankind. ⌛️ We want to give special thanks Stella Skinner for her performance as an actress. And we want young people to get inspired like we ourselves got inspired for example by the great courage of Greta Thunberg and so many other young students who raised flag and questions about the future and to not be indifferent about it. We want to do our part in this protest and show that we are all one, bound together on place and planet, space and time. All humans, all ages and all beliefs. 🌍 No one can stop the time, as we are all living in it. We have to stick together now - for the sake of the future. Because the hardest thing of all would be, if we‘d shrug shoulders, if we once get asked by young children „Why didn’t you do anything?“ - Why don’t we? ❤️ Love, Lea ❤️ #itstimetorebel #gretathunberg #leaporcelain #clockoftime
Lea Porcelain Jul 29, 2019
When you’re on tour and seemingly forget the world. New live dates coming very soon! Keep an eye open! ❤️❤️ Love, Lea
Lea Porcelain Jul 26, 2019
Playing tonight 8:30 PM in the beautiful Lugano 🇨🇭🇮🇹 - on @roam_festival with @apparat3000 & @underchangeover 🙌 We‘re ready!
Lea Porcelain Jul 24, 2019
Backstage in Napoli with the boys. 🇮🇹 - 2 days till @roam_festival ! @apparat3000 @underchangeover @maxhartmannphoto #leaporcelain #leaontour #apparat #roamfestival
Lea Porcelain Jul 23, 2019
Throwback of the latest live session with @offshore_bln 🌺 was a beautiful session - watch it here! ➡️🎥➡️ >> - Thanks Johnny for the pictures! 🙏❤️ #leaporcelain #berlin #kreuzberg #loveisnotanempire @ Berlin - Kreuzberg
Lea Porcelain Jul 12, 2019
Ladies and Gentlemen! We're proud and excited to invite you all to our "Love Is Not An Empire" EP-Release Party & FREE OPEN AIR CONCERT on the 9th of August at Funkhaus Berlin and the first ever Lea Porcelain BARNIGHT of many more to come this summer! We're gonna play a special OPEN AIR set with the band, with new songs from the EP, from upcoming releases such as from our debut record "Hymns to the night"! Our cozy "Porzellan Bar" right by the waterside will serve you drinks and music from befriended Dj's after our performance into the night! The entrance is free and all of you who have ever been to @Funkhaus Berlin know the beauty of being there right by the river for the sundown! Come all and lets have some fun! It's gonna be a nice one! ❤ LEA ->>> <<-
Lea Porcelain Jul 03, 2019
Thank you so much Amazon Music DE for adding our new single 'Love Is Not An Empire' to the New Music In Germany Playlist ❤️ Pic by Max Hartmann photo
Lea Porcelain Jul 01, 2019
Next Shows: This Sunday 7th of July we play an acoustic set with new and old songs in Berlins Volkspark Friedrichshain for @Mit Vergnügen and 26th with our friend @apparat in 🇨🇭 Lugano at @roam_festival - Come by say hi! ❤️LEA #leaporcelain #mitvergnuegen #mitvergnuegenberlin #roamfestival #apparat @ Berlin, Germany
Lea Porcelain Jun 29, 2019
Folks! The live version of 'Love Is Not An Empire' in cooperation with OFFSHORE is out now!!!! It was an amazing vibe to play this Song in this old pool in Berlin. Hope you enjoy it! Spread some love! ❤️
Lea Porcelain Jun 24, 2019
Everyone! Today is the BIG premiere of our music video for “Love Is Not An Empire” Please check it out and take a minute for this! It was made during our stay in Spain and Morocco and within a circle of dear friends.  We described someone's journey into total freedom that is shaded by loneliness and solitude, the task to overcome the ego and accept yourself and practice self- love. Here our character hitchhikes from town to town towards the place of her origin, looking for a way to clarify something truly important to herself. The loss of a family member, her own disconnection with the world, her desire to be the person she is or to be with the person she loves. The despair about it and the adventure to still go there and find it. We put everything we got in there. Please Enjoy this and remember: So, the place we come from will always be the place we go to. We are a country onto ourselves and we carry it wherever we go. Much Love, Lea
Lea Porcelain Jun 17, 2019
Thank you so much AppleMusic for your support once again on our newest single 'Love Is Not An Empire' !!! ❤️ Much Love