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Lea Porcelain Dec 03, 2018
No words for this .... 🖤🇷🇺 📸 Max Hartmann photo
Lea Porcelain Nov 30, 2018
Lea Porcelain Nov 29, 2018
We are in stunning Latvia and still have a 7 hours drive to St. Petersburg!!! Anybody who wants to come to the Arena Show at Ice Palace? Still have some list places to give away! 🖤
Lea Porcelain Nov 28, 2018
We are on our way to Warsaw and Russia! Playing Pogłos tonight!! Still some tickets at the door! 🖤
Lea Porcelain Nov 27, 2018
Bucharest, Control Club was really insane! Really looking forward to Warsaw at Pogłos on 28th of November! 🖤 Buy Tour Tickets here: FB: 📸 by Max Hartmann photo
Lea Porcelain Nov 25, 2018
We gonna perform live in Warsaw for the first time!!! Wednesday at Pogłos! See you there! Love, Lea. ❤ Get your tickets here: FB Event:
Lea Porcelain Nov 24, 2018
We gonna play a secret show tonight at Leipzig!!! We gonna give away 10 more tickets under everybody who shares and likes this photo! 🖤🖤🖤
Lea Porcelain Nov 23, 2018
Lea Porcelain Nov 22, 2018
Beautifully captured moment of Markus during the show in Bucharest's Control Club by photographic genius Max Hartmann photo!! 🖤
Lea Porcelain Nov 21, 2018
Thank you so much, Bucharest and Control Club!!! Full house with best atmosphere! Next one is Warsaw - Lea Porcelain + DIDI, Pogłos 28.11.2018! Eastern Europe, we're gonna tour you next year! 🖤 Lea
Lea Porcelain Nov 16, 2018
We got all our gear over the border - first time via plane and the extraordinary Control Club is waiting to get sound checked. We're feeling blessed - and the world our oyster. Airport photo by dearest Max Hartmann photo
Lea Porcelain Nov 12, 2018
We did a Mixtape for our friends of Control Club in Bukarest, where we gonna perform for the first time this Friday, 16th of November!!! <3 Tickets: Event: Photo by: Anton Gottlob
Lea Porcelain Oct 26, 2018
Warsaw!!!! We are finally coming to play your beautiful city!! 28th of November is the date! <3 Tickets: Fb:
Lea Porcelain Oct 25, 2018
Lea Porcelain Oct 23, 2018
"As daily routine fades away the senses either numb or heighten, depending on what the night promises." - Thanks to Nathan and Visions of Zhiva for this beautiful review about HYMNS, our way of work, history and What We're Actually on About! THANKS - <3 LEA
Lea Porcelain Oct 22, 2018
"This was during our last show at Funkhaus' Saal 2 - getting the ghosts out of the audience with incense." PIC BY Max
Lea Porcelain Oct 22, 2018
Lea Porcelain Oct 22, 2018
Lea`s last gigs of the year! We play for the first time in Poland at Pogłos, Rumania's Control Club and an Arena Show in Russia with Би-2/B-2 !! A beautiful gig together with Drangsal on Düsseldorf's New Fall Festival and a secret gig in Leipzig!!! 2018 was a beautiful year and we can´t wait for 2019!! NEW MUSIC IS COMING FOR ALL LEA FANS! <3
Lea Porcelain Oct 12, 2018
NEW YORK NEW YORK 🖤 Pic by Katya
Lea Porcelain Oct 08, 2018
Cocktail and Dreams. 💜#lea#tatoo
Lea Porcelain Oct 06, 2018
No Regrets.
Lea Porcelain Oct 03, 2018
Shooting this first video for the upcoming album!!!! WE ARE OK ❤️🇺🇸🗽💵🖤💇‍♀️
Lea Porcelain Sep 30, 2018
This is the first live video from our insane tour final at our home space Funkhaus Berlin. The show was amazing and an honour for us to play! ❤️ Full video link HERE->>>🗽 🗽 – NOW, WE ASK YOU: "WHICH SONG WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NEXT - LIVE FROM THIS SHOW?" ✨
Lea Porcelain Sep 30, 2018
Markus IS OK... ❤️#iamok
Lea Porcelain Sep 30, 2018
ARE YOU OKAY? #iamok 🇺🇸🗽🍯