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LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem Jul 19, 2019
just saying
LCD Soundsystem May 28, 2019
humans. the ladies are back and better than ever. just saying.
LCD Soundsystem Jan 13, 2019
hi there. there's a thing we do, or have done historically, where while on tour and in fine fettle as a unit, we go into a studio and just record ourselves live playing a bunch of the stuff we'd been playing on tour for a while, and maybe a cover song. it started with us playing radio sessions at various radio stations, and we often really liked these recordings, as they're quite different than the records, and then we wound up doing the london sessions in 2010, which we released as a record. so this is one of those. we recorded this last year at electric lady studios in new york--the big room downstairs--and it was exciting, actually. it's a good sounding room with a lot of history. hell, lennon and bowie made "fame" there, which was the first 7" record i (james) bought back in something like 1976. it has some old songs and some new songs, and a couple of covers from sheffield bands (this wasn't intentional, but it just worked out that way. we're not moving to sheffield). nancy sings on one, and al and i do our best phil oakey impressions on another. to be clear, this is not what i would call a "NEW RECORD". it's just a compilation of live-in-the-studio stuff that we like to make and have out a la the aforementioned london sessions for anyone who likes that kind of thing. sometimes the best version of a song happens on those. i might argue that the version of "yr city's a sucker" is better on the london sessions than it is on the LP. anyway, this thing is out on the 8th of february. it will be on all of the magical streaming services, and if you like vinyl, you can pre-order it over here at DFA:
LCD Soundsystem Nov 01, 2018
New Museum of Love track out today! - management
LCD Soundsystem Oct 12, 2018
there's a video.
LCD Soundsystem Oct 11, 2018
this is very much happening.
LCD Soundsystem Aug 10, 2018
some remixes... -management
LCD Soundsystem May 31, 2018
jay is back from the not-actually-dead.
LCD Soundsystem Nov 30, 2017
traxx killed it with us in detroit, and beyond. this is his first set with us, night one at the masonic temple. every night, though, was incredibly inspiring. so it's just something for you all to listen to. -j
LCD Soundsystem Nov 13, 2017
Tickets on sale this Friday. -Management
LCD Soundsystem Sep 01, 2017
LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem Sep 01, 2017
and the record is out in ny now. i can take a shower and go to bed. -james
LCD Soundsystem Aug 31, 2017
hi everybody. the record comes out tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight wherever you are) and last night at midnight we shared an extra track for the LP called pulse (v.1). it's not precisely part of the record, but it's an addendum (or maybe a codicil?) meant to go after the last track, black screen. there are a few reasons for this: one, pulse wouldn't fit on the vinyl, so i didn't include it there (i think we'll put together a 12" with the other versions of pulse when there's a moment, but that won't be quick... tour and all.) and two, i really, really like this track. this track began as a weird and fun synth collaboration between the amazing gavin russom and i on some very weird machines, and wound up developing into something else entirely, with pat and al and nancy, and korey playing congas. there was even more development which isn't included in this version, but that's for future iterations. tyler was in berlin, unfortunately. but there will be other versions. it's a mix that we did a long time ago after the first session of the track, and it's grown on me as a track to listen to after the LP. it's super wonky, and i really didn't want to square the human-ness off of it, but just let it be what it is. so you don't have to tell me that it sounds super fucked up. i know. anyway, we figured the best thing to do was just give it away for free. sure, you can still get it on various platforms, and it'll be on the streaming service things, but you can also just go to the lcd homepage and get it for free. and there you have it. -james
LCD Soundsystem Aug 19, 2017
hey there. so it's time for some clarifications, etc. it'll be a somewhat long email, for which i (james) apologize in advance. i'll try my best to make it all make sense--you know, be clear and concise, and all that. the record is almost out--september 1--and there are some funny things to mention before then: 1. yes, that's the cover. 2. if you bought a ticket to any of the upcoming (non-festival) US tour dates, you should have received an email from someone (label? ticket company?) which maybe looked like spam. i would have assumed it was spam. essentially, everyone who bought tickets for these upcoming shows is entitled to a CD in the mail. like, no charge. no shipping. just included with your ticket. you don't HAVE to take the CD, but it's yours if you want it. i'm pretty sure it will arrive at yours on sept 1. and you can take your CD and pretend it's 1995. (joking aside, it's a nice looking CD. and YES with the same artwork). you can also, in lieu of the aforementioned CD, pay a surcharge and get the vinyl. i think it's like $8 to $10 off the vinyl or something. that should also get to you on september 1* (you know, provided you redeem yr shit in time, or don't live on a ship). there will apparently be 2 more "reminder emails" about it, so if you want the CD (or the vinyl) don't just delete it. i mean, get 'em all and use the cd covers to keep unstable tables level. put them in yr car "just in case". give them as a gift to someone who A. hates lcd, or B. doesn't have a CD player. i could go on. there are uses. (*note: i think you can order this AFTER september 1 as well, but why not just, like, do it now? so you can forget about it?) 3. you can pre-order the record (CD, vinyl or cassette... yes, cassette... and you can pretend it's 1985...) from DFA in the link below. there are a bunch of packages that jon at DFA came up with (i think? go jon!). they include tote bags and things of that nature. these things should ALSO be to you by september 1. if it's not too many people for the tiny DFA office to handle. 4. as you may have seen, we made a video for the song "tonite" while we were in melbourne, and now it's on the internet. this means that it's a "single", though i kind of beg to differ because i'm the kind of person who thinks of a single as a physical thing, like a 7". regardless, it's a video. the only video so far because we haven't had the time or headspace to make any others (though i hope we will! that was more fun than usual.) 5. i'd like to thank everyone who's come to see us (and who is coming). this past bit of time has been great for us, and it's really brought the point home of how good the audiences we play to are. we've had amazing shows, and we're not daft enough to think it's all us. people have been very generous to thrown down with us, and let go, and get weird, and it's made us play better, and get slightly drunker afterwards (well, some of us... well, me.) so thank you very much. we're pretty into the idea that everyone will be able to hear the new record soon. some of you may hate it, but i'm very proud of it. it's the best i've felt about an LCD LP ever. which could totally spell disaster. anyway, we look forward to playing again soon after this short break in which i just fixed a laundry machine and a water filter, and organized a kitchen. (get me out of here) hearts, james
LCD Soundsystem Jul 11, 2017
some sage shit from our friends at optimo. just sharing this because it could be just the thing to dig into and have your life changed if you're bored of the radio.
LCD Soundsystem Jun 23, 2017
Informative Management Post: We’ve added some shows. Tickets on sale today at 10:00am local time.
LCD Soundsystem Jun 21, 2017
LCD Soundsystem tickets for the U.S. tour are available for pre-sale via Ticketmaster Verified Fan. PRE-sale - on-sale before the big on-sale. It's designed to separate scalpers and bots from actual people who want to go to the show. If you want to, you can register here: anytime before June 21 at 6PM ET. Thank You ----------------management
LCD Soundsystem Jun 15, 2017
ok. on it as quickly as i'm finding things out. so it's all sold out. there are cries of bots here and there, but truth be told we've been smashing bots all morning. and tomorrow our "team" will be pouring through the purchases and deleting anything that breaks the rules or looks suspicious, which could possibly free up some more tickets. on another, more important note: JUST DON'T BUY ANY TICKETS ONLINE!!! many people on stubhub, once again, listed tickets for sale BEFORE ANY TICKETS WERE AVAILABLE, which means that they're fake. last show, a bunch of people bought fake tickets, for a LOT of money. we can't let you in with fake tickets. not because they're "fake and we're mean", but because the venue has a legal capacity, and we fill it, which means we LEGALLY can't let more people in! if you have a friend, who you, like, KNOW, who has a ticket for sale (and if they're a friend, they'll sell it to you for face value) i'd feel comfortable with buying that, but don't buy tickets from strangers on craigslist, eBay, online, ANYWHERE. remove the food supply, starve the parasite. if you bought a ticket and you can't go, and you don't know of anyone who wants to buy it, i'm scrambling to find a way to deal with some safe and controlled face-value exchange. i can't guarantee it'll work, but we're working on it. shit, it might just be me buying them from you after verifying that they're valid, then selling them myself at face value. i don't know. but i'm working on it. we're not trying to stick you with a ticket you can't use! anyway, looking forward to tomorrow! j PS. seriously. DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE TICKETS! so incredibly not our last show. we'll be right back.
LCD Soundsystem Jun 12, 2017
hi there again… i really just wanted to say something about these new shows in brooklyn. last time we played Brooklyn Steel, we did 5 nights, and the tickets sold out quickly. everyone got very mad, and we in the band got all upset, and there were cries of bots, etc.. so we dug in, worked with the promoter to delete a bunch of questionable transactions, tried to control tickets the best we could, and discovered that it was actually very few pro scalpers and bots. (fact is, scalpers were announcing tickets for sale to our show before they were even available at all, with the idea that they could put out crazy prices in the beginning, and if anyone bit, they’d scramble to try to find a ticket, or, well, i guess sell a fake one). the fact was that there were many more people who wanted to see us than we had tickets for, which is awesome and a bummer at the same time. outside of all that, the shows were very fun for us. we were close to home and the crowd was fucking great. we got the idea that we should do it again as soon as possible in hopes that more people who wanted to see us but missed us could come see us then. and this is the first time when both we and the venue had a block of dates available in a row, so here we are. 7 nights. with the 5 before it's like, more than a big venue, which we hope will be just fine. i had a lot of back and forth about these shows with our very wonderful, concerned, thoughtful and on it managers and agents, and the professional consensus was that playing them was, frankly, a bad idea. to explain: we just did this in april, so they might seem “less special” now. for reasons i can’t seem to quantify, the earlier gigs were considered special, so they were in higher demand and sold out very quickly. but the undermining of some of the specialness is precisely what we’d love to accomplish with these gigs. they’re just some gigs. they’re in our home town, so we can totally walk there. they’re no more special than any other gigs. nothing unusual will be happening, other than what always happens at our gigs, which is us playing a bunch of songs as well as we can. we’re going to be playing a LOT in the near future, so they’re certainly not worth getting on a plane for, in our opinion. it’s NOT a finite resource. it is certainly 100% not worth paying some crazy amount over face value for them. we’re playing in other places this year, a lot, and that’s likely close to wherever it is you live (unless you live far from things, which i’m sorry about—but it still wouldn’t be worth flying to these.) playing more seems to be the best antidote. unless we play big places, which are ok sometimes, but not our favorite things all the time. or, if i read some blogs correctly, we should charge way, way more for the tickets. this isn’t interesting for us mainly because people with a lot of extra money aren’t the only people we want to play to. (don't get me wrong: we’re aware that if the tickets are, like, $15, they just get resold for a lot more, and we sit there like morons wondering how we’re going to pay our crew, but, you know…) the last solution, which i like, is requiring an ID which matches your ticket. this is somehow still totally illegal here in new york, which makes me pretty bonkers. so, that’s where we are. here are some shows which we’re really excited to play, and we think are worth maybe precisely what the tickets cost. and maybe if no one buys a scalped ticket for more than the face value, the room will feel a little empty, but at least we’ll be done with this crap once and for all, as scalpers aren’t in it to troll music fans—they’re in it to make money, and if no one feeds them, the natural consequence is that they’ll just thin way the fuck out. thank you guys for reading. james ps. i really didn’t want to make any more announcements of any kind until we had a release date for the LP, but these shows are this week, and we’re still getting the artwork finalized so they can make covers, which we need to solidify the date, so that’s still happening. watch this space. and by “this space”, i mean the internet. pps. hearts
LCD Soundsystem May 30, 2017
hello humans. this is just a note to say that we're done with the record. like, totally done with the music and mixing. just some art stuff to finish, but it's been mastered already and the lacquers are winging their way to the pressing plant (which is, i think, where they'll make the mothers and stampers, etc.). i've been wrangling the fastest route between final mix and record release for the past few weeks so that there isn't such a lag, and i think it'll be soon. 6 weeks is the very fastest, i think, but it will likely be longer than that. just trying to get all the ducks in a row so that there's someone with a catcher's mitt waiting at each stage. we mixed the last song last wednesday, and korey ran to (a national overnight carrier) to get it to bob weston over at Chicago Mastering Service for the next morning. then we took off to play sasquatch in washington, and now i'm home proofreading lyrics and credits and all that crap. sorry it took so long, honestly. i didn't think it would, but i, once again, underestimated the distractions inherent in touring and living a "life". this will be the last record at the original DFA Studios, as we're closing that down after the building was sold, so there's a lot to digest for me. i've been there nearly 20 years now, and i wasn't a particularly young man when it opened, so there's that. anyway, be well, thank you for yr patience (even when it manifested as semi-angry "where the fuck is the RECORD< james!" posts!) and very much looking forward to getting this to you. james
LCD Soundsystem May 04, 2017
in other news, we're releasing 2 songs tonight at midnight (and i mean, literally, midnight. wherever you are. so, like, australia first, and so on and so forth) via the digital things that people use now on their devices. these songs are named "call the police" and "american dream". we played them both at brooklyn steel. they're new. i (james) mixed "american dream" DFA Studios, and my friend dave sardy mixed "call the police" at his sweet place in LA last week, and shuttled them quickly to the great bob weston (at Chicago Mastering Service) to master them so we could get them out today. seriously almost done with the LP. 1 more vocal and 2 more mixes to go. as eager as folks have been for me to get this done, it's got nothing on how much i want to be finished myself. it's been one of the most enjoyable records to make in my life, if not the most fun ever (i think it is, for sure, the happiest i've ever been making a record.) so it will be sad in some ways to see it leave the house etc., but we're really looking forward to not feeling "late" all the time, and being able to do things like plan a weekend to do something fun. or respond to an email about eating with a friend with something other than "i'm sorry! i'm totally buried in the LP! check with me in a month?" so, to answer some inevitable questions: Q. but when is the ALBUM coming out!?!! gahh! SERiously!! A. that's hard to say in specific, but here's some info. i insist that there is vinyl on the day it's released (because... well... because i'm an old person) so it will go like this: finish last mix > get to bob to master > get masters to pressing plant > plant takes X amount of time > records get to distro so that they can go to stores > record released. however long that takes = when the record will be out. i can control the first part, and i'm furiously trying to get everything to bob before shellac goes on tour and that pushes things further back, and then there's the jockeying for position in line at pressing plants, and various other things i don't control nor fully understand, but i've been assured by folks i trust that there are a series of fast runners in sweat wicking clothing waiting at the line for the baton to then bolt forward... Q. is there vinyl of this release?!? A. no. see above. time makes that hard. also, these are album versions, so they'll be available on vinyl on the LP. i'm not doing "b-sides" for this, as this is, essentially, a "double A side" release. meaning that there isn't one song i'm like "oh this is THE song" and another song that i'm like "well, this one can go on the other side" with these. it's not a 7", nor a 10" nor a 12", in theory or format for me... these are just 2 songs that we wanted to get out to the lovely and patient (and some less patient, but one assumes equally lovely) people who want new music. there may be "singles" on vinyl of these later, if that seems to make sense and not be dumb. depends on whether there are smart things to put on a b-side. they're not necessarily things i'd want remixes of, so it's more about whatever else would go with the songs. there is a LOT of new music--much more than i usually have, so we're puzzling through all that. Q. are you guys playing any SHOWS?? near ME?? A. well, that depends on where you live. but our plan is indeed to play shows near where people live. and no, not just festivals. that's all being planned as well. we loved playing the Brooklyn Steel shows, and we're just in a funny place, in terms of understanding what size venues/how many nights we should play in various places. we generally prefer medium sized venues over huge ones, but we also loathe overpriced stubhub bullshit, so we're navigating this as best we can. honestly, a lot of this is down to me (james, still) being difficult when talking to our very lovely and capable managers and agents w/r/t larger venues... i'm always like "that seems insane!" when a properly big venue is proposed, since we've only ever played hollywood bowl, red rocks and MSG, all of which were "special" shows, so it's just hard to get our heads around the fact that maybe many more people that we assumed want to see us perhaps DO want to see us. it's been a very nice revelation, but oh dear it's still hard to make sense of. what we don't want: us in some mega-dome (looking like we think we belong in some mega-dome) playing to 1/16th of a full room, while someone says things like "well, we can curtain off the balconies so it doesn't look so bad," after telling us "you have to charge $180 a ticket for it to make any sense." what we also don't want: tickets to our shows being sold for $1000 on eBay, and people who like our band standing outside crying because they bought some bogus barcode from some shit-heel scalper. what we want: full shows that aren't so big that you feel like you need binoculars to see if pat is actually behind the drums or if it's louis ck or something. anyway, this has been a communication from the desk of JM. now i need to get some oatmeal and go to work. love, us
LCD Soundsystem Mar 25, 2017
please someone tell us you know who made this because it's the best.
LCD Soundsystem Jan 13, 2017
our second ever show was at trash, in november 2002. thank you guys for the welcome way back then. 14 years ago.
LCD Soundsystem Oct 08, 2016
hello folks. we're sorry failed to get to III Points Festival 2016 // Music -Art - Tech this year. we were watching all of this hurricane stuff happening and trying to stage people in different places which could reach florida in time, but the flight cancellations got the best of us in the end. see, we're not all in a bus. some of us were in nyc, others on the west coast, texas, europe. if we had been in a bus, in the classic tour sense, we would likely have been able to make it, but sadly we were not. i (james) have a long history with the promoters of the festival, and consider some of them friends. we wanted to be there. in the end, it wound up being impossible to go and play a show with all the band members, and we're not a band that can play with just 3 of us and an acoustic guitar. i can't even imagine what that would be like... terrible, i assume. regardless, we're genuinely sorry for anyone who wanted to see us. we obviously need to figure out something in miami when we can. we were pretty surprised the festival was still scheduled given all the warnings (and worried about attendees!), but very relieved when the weather missed miami. while i feel like a jerk for not getting there, given the fact that the show went on, we're incredibly glad the city was spared. much of the south coast was not so lucky. sorry, and be well. j
LCD Soundsystem Jun 14, 2016