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Laurent Garnier at Rooftop R2 Marseille (June 26, 2019)
Venue: Rooftop R2 Marseille (Marseille, France) Find tickets
Dour Festival Dour Festival 2019
Venue: Dour Festival (Dour, Belgium) Find tickets
Laurent Garnier Jun 16, 2019
Hello to you all... something new and exciting will be launched on Tuesday the 18th of June here in my social media channels… Stay Tuned! #LGOTR
Laurent Garnier Jun 14, 2019
💪 Two shows tonight 💪 After Amsterdam.... straight to Rotterdam! Playing a late set at Annabel as part of Expedition Festival... let's go!!
Laurent Garnier Jun 13, 2019
Looking forward to Paraíso Festival this Saturday... Nos vemos en Madrid! See you very soon #djlife
Laurent Garnier Jun 12, 2019
Join me at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam this Friday! Pre-sale tickets have sold out.... but there will be 300 tickets on the door from 10pm - let's go 💥
Laurent Garnier Jun 11, 2019
NEW SINGLE ALERT ! So... I made a track with Chambray - it's called "Feelin' Good" and it comes out via Radio Slave (Official)'s imprint Rekids (Official) on July 12th... Preview here :)
Laurent Garnier Jun 07, 2019
Looking forward to heading back to Porto for NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival this summer.... Alô Portugal! #keepingtechnosafe
Laurent Garnier Jun 06, 2019
Paris!! Rejoignez-moi le 5 Juillet pour un DJ set tres special au toit de la Philharmonie de Paris ... On y va pour un apero au coucher du soleil! 🌅>>> festival Days Off #toitoimontoit
Laurent Garnier Jun 05, 2019
Very excited to be playing at PYREX ARENA this summer ! Info here: #pyrexarena #guendalina
Laurent Garnier May 29, 2019
Le samedi 1 Juin, c'est Welovegreen Festival Le printemps est le début de la saison des festivals! see you all there. #djlife
Laurent Garnier May 29, 2019
C'est le temps des Nuits sonores J'y serai le vendredi 31 mai comme presque chaque année! Rejoignez-moi à Lyon...#djlife
Laurent Garnier May 28, 2019
Voici un de mes mixes pour la Philharmonie de Paris ! Rendez-vous dans l’exposition pour découvrir l’intégralité de la bande son (Expo Electro a Paris - du 9 avril au 11 août) Tracklist : 01- LONGER THAN LONG AGO « A Relic », Transmat (1992) 02- CARL CRAIG « No More Words », Retroactive (1991) 03- MODEL 500 « The Chase », Metroplex (1989) 04- UR « The Final Frontier », Underground Resistance (1991) 05- DREXCIYA « Sea Snake », Shockwave (1992) 06- R-TYME « R-Theme », Transmat (1989) 07- DJ ROLANDO A.K.A THE AZTEC MYSTIC « Jaguar », Underground Resistance (2000) 08- FADE TO BLACK « In Synch », Fragile (1990) 09- E-DANCER « Bass Line », KMS (1996) 10- BLAKE BAXTER « Sexuality », Incognito (1987) 11- AUX 88 « Direct Drive », Direct Beat (1995) 12- INFINITI « Techno Por Favor », Metroplex (1990) 13- THE MARTIAN « Skypainter », Red Planet (1994)
Laurent Garnier May 27, 2019
For the last ever party at legendary club Output in Brooklyn NYC, John Digweed chose to play one of my tracks... The venue may now be closed, but the music lives on! He's releasing a very limited edition vinyl pack of his set which features my very own 'Electric Djjedi Disco Biscuit'. Check out his website for more info! #sharingiscaring #RIPoutput
Laurent Garnier May 22, 2019
Laurent Garnier May 10, 2019
Este sábado vuelvo a Granada Industrial Copera see you all there #djlife #4hoursset
Laurent Garnier May 10, 2019
Les horaires pour dimanche! Impact #lemans #technomusic #djlife
Laurent Garnier Apr 17, 2019
Photo by Xavier Duquesne
Laurent Garnier Apr 16, 2019
Laurent Garnier
Laurent Garnier Apr 16, 2019
Deeply saddened #notredame
Laurent Garnier Apr 15, 2019
Rewind to @ClubRoxyPrague ... such a nice night :) thanks for the video!
Laurent Garnier Apr 04, 2019
I will be there to celebrate again with Time Warp the 25th Years anniversary! Let's party ... is time for Time Warp again. #djlife🎶
Laurent Garnier Apr 04, 2019
PlanPraz Day Stage at Chamonix Unlimited Festival Friday at 4pm ... ahhhh la montagne! #djlife
Laurent Garnier Mar 22, 2019
I am so sorry guys due to the airlines mess I can’t get there! Though we have been able to re-schedule for the 14th of September! Sorry again and thanks again for your understanding LG x
Laurent Garnier Mar 19, 2019
What's Next?! is now uploaded to my SoundCloud channel and is the March edition. Tune in now to the sound of Spring. :)🎶🎶🎶🎶
Laurent Garnier Mar 19, 2019
On tour again! Flying to Smolna, Roxy Prague and back home to the Rex Club Paris on Sunday! Feeling excited and grateful. Varsovie, Prague et Paris, j'arrive. #djlife
Laurent Garnier Mar 15, 2019
And I am very soon back to London, Oval Space on April 19th for an extra-special extended set, with @Eclair Fifi and ‘Find Your Own’ founder Ceri. Can't wait to see you all again there... we will have "extra-yummy" time. #djlife #wordofadj