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Marek Hemmann with Laurent Garnier at Audio (May 4, 2019)
Venue: Audio (Geneva, Switzerland) Find tickets
Mallorca Live Festival Mallorca Live Festival 2019
Venue: Antiguo Aquapark (Calvia, Spain) Find tickets
Laurent Garnier at Rooftop R2 Marseille (May 22, 2019)
Venue: Rooftop R2 Marseille (Marseille, France) Find tickets
Nuits Sonores, Laurent Garnier, and Model 500 with Pass 3 Nuits and 8 more… at La Sucrière (May 29, 2019)
Venue: La Sucrière (Lyon, France) Find tickets
Nuits Sonores and Laurent Garnier with Richie Hawtin, Nitzer Ebb, and 2 more… at La Sucrière (May 31, 2019)
Venue: La Sucrière (Lyon, France) Find tickets
Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit 2019
Venue: Royal Hospital Kilmainham (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Paraíso Festival Paraíso Festival 2019
Venue: Campus de la UCM (Madrid, Spain) Find tickets
Dour Festival Dour Festival 2019
Venue: Dour Festival (Dour, Belgium) Find tickets
Laurent Garnier Apr 17, 2019
Photo by Xavier Duquesne
Laurent Garnier Apr 16, 2019
Laurent Garnier
Laurent Garnier Apr 16, 2019
Deeply saddened #notredame
Laurent Garnier Apr 15, 2019
Rewind to @ClubRoxyPrague ... such a nice night :) thanks for the video!
Laurent Garnier Apr 04, 2019
I will be there to celebrate again with Time Warp the 25th Years anniversary! Let's party ... is time for Time Warp again. #djlife🎶
Laurent Garnier Apr 04, 2019
PlanPraz Day Stage at Chamonix Unlimited Festival Friday at 4pm ... ahhhh la montagne! #djlife
Laurent Garnier Mar 22, 2019
I am so sorry guys due to the airlines mess I can’t get there! Though we have been able to re-schedule for the 14th of September! Sorry again and thanks again for your understanding LG x
Laurent Garnier Mar 19, 2019
What's Next?! is now uploaded to my SoundCloud channel and is the March edition. Tune in now to the sound of Spring. :)🎶🎶🎶🎶
Laurent Garnier Mar 19, 2019
On tour again! Flying to Smolna, Roxy Prague and back home to the Rex Club Paris on Sunday! Feeling excited and grateful. Varsovie, Prague et Paris, j'arrive. #djlife
Laurent Garnier Mar 15, 2019
And I am very soon back to London, Oval Space on April 19th for an extra-special extended set, with @Eclair Fifi and ‘Find Your Own’ founder Ceri. Can't wait to see you all again there... we will have "extra-yummy" time. #djlife #wordofadj
Laurent Garnier Feb 20, 2019
Video Out Now! FestivalYEAH Prochaine édition : 7, 8 et 9 juin 2019 Annonce de la programmation & ouverture de la billetterie le 4 mars 2019 à 10h30 CET
Laurent Garnier Feb 19, 2019
Launching the 22nd of February! Sortie le 22 Février! Netflix France
Laurent Garnier Feb 11, 2019
Here we go... merci Steeple Remove ;) #remixing
Laurent Garnier Feb 06, 2019
The new Feb edition of What's Next?! will be soon available on SoundCloud ... meanwhile check broadcasting time with Radio Meuh Worldwide FM La Radio de Moustic and past episodes in my Soundcloud profile. #whatsnext
Laurent Garnier Feb 04, 2019
Here we go... just launched with Paris est à Nous :)
Laurent Garnier Jan 30, 2019
Just announced! June 2019 ... Paraíso Back to Madrid ... Nos vemos allí.
Laurent Garnier Jan 28, 2019
Photo by @JessicaCalvophotographe
Laurent Garnier Jan 28, 2019
Best early Birthday card !! 🤣🤣 #motherinLaw #thankyou #lovinit
Laurent Garnier Jan 22, 2019
El día 11 de Mayo estaré celebrando en la @industrialcoperaproducciones sus 27 años! Un gran aniversario que celebraremos juntos! #djlife
Laurent Garnier Jan 16, 2019
Photo by Carsten_Kalaschnikow
Laurent Garnier Jan 10, 2019
El día 17 de Enero presento junto con Ricard Robles, co-director de Sónar Festival, la nueva edición de "Electroshock"publicada por Barlin Libros en Fnac España! Nos vemos alli a las 18.00 horas antes de mi set en Mondo Disko. #madrid #electroschock #djlife
Laurent Garnier Jan 08, 2019
Do not forget to TUNE IN the 8th of January for the January radio programme on Worldwide FM 🎧
Laurent Garnier Jan 01, 2019
Thanks to you all! More to share in the year to come. Merci à tous! #top9 #topnine
Laurent Garnier Dec 27, 2018
Laurent Garnier Dec 04, 2018
Photo by Marion Bornaz - Photographie