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Scary World Theory
Lali Puna Dec 04, 2018
Throwback Tuesday: "I should be so lucky" - Kylie Minogue :)
Lali Puna Nov 16, 2018
Feels strange to be cheap - but it's the annual winter sale at 😁
Lali Puna Nov 04, 2018
Paolo Sorrentino: "Sound can be a very powerful narrative element in a film." We are so very grateful that "Scary World Theory" was part of "Il Conseguenze dell'amore". "Music for Films" came out this summer.
Lali Puna Oct 26, 2018
2014 I was asked to contribute to an art project named "Field Works": Stuart Hyatt walked a 20 mile stretch of Washington Street in Indianapolis - recording the sound. He walked from downtown to the suburbs, from rich to poor. I immediatly loved the idea to make a song out of it ❤ This is what it sounds like: The project was now released as record and book: - look at it, it's wonderful!
Lali Puna Oct 08, 2018
This was Lali Puna live at Mad Cool Festival this summer. Filmed by Mad Cool, Charly Cuenca - thank you 😀 You can watch the whole song here:
Lali Puna Oct 03, 2018
In the studio :-) #mixing #ep
Lali Puna Sep 18, 2018
Thanks so much for drawing us, Carlos Maiques ❤ and thanks so much nice people at La Rambleta for coming to the concert!! 😀
Lali Puna Sep 14, 2018
We are so very sorry, Sevilla!!!!!! We can‘t play tonight. That’s the water on stage... It would not be safe to do the concert we we’re told. I am sorry, I know that some people came from really far. I hope we will see you in Sevilla or another place in the near future!!! Thanks to Rafa who booked the show!!! ❤️ I hope we will play with Delaporte on another occasion!! We are really sorry 😢 Love, Lali Puna ❤️
Lali Puna Sep 14, 2018
Today: Sevilla. They say it didn‘t rain since may - but maybe tonight... So we start earlier: 10p.m. Delaporte 9p.m. 😀
Lali Puna Sep 11, 2018
Almost disappeared during summer... Visible again on friday and saturday :-) Sevilla - 14 sept 2018, Sevilla es Pop with DELAPORTE and Ley DJ Valencia - 15 sept 2018, La Rambleta
Lali Puna Aug 30, 2018
It was true 2016. And it's true 2018: We gotta stand up against hate. More than ever. #chemnitz "Cause we can't and we won’t and we don’t stop“ #adrock ❤
Lali Puna Jul 28, 2018
Thank you very much for listening!! It was very nice with you at @sirenfestival - Taison took a picture of you 😀
Lali Puna Jul 16, 2018
Thank you nice people at Mad Cool ❤ We will be back in Spain in September: Sevilla - 14 septiembre 2018, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo Valencia - 15 septiembre 2018, Espai Rambleta (Ram Club) We hope to see you there 😀 Photos: Patrick Morarescu
Lali Puna Jul 10, 2018
Really happy to play Mad Cool Festival on Thursday - we haven't been in Spain for a very loooong time... 20.00 at The Loop - we hope to see you there 😀
Lali Puna Jun 17, 2018
Dear people at Biografilm Park - thank you!!! It is always lovely to play in Bologna ❤ Thanks to alfredodefilippi for the photo 😀
Lali Puna May 19, 2018
I keep a playlist on Spotify for the radiostation I work for. I didn't update it in a long time, I'm sorry. But here it is: With Childish Gambino, who did the best video I've seen in years, this song is so absolutely great ❤ With Janelle Monáe, Beach House, Jon Hopkins, DJ Koze and - The Velvet Underground 😀 ► ►►
Lali Puna Apr 19, 2018
We're looking forward to play Siren Festival!!! We heard it's beautiful there :-)
Lali Puna Apr 05, 2018
Today would have been Alias / Brendon Whitneys 42nd birthday - we miss you... If you knew him and his music, please donate to his wife and two children:
Lali Puna Apr 01, 2018
We will miss you dearly, Brendon Whitney - I just don't know what to say, we are so very sad. It was a great honor to have known you! We will always remember traveling with you through Europe and the US as one of the funniest tours we ever had. You had a great heart and such a lot of humor. Life is so unfair. Rest in peace, Brendon, Love Lali Puna ❤
Lali Puna Mar 28, 2018
The405 picked "records they love": "Lali Puna saw the future; not just for the world they speak of, but the sound they used to tell us. Maybe now the world has caught up we’ll be ready to listen." - Thanks ❤❤❤
Lali Puna Mar 19, 2018
Thanks for having us, SXSW! It was nice being there 😀 I learned a lot. So many bands, so much hope. The party on the streets is crazier than in the clubs (only the jesus-guy had a real bad time, I saw his face, you just see his poster on the photo). I tried to visit a lot of panels from people whom I thought may determine our future and had to learn that they probably don't. The Google/Youtube-music-guy managed to talk 45 minutes about his past. The Giphy-guy thinks he will become Google in shorter. And can we just all turn our back on Elon Musk? Why should we think about rich people colonizing Mars when there's so much to do on this planet? I liked it though, thanks to everybody who came to see us! ❤❤❤ And thanks to Wackdelly, who twittered this photos at the Highland Lounge!!
Lali Puna Mar 11, 2018
We're playing SXSW, come on over March 11 - German Haus, Barracuda, 10:10 PM March 13 - SXSW Music Opening Party, The Main II, 7:00 PM March 14 - Highland Lounge, 12:00 AM March 16 - International Day Stage, Austin Convention Center, 2:00 PM
Lali Puna Mar 08, 2018
Today: Istanbul Took me ages to find out who this guy actually is - I mean last time I saw him he was a mutant 😁
Lali Puna Mar 01, 2018
Hi there, as Facebook gets stranger every day, we started to post more on Instagram. So if you want to, you can follow us there: 😀
Lali Puna Feb 19, 2018
Excited to play at the SXSW Music Opening Party 🎉