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Lali Puna Aug 03, 2019
Greetings from Ventspils in Latvia 😀 Playing at 23.40 Take your coat 🧶😁
Lali Puna Jul 30, 2019
If you want to catch us this summer, you can either come to Ventspils in Latvia this Saturday or to Berlin on August 22. We would love to see you there ❤ There will be some more but rather few dates this year. We started to work on something - as our friend Dntel once said: "Life Is Full of Possibilities" 😃
Lali Puna Jul 23, 2019
Don't be nerdy, they said, leave it to the boys. But it's quite fun 😁
Lali Puna Jun 25, 2019
Vlad Stoian asks musicians to write about 10 songs they adore. Actually he asked 1600… It’s not easy to find your way through, but I saw Boards of Canada, The Concretes, Sam Amidon and my friend Baths for example :) I think this is a very nice idea, I’m happy to contribute my 10 songs. Cat Powers "Good Woman" is one of them :) Whole list at
Lali Puna May 21, 2019
I was asked if I wanted to do a workshop - and I thought: Hell, no - I have never given a workshop! But then I read the programme - and that's quite special: no professional speakers, it’s really the artists playing the festival. So my workshop is called: "'Just do it': Stupid slogan, but true in art". I try to explain - based on examples like Patti Smith, Avicii or Dr. Dre - that doing music is always about having an idea - and a hell of a lot about naivety. And it's about role models. So: If you wanna take part, I would ask you to take your favourite song with you :) You’ll find more information at Pop-Kultur Berlin Festival / Nachwuchs Lali Puna will play on Aug 22
Lali Puna May 02, 2019
Thanks so much for coming out!! We had quite some fun on this tour 😁 Thanks to Surma for supporting us and being a wonderful tour-companion! Love, Lali Puna
Lali Puna Apr 26, 2019
I could listen to "Heliosphan" all day and all night ❤️ Tomorrow, saturday: London, Rich Mix
Lali Puna Apr 25, 2019
„La lune est libre je crois“ This is the song why I started a band 😀 Tonight: Paris
Lali Puna Apr 23, 2019
Quite some time ago we did a track with Bomb The Bass. Still like it a lot. This was the video 😀 Today: Frankfurt Then: Luxembourg, Paris, London (Surma: 20.30 / Lali Puna: 21.15)
Lali Puna Apr 19, 2019
That’s how we look after the show. Seems like the others work harder than me 😆 Next tour dates: 23/04 FRANKFURT — Nachtleben 24/04 LUXEMBURG — De Gudde Wellen 25/04 PARIS — Petit Bain 27/04 LONDON — Rich Mix 📷 Patrick Morarescu
Lali Puna Apr 16, 2019
Main meal on tour: Chips and beer 😇 Thank you so much for coming to our shows, it was lovely spending our evenings with you!! ❤️ Thanks to Surma (remember to learn the sentence: „läuft bei euch“ 😁, it‘s very important)
Lali Puna Apr 14, 2019
It’s been so nice with you at Monk-Roma!!! Thanks for your warm welcome and a sold out concert 🌸 And thank you, Surma for being on tour with us!!! 🎉 Tonight: Bologna Start: 21.00 (quite early for Italy 😁)
Lali Puna Apr 12, 2019
Haven‘t seen this photo for quite some time... 😀 Tonight: Verona. With the wonderful Surma 📷Gerald von Foris, looong time ago
Lali Puna Apr 11, 2019
Looks like party 😁 Today München with Surma 🌸
Lali Puna Apr 04, 2019
We're looking forward to play Pop Kultur Festival in August ☀ in Berlin!! If you happen to be there - it's really a great festival ❤
Lali Puna Apr 03, 2019
We'll be on tour very soon!! To be exact: next week :) First dates: München, Verona, Roma, Bologna, Milano. We hope to see you there :)
Lali Puna Mar 25, 2019
Ohhhh, I missed his birthday... ❤ Flat Eric turned 20 - like we did. Getting old together 😀 And look at him: He didn't have a smartphone and he survived.
Lali Puna Mar 23, 2019
People do strange stuff on photos 😁 Today: Bucharest / Control Club
Lali Puna Mar 19, 2019
Three years ago I did a mix for Dublab ❤️ It really meant a lot to me because: I hardly do any but I love doing mixes 😀 Here is part 2. You can download it at at
Lali Puna Mar 19, 2019
We're looking forward to play in Bucharest for the first time 🎉🎉🎉! Control Club, this saturday :) We will have little time, but we definetly want to see something from the city - where should we go?
Lali Puna Mar 11, 2019
Dave DK made a wonderful remix of "Wear My Heart". Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌴🌴🌴 Listen to it on whatever-platform - you can even order it as vinyl at :)
Lali Puna Mar 04, 2019
New EP "Being Water” out now 🌊😀 New video here:
Lali Puna Mar 01, 2019
Our new EP "Being Water” is out now 🎉🎉🎉 Four songs and a wonderful remix by Dave DK and beautiful cover by Catrin Sonnabend - thank you so much!!! ❤ Spotify: Apple: Bandcamp: Vinyl here: We will play some concerts 😀 03-23 BUCHAREST — Control Club 04-11 MÜNCHEN — Strom 04-13 ROMA — Monk 04-14 BOLOGNA — Locomotiv 04-15 MILANO — Magnolia 04-23 FRANKFURT — Nachtleben 04-24 LUXEMBURG — De Gudde Wellen 04-25 PARIS — Petit Bain 04-27 LONDON — Rich Mix
Lali Puna Feb 26, 2019
Music that puts you immediately in it's own place, no matter where you are, that's the best music I think. This album is unique. I will miss you, Mark Hollis
Lali Puna Feb 20, 2019
New Lali Puna EP next month! You can pre-order the vinyl now. In fact it's the only thing you can order :) But you can also stream it when it's released on march 1st - or visit us on tour :) PS: I almost forgot, actually you could buy it on Itunes-Beatport-Amazon I guess