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Birds of America
Actual Entity
Lake Ruth Feb 16, 2019
From @suedehead1969 on IG - lovely to see Birds of America on this beautiful, perfectly coordinated red turntable - thanks Colin!
Lake Ruth Feb 15, 2019
One year ago we released our 2nd album, Birds of America. This photoset is by the talented artist Alan Mills Jr., who so graciously allowed a detail from his 2016 painting "The Birth of Socialism" to be used for our cover. We'll always be grateful for the use of this striking and arresting work which - to us anyway - visually expresses the themes of violence, chaos, resistance and flight found within the album's songs. Eternal thanks to the lovely Dom Martin as well for releasing the vinyl. ❤️
Lake Ruth Jan 03, 2019
Thrilled to see "Julia's Call" on V4 of Sound Bites NYC Best of 2018 mixes. Lots of gems here from some of our favorites Melody's Echo Chamber, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Gwenno, Virginia Wing, HALO MAUD, Cornershop, Peel Dream Magazine, Laibach & more. Thanks Bill! Tracklist: 1. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Desert Horse 2. Beak> – Brean Down 3. Bodega – Name Escape 4. Shopping – Asking for a Friend 5. Lake Ruth – Julia’s Call 6. Pozi – KCTMO 7. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Make Out Fade Out 8. Gwenno – Eus Keus? 9. Virgina Wing – The Second Shift 10. The Green Child – Her Majesty II 11. J. Fernandez – Volcanic Winter 12. Halo Maud – Du Pouvoir/Power 13. Cornershop – Double Denim Nights 14. Escape-ism – Nothing Personal 15. Arctic Monkeys – American Sports 16. Drinks – Real Outside 17. Peel Dream Magazine – Qi Velocity 18. Anemone – Baby Only You & I 19. Warmduscher – I Got Friends 20. Tropical Fuck Storm – The Future of History 21. Laibach – Sixteen Going on Seventeen
Lake Ruth Dec 29, 2018
Gracias Bloodbuzzed! ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 28, 2018
Very proud of daughter Rosetta's recording debut in the "Pavel Mikoyan" section (31:50 - 38:30) of this wonderful Hookland tribute mix!
Lake Ruth Dec 24, 2018
Very humbled by these kind words from DJ Sandra Zettpunkt (Golden Glades on ByteFM, Hamburg). When someone with such a depth of musical knowledge finds our sound unique we feel like we're doing things right. Huge thanks! ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 24, 2018
Gracias Bloodbuzzed! ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 21, 2018
Wrote a few words on Peel Dream Magazine's lovely debut on Slumberland Records for the annual Delusions of Adequacy - year-end list. Excellent and intriguing selections here from innovative musicians, writers and labels.
Lake Ruth Dec 18, 2018
Merci Hands And Arms Music in Paris for featuring our split 7' with Pale Lights & Listening Center in their best singles of 2018! <3
Lake Ruth Dec 16, 2018
Thanks A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed - website for remembering our album, Birds Of America, from way, way back in February! <3
Lake Ruth Dec 14, 2018
There's a beautiful new / old tune from The New Lines & Übertrager (features members of Friedrich Sunlight) - The Sound At The End Of The Road - on this lovely new compilation from Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. The song dates back to the time of their first album, All That We See And Seem and was one of the first pieces of music that Hewson recorded with his Mattson Mini Modular. Audio in the comments, enjoy and get the vinyl while you can!
Lake Ruth Dec 05, 2018
Always an honor to fall under the lens of the talented Jen Meller! Such an amazing photographer. From our October show at Ceremony in Brooklyn with the mighty EXEK and Marbled Eye. ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 01, 2018
Thank you Sounds & Books <3
Lake Ruth Nov 30, 2018
New vinyl on Bandcamp today! Our split 7" with Pale Lights & Listening Center on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. $10 + just $4 for US postage - happy to post worldwide too. Black vinyl with sleeve & lyrics insert printed on high-quality linen paper. Only 12 copies available, includes download.
Lake Ruth Nov 16, 2018
Gracias Bloodbuzzed <3
Lake Ruth Nov 09, 2018
Thank you SWIT <3
Lake Ruth Nov 09, 2018
Thank you Sounds & Books <3
Lake Ruth Nov 02, 2018
Thank you Janglepophub <3
Lake Ruth Oct 30, 2018
More lovely words from The Sunday Experience - thank you Mark! <3
Lake Ruth Oct 28, 2018
Thanks to the The Sunday Experience for such kind words on our split 7" with Pale Lights & Listening Center. <3
Lake Ruth Oct 27, 2018
Thanks Austin Town Hall <3
Lake Ruth Oct 26, 2018
Our split 7" with Pale Lights and Listening Center is out on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten today, and you can stream / download both tracks over on Bandcamp. Our vinyl is en route and we'll be contacting everyone who requested a 7" soon with ordering info. Thanks for your support!
Lake Ruth Oct 22, 2018
Our split 7" with Pale Lights & Listening Center is now available to pre-order from Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten! US listeners: if you're after one and would like to save on postage then just let us know (if you've not done so already). We'll have a few to spare and more details next week.
Lake Ruth Oct 18, 2018
Polytechnic Youth
Lake Ruth Oct 17, 2018
New release from Listening Center drops tomorrow at 9 PM (GMT) on Polytechnic Youth. 5" lathe-cut picture disc "Kosmik Two" / "T Group". 111 copies only | PY76.