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Birds of America
Actual Entity
Lake Ruth Aug 20, 2019
"Want to go to the aquarium? They have these luminescent jellyfish. When you look at them, it's like floating through the cosmos. And I love the cosmos." - Psychic Gerson, on hearing our song VV emanate from the speakers of a luxury sedan. All hail the Powers of Water - churros and jellyfish for everyone!
Lake Ruth Aug 19, 2019
Thrilled to announce that we'll be making our TV debut in tonight's episode of Lodge 49! We're so grateful to be part of this show's magical and constantly evolving soundtrack featuring Broadcast, The Soundcarriers, Belbury Poly, LILYS, Beautify Junkyards and more + crates full of rare and groovy 60's psych, surf, library music and baroque-pop curated by Shindig! Magazine... the latest! writer and broadcaster Thomas Patterson. Tune in tonight at 10pm EDT on AMC:
Lake Ruth Aug 15, 2019
Something lovely from yesterday's Stereolab feature on WeWant2Wigoler - our entire physical discography to date, laid out lovingly on this pretty lime green shag by Roubignole Wigoler 😍 merci!
Lake Ruth Aug 14, 2019
Merci WeWant2Wigoler for inviting me to chat about some favorite Stereolab tunes as part of their summer series Stereolab & moi. Vive la résistance! ❤️
Lake Ruth Jun 25, 2019
This is amazing - Hit-Boy randomly selects Cut-Ups by SAVAK from thousands of LPs at Amoeba Music and turns their "funky rock & roll shit into some horror shit".
Lake Ruth Jun 24, 2019
Congrats to David Mason whose incredible new Listening Center album, Retrieving, (his 4th for Polytechnic Youth) is officially out today. Get the vinyl (with beautiful sleeve art by Nick Taylor while you can on Bandcamp.
Lake Ruth May 18, 2019
Happy May 18th to The Left Outsides, Alison Cotton, Trimdon Grange Explosion & The Hanging Stars! Found this old interview from the wonderful Comes With A Smile zine awhile back. Long thought it lost. Lots of youthful rambling but last page pull quote still so true for me.
Lake Ruth May 15, 2019
Saddened to hear that Renato Malizia is retiring his monumental labor of love The Blog That Celebrates Itself after 11 years, 139 albums and 3000 + interviews. We'll always be grateful for your support of our music, Renato - especially the opportunity for us and Listening Center to cover the mighty Stereolab for this wonderful 2017 tribute album. Obrigada!
Lake Ruth May 03, 2019
Excited that the music of James Chen (Hewson's dad) is being featured in the Museum of Chinese in America Spring / Summer exhibit The Moon Represents My Heart: Music, Memory and Belonging. The exhibit is on view through 9-15 and focuses on the transformative power of music in immigrant Chinese communities from the 1850s to the present.
Lake Ruth Apr 23, 2019
Drum tracking at King Killer Studios last night - lots of new music in the works from us. Huge thanks to Michael from the mighty SAVAK for helming the desk!
Lake Ruth Apr 09, 2019
New LP from our frequent collaborator Listening Center coming soon on Polytechnic Youth! Sleeve art by the talented Nick Taylor.
Lake Ruth Mar 20, 2019
Missed this back in 2017 but happy to have a copy of Tulips by Maston now that Phonoscope has done a 2nd run. Enchanting, Basil Kirchin vibes on these lovely instrumentals full of unexpected movement.
Lake Ruth Mar 04, 2019
Thanks to Michael & Nancy from Please Touch for taking the time to interview us. Among other things, we talk about earliest influences, what we're working on now, the visual artists we love and that fateful evening the sonic might of SAVAK sent Union Hall up in flames.
Lake Ruth Feb 28, 2019
Over the last three years, we've released two albums, an EP and several singles. Our full digital discography is now available on Bandcamp. 40% off when you buy the whole shebang!
Lake Ruth Feb 16, 2019
From @suedehead1969 on IG - lovely to see Birds of America on this beautiful, perfectly coordinated red turntable - thanks Colin!
Lake Ruth Feb 15, 2019
One year ago we released our 2nd album, Birds of America. This photoset is by the talented artist Alan Mills Jr., who so graciously allowed a detail from his 2016 painting "The Birth of Socialism" to be used for our cover. We'll always be grateful for the use of this striking and arresting work which - to us anyway - visually expresses the themes of violence, chaos, resistance and flight found within the album's songs. Eternal thanks to the lovely Dom Martin as well for releasing the vinyl. ❤️
Lake Ruth Jan 03, 2019
Thrilled to see "Julia's Call" on V4 of Sound Bites NYC Best of 2018 mixes. Lots of gems here from some of our favorites Melody's Echo Chamber, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Gwenno, Virginia Wing, HALO MAUD, Cornershop, Peel Dream Magazine, Laibach & more. Thanks Bill! Tracklist: 1. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Desert Horse 2. Beak> – Brean Down 3. Bodega – Name Escape 4. Shopping – Asking for a Friend 5. Lake Ruth – Julia’s Call 6. Pozi – KCTMO 7. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Make Out Fade Out 8. Gwenno – Eus Keus? 9. Virgina Wing – The Second Shift 10. The Green Child – Her Majesty II 11. J. Fernandez – Volcanic Winter 12. Halo Maud – Du Pouvoir/Power 13. Cornershop – Double Denim Nights 14. Escape-ism – Nothing Personal 15. Arctic Monkeys – American Sports 16. Drinks – Real Outside 17. Peel Dream Magazine – Qi Velocity 18. Anemone – Baby Only You & I 19. Warmduscher – I Got Friends 20. Tropical Fuck Storm – The Future of History 21. Laibach – Sixteen Going on Seventeen
Lake Ruth Dec 29, 2018
Gracias Bloodbuzzed! ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 28, 2018
Very proud of daughter Rosetta's recording debut in the "Pavel Mikoyan" section (31:50 - 38:30) of this wonderful Hookland tribute mix!
Lake Ruth Dec 24, 2018
Very humbled by these kind words from DJ Sandra Zettpunkt (Golden Glades on ByteFM, Hamburg). When someone with such a depth of musical knowledge finds our sound unique we feel like we're doing things right. Huge thanks! ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 24, 2018
Gracias Bloodbuzzed! ❤️
Lake Ruth Dec 21, 2018
Wrote a few words on Peel Dream Magazine's lovely debut on Slumberland Records for the annual Delusions of Adequacy - year-end list. Excellent and intriguing selections here from innovative musicians, writers and labels.
Lake Ruth Dec 18, 2018
Merci Hands And Arms Music in Paris for featuring our split 7' with Pale Lights & Listening Center in their best singles of 2018! <3
Lake Ruth Dec 16, 2018
Thanks A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed - website for remembering our album, Birds Of America, from way, way back in February! <3
Lake Ruth Dec 14, 2018
There's a beautiful new / old tune from The New Lines & Übertrager (features members of Friedrich Sunlight) - The Sound At The End Of The Road - on this lovely new compilation from Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. The song dates back to the time of their first album, All That We See And Seem and was one of the first pieces of music that Hewson recorded with his Mattson Mini Modular. Audio in the comments, enjoy and get the vinyl while you can!