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Wild Things
iTunes Live from SoHo
Ladyhawke Aug 19, 2019
Hi everyone, thank you so much for the incredible response to the 10 yr anniversary reissue of my debut album. Here is a short video of me answering a bunch of questions about the early beginnings of Ladyhawke. Hope you enjoy.. Love Pip x #LH10
Ladyhawke Jun 27, 2019
Here’s a little podcast Sarah Larnach and I did where we discuss the conception of my debut album and the artwork! #Lh10
Ladyhawke May 24, 2019
Ladyhawke May 24, 2019
Today my debut album 10 year anniversary reissue comes out!!! I just wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years and continues to support me, fans, friends, family, you have know idea how much it means to me 💖🤩🥳
Ladyhawke May 22, 2019
Thanks Linda Marigliano and triple j for having me, it was an absolute pleasure 💖🤩
Ladyhawke May 07, 2019
Yesterday doing some promo for the upcoming re-issue!! More to come from that soon 🤩 #ladyhawke10
Ladyhawke May 03, 2019
I sang on this cool track with these real cool guys @crookedcolours it’s out today! Check out their insta for details 😊 #neverdancealone
Ladyhawke Apr 26, 2019
Leisure time 🕹🤩 #ladyhawke10 #thehat
Ladyhawke Apr 24, 2019
These photos were from - still to this day - one of my favourite photo shoots, by photographer Alice Hawkins. Shot on Canvey Island in Essex! 🦄🎠🎡 Makeup by @natashalawes hair by @markhamptonhair #ladyhawke10
Ladyhawke Apr 23, 2019
This was a TV commercial for my album that ran early 2009 I think! #ladyhawke10 🤩
Ladyhawke Apr 20, 2019
This is me on the set of the My Delirium video shoot! 🌃 ☎️ #ladyhawke10
Ladyhawke Apr 18, 2019
Glastonbury 2009!! John Peel Stage. This moment was a major life highlight for me, I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotion, people were singing along so loud I was completely blown away! 🤯 #ladyhawke10
Ladyhawke Apr 16, 2019
Hey! If you were/are a fan of my first album and would like to submit a short video to me, I’d love to hear from you! A short video talking about my first record and what it meant to you. This applies to absolutely anyone! You can send your video to: [email protected] Thank you 💖#ladyhawke10
Ladyhawke Apr 16, 2019
On the set of the My Delirium video shoot checking out a copy of my album on vinyl for the first time before it was released!! Good times! #ladyhawke10 now you can pre order the re-issue!! I’m not ready to accept that 10 years has passed tho 😩😩😩
Ladyhawke Apr 12, 2019
Ladyhawke's cover photo
Ladyhawke Apr 12, 2019
My first album is being re-released! 💖 - Ladyhawke Limited Edition Debut Album lovingly re-mastered on White Vinyl. Available to pre-order now in Aus & NZ - link in bio! - For those in the US, UK, Europe we are hoping to have news soon of where you can get hold of your copy so stay tuned. - Release will be May 24th #ladyhawke10
Ladyhawke Feb 05, 2019
In the studio with Nick “the mask” Littlemore. #dontbreatheonme 😷
Ladyhawke Jan 05, 2019
This is how I do the beach these days!! All the sun protection 😬 #piha
Ladyhawke Dec 31, 2018
ITS 2019! I was scrolling through my photos to try find something to post and realised a telling sign of how hard 2018 has been is the complete lack of photos of myself. I can count them on one hand! So here’s one ☝️ Time for some music makin’ I think! Thanks to you all for your support and love this last year and all the years before! Happy New Year!!! 🥳 #2019 #wherestheflyingcarstho
Ladyhawke Dec 21, 2018
This has been quite a year, I’ve had some of the most incredible moments in my entire and life, and some of the most difficult. 2018 has quite literally kicked my arse! I’m wrecked. I just want to say to everyone have a happy and safe holiday season. Travel safe, and if you’re in summer these holidays like I am - please please cover up and protect your skin. Love you guys!! 💖 #happyholidays 🤓 🎄
Ladyhawke Oct 25, 2018
It’s Melanoma awareness week and we’d like your help! Get spotted on spotty day and help make a difference by raising awareness of melanoma in NZ. Here’s the donate page or text ‘SPOTTY’ to 244 (nz only) Melanoma kills more than 4000 New Zealanders every year, if detected early though melanoma is treatable. So take care of your skin! Wear sunscreen, hats, cover up in the sun, avoid sunburn at all costs. And get those spots checked!!!! #melanomaawarenessweek #getspotted
Ladyhawke Oct 16, 2018
Awesome photo from my London show at Scala in 2016! Thanks @lexplex_ for the cool shot 📸 🇬🇧 🌏
Ladyhawke Oct 09, 2018
My daughter’s first time seeing a beach was also the first beach I ever went to as a baby! 🌞🌏🌤🌈🏖 #castlepoint #wairarapa
Ladyhawke Oct 05, 2018
Had to repost this!! Silver scrolls 2018, me performing a cover of Jenny Morris’s Break in the Weather! Video by our awesome prime minister Jacinda Ardern! #Repost @jacindaardern with @get_repost ・・・ The wonderful Jenny Morris was inducted into the NZ music hall of fame at the APRA Silver Scrolls last night. For all those kids of the 1990s, @ladyhawkeforyou ‘s tribute was too good not to share!
Ladyhawke Sep 19, 2018
10 years ago this baby of mine was born into the world!! It was an amazing life changing, exhausting journey!! Thanks to all who helped make it possible 💖Maybe it’ll reappear soon in some shape or form.... who knows... 🤔 😬 #ladyhawke #album1 #2008