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Lady (Instrumentals)
Good Lovin Remix EP
Abby the Spoon Lady Feb 17, 2019
Here's a playlist I started that has a few videos about how to play spoons. I'll be sure to be uploading more of these very soon, and uploaded a new one this very morning. I'll also be posting these spoon playing videos individually in our Spoon Lady Fan Group. <3 I'm off to make some hummingbird cake now....
Abby the Spoon Lady Jan 24, 2019
Howdy! Chris Rodrigues and I have got a handful of shows I'm wanting to tell you about: Jan 26 - SOLD OUT Stories - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC Jan 27 - SOLD OUT - Stories - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC Feb 21 - Stories - Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC Feb 22 - Chris Rodrigues and Abby The Spoon Lady w/ She Returns From War The Roasting Room Bluffton, South Carolina Feb 23 - SOLD OUT - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady - Fort Defiance The Roasting Room Bluffton, South Carolina MARCH 1 - The Lodge at Lake Bowen Commons with A Deeper Shade of Blue MARCH 9-10 (3 shows) SOLD OUT - Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues LIVE at Bright Box! Winchester, Virginia MARCH 22 - Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall Bethania Winston-Salem, North Carolina MARCH 30 - Taste of The Beard 2019 The Southgate House Revival Newport, Kentucky More to be announced very soon. Thanks so very much!
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 31, 2018
Chris Rodrigues & I will be logging in to do some live streaming in about an hour on YouTube. - 10:30pm ET - Hang out with us if you feel like it. :)
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 21, 2018
This is a little video clip I took while wandering around the US back in 2010. When we host storytelling nights we throw in some traveling stories from time to time. :) Our next storytelling night (that isn't sold out yet) is JANUARY 26 White Horse Black Mountain NC - Stories - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady - tickets on sale now:
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 16, 2018
- NEW VIDEO - Chris Rodrigues and I love this one, so we turned it up to 11. We'll be ramping up our videos and more this new year, including adding memberships to Y T and making some cartoons. <3 You can also find this video here: We have 3 storytelling events planned for the Asheville area in January of 2019. The first two have SOLD OUT, and the third is on the way. Jan 26th at the White Horse Black Mountain - Stories - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady. Thanks again everyone who has joined our Spoon Lady Fan Group - your photos and videos are great! <3 <3
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 02, 2018
- NEW VIDEO - Chris Rodrigues and I went on a little drive to Knoxville, Tennessee where we played some songs on the WDVX Blue Plate Special. Chris is a great songwriter, and we have some great songs on the line for you, including a few more clips from this show. Thanks a ton. PASS IT ON :) We love you, GOD BLESS - Abby the Spoon Lady
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 23, 2018
TODAY, NOV 23, 5PM EST - We are going to be doing a live stream on our channel! Find us and subscribe. We've never done this live stream thing before, hopefully, we can get through glitch-free. Chris Rodrigues and I will be busy busy this summer. We're currently looking to be booking theatres in the 4-800 capacity range, so if you have got a tiny little spot in your area, please let us know. We are specifically looking in TX - OK - LA - MS - AR. PLEASE AND THANKS! We hope you had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We got to spend time with Chris's family out in Reems Creek NC, out of signal and getting stuffed. <3 We love you. GOD BLESS - Now tune in for the live stream! 5:00 EST
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 17, 2018
Chris Rodrigues and I made this fancy video for y'all. It's a look at the homemade music equipment Chris has made. Have any of y'all made homemade music stuff? Chris makes new stuff all the time and is always changing it up. Be on the lookout for updates. :)
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 13, 2018
When I first moved to Asheville, North Carolina I rented a small room, pretty much a closet. The room was so small I had to sleep across it diagonally... although I did have a window to fend off claustrophobia. In the basement of this house, which I shared with a handful of other artists and free-thinkers, was a homemade stage and listening room. All sorts of folks came through town and played, but of course, my favorite was always Chris. This is the earliest video I have on my channel of Chris Rodrigues and I. We played this song the first time we ever played music together. This awesome music space no longer exists, but Chris and I will keep on playing.
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 12, 2018
I've gotten so many emails about how to hold the spoons that I decided to put up a very simple how-to. I hope this helps :) f you've got spoon playing videos, I would REALLY <3 to see them! The ever-wonderful Chris Rodrigues has also been placing a few guitar how-tos on our channel.. and I think my doggy Willie is even thinking on participating in a few videos upcoming! Find copies of our Working On Wall Street album right here:
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 04, 2018
NEW VIDEO - Here's a new video for y'all fine folks. Chris Rodrigues is a great songwriter, and this is one of his originals. :) Make sure to get a copy of the Washington Post this Sunday, and find a nice story about Chris Rodrigues & I <3 Thanks a ton, and pass it on. We love you. God Bless.
Abby the Spoon Lady Oct 30, 2018
Here it is, a fancy piece done by the Washington Post. I know after reading some of y'all fine folks may have some questions... such as can you see a copy of the photo mentioned of Chris Rodrigues' mom holding an Uzi in the camo bikini.. we'll be having an online Q & A later, so stay tuned. Thanks, everyone for all the support and love, and thanks David Rowell for coming and getting a clear window into our lives. We love you all.
Abby the Spoon Lady Oct 08, 2018
Chris Rodrigues & I have a NEW VIDEO for y'all fine folks, Just Suits Me. - - Ever think that things are doing so well, and you're on a good path? but then you stumble? That's the Devil gettin' mad. This song is a conversation about that. There are only a few tickets left for our Johnson City, Tennessee show at our favorite spot The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room on NOV 17. Make sure to grab those tickets, because it is absolutely going to sell out. GOD BLESS, <3 pass on the love. <3
Abby the Spoon Lady Aug 07, 2018
Our newest video, here for you to enjoy! Chris Rodrigues and I love to play these old songs. We are also looking to be putting forth a double album very soon, one-half these awesome Gospel songs, and one-half full of the awesome songwriting of Chris Rodrigues. Many folks who have caught us live have asked about his song "Maybe I'm Dirt". Don't worry, it will be on the album. :) As soon as there is a release date, we'll let you know. GOD BLESS JUST ANNOUNCED: SEPT 21 LEXINGTON KY Abby The Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues at The Burl
Abby the Spoon Lady Jun 22, 2018
Beatboxing? :) I'm so happy Chris Rodrigues & I got to spend some time with this great beatboxer Luke Broyles at the Willow Tree in Johnson City, Tennessee! Get tickets to our show this weekend in Bristol, TN/VA - JUNE 23 - Patton-Crosswhite VFW Post 6975 - Abby The Spoon Lady With Chris Rodrigues - Kelly J - Alli Bonus: We also uploaded a beatbox version of Angels in Heaven:
Abby the Spoon Lady Jun 07, 2018
Chris Rodrigues is my best buddy, and without him, music and life both wouldn't be the same for me. I've been honored to have been playing music with this incredible person for almost half a decade. Chris lives across the river from me. His Ma makes me spaghetti. My dog Willy gets along with all his cats. We are two peas in a pod singing the catch lines from musicals in the car during road trips. I'd be lost without you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris Rodrigues.
Abby the Spoon Lady Jun 04, 2018
Chris Rodrigues and I spent some time hanging on the porch this afternoon. As a storm rolled in we decided to play this little diddy on the saw. We don't have a title for it. Maybe you do. We ASLO recorded a version of You Got to Move, which is available on our channel here: Make sure you get tickets for our upcoming show at Patton-Crosswhite VFW Post 6975 in Bristol -- Abby The Spoon Lady With Chris Rodrigues - Kelly J - Alli JUNE 23 before they are gone. Happy Sunday!
Abby the Spoon Lady May 24, 2018
Here's a bit of something put together by the awesome folks at UNC-TV. It was nice to have 'em visit us in the Spooniverse and on the street! You can also catch some of my buddies, including my awesome station manager K.P. at Asheville FM 103.3 Where I volunteer and host Busker Broadcast. Chris Rodrigues and I have a great time hanging out and playing music! There's a spoons lesson somewhere in this video too! UPCOMING KENTUCKY - PINEVILLE - 5/25 Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival KANSAS CITY 5/26 Westport Roots Festival BRISTOL TN 6/23 Abby The Spoon Lady With Chris Rodrigues - Kelly J - Alli - get tickets here (THIS WILL SELL OUT) JUST ANNOUNCED - ELKIN NC Aug 11 Reeves Theater & Cafe - Chris Rodrigues and Abby the Spoon Lady | The Resonant Rogues (tickets are LIMITED, will also sell out)
Abby the Spoon Lady May 10, 2018
After a round through the film festival circuit, this short film has finally been released! :) Thanks a ton Justinsuperstar & Tongal for producing this little awesome film! Make sure to follow Justin Johnson's future projects! #avl #avlnews #avlmusic #visitavl #exploreavl Sign up for our mailing list:
Abby the Spoon Lady Apr 16, 2018
We have storytelling coming up! Make sure to catch Chris Rodrigues & I this upcoming weekend for some stories and songs! White Horse Black Mountain North Carolina. Our Saturday, April 21st show SOLD OUT very fast, so we've decided to hold another show on Sunday, April 22nd. Get them tickets! It looks like this show is heading towards a sell-out too, so grab up a ticket before they are gone! Storytelling - Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady - APRIL 22nd! 7:30pm! This is a fun show where we add some stories to our songs and talk a little bit about the life of the modern hobo. The concert will be followed by a Q & A at the end. Grab up your buddies, and hang out with us!
Abby the Spoon Lady Apr 01, 2018
Had the kind folks from Folkfaces show up for a fun time pickin on the porch. Spring is warming up, and a bunch of fine folks will be heading through Asheville, North Carolina. Find them so you can catch them as they pass through your area. You can find this song - We're On The Move Now - on bandcamp. You can also find this video here:
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 23, 2018
60 Second Docs Presents Abby the Spoon Lady. :) How cool this is, a snapshot of my life in just a minute. <3 Thanks 60 Second Docs! If you want to hear a bit more about what it is I do, you can join Chris Rodrigues & I at our next storytelling night - White Horse Black Mountain April 21 - Stories & Song - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady TICKETS: These shows sell out early - so grab up your tickets now.
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 05, 2018
ROLL CALL! We do this here from time to time. We like to know where our fans are from, and there are a lot of new folks, so let us know! >3 A few thanks: THANKS to all our awesome fans who have been listening to us on the web, watching and showing off our videos, and jamming out to our CDs! THANKS! Chris Rodrigues and I have reached 50K+ subscribers on our YT channel, 350k+ on FB, and the support we have received is awesome! #ThanksGod WE ARE currently working on two new albums. One of Gospel, and one comprised of all original Chris Rodrigues music. Thanks everyone who has picked up a copy of Workin' On Wall Street! <3 Find us on YT! We have a goal of reaching 100k subscribers by the end of the year! -Twitter: - Instgram: #ThankGod #spooniversalstudios #spoonereclipseoftheheart
Abby the Spoon Lady Feb 28, 2018
Chris Rodrigues & I got a nice visit from UNC-TV during our last storytelling night at the White Horse Black Mountain. Black Mountain, North Carolina, The "Little Town That Rocks", is a special place right near Asheville with a lot to offer. Our next storytelling event is at the White Horse on April 21. These events are some of our favorites, and the venue makes it awesome. Tickets WILL SELL OUT do make sure to pick one up. :)
Abby the Spoon Lady Feb 23, 2018
Chris Rodrigues and I had a chance to hang out with our musical buddy Ashley Heath this afternoon! This is a classic song... Just a friendly reminder that He has you in His hands, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you walk by His side. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands. Our buddy Ashley Heath is working on her Kickstarter Campaign to fund her new album "Where Hope Never Dies". Help us send her Sophomore album to production! Ashley Heath on the web - find this video and subscribe here -