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Lady (Instrumentals)
Good Lovin Remix EP
Abby the Spoon Lady Jun 03, 2019
Hallo Leute! Ich bin einen Moment offline gewesen und habe mich mit einigen Familien Problemen beschäftigt. Wir haben einen Bus gekauft. Nach viel suchen, und beraten, und mit anderen Bands, die ähnliche Fahrzeuge haben, sind wir in einem Schulbus gelandet, der an einem Punkt ein Party Bus war. Es ist auf halbem Wege, um ein Wohnmobil zu sein, hat unglaublich niedrige Meilen und ist unglaublich gut versorgt.... und ich habe keine Probleme, es zu fahren. In der Tat, ich liebe es, es zu fahren - und ich liebe das Gefühl eines Schulbus. Wir warten derzeit auf eine Box von Cds, um Belohnungen zu senden. Alle Belohnungen werden zwischen dem 10 und 15 Juni verschickt, zusammen mit allen Bestellungen, die in Betrieb genommen werden müssen. Die nächsten Schritte mit dem Bus ist es, es als Wohnmobil statt einen Bus zu Titel, also wird ein Bett gebaut und ein Kühlschrank / Brenner... etc. Chris Rodrigues hat ein paar Familien-Probleme zu Hause. Für diejenigen, die uns genau folgen, wissen sie, dass Chris sich um seine Mutter zu Hause kümmert. Sie ist eine tolle Frau, die viel für Chris getan hat, um ihn alleine zu erziehen. Sie hatte eine Handvoll Operationen in Bezug auf ihren Rücken, damit Chris vielleicht noch ein bisschen auf Reisen für eine Weile durchhalten kann. Wir werden absolut Spaß an den Shows haben, die bereits gebucht sind, aber ich kann einige von euch für einen Moment besuchen, während sie heilt und Chris zeigt, was seine nächsten Schritte sind. Ich habe einen Moment gebraucht und bin nach Kansas gegangen, wo ich bin. Ich wurde bei der Geburt adoptiert, und in den letzten paar Jahren konnte ich endlich meine geburts familie kennenlernen. Am Tag vor dem Muttertag ging meine leibliche Mutter vorbei, und ich habe ihr versprochen, dass ich meine Halbschwester und Schwester kennenlernen würde. Es ist viel los! Danke, an alle für eure Geduld mit den Belohnungen, die Cds sollten bald sein. Wir werden alles so schnell wie möglich versenden, wenn sie in (nächsten Tagen) kommen. Vielen Dank nochmal an alle, die sich für uns verpfändet, geteilt und verwurzelt haben. Ich kann das nicht ohne dich machen.
Abby the Spoon Lady Apr 25, 2019
Today I woke up and headed for the radio station (Asheville FM), as I do every Wednesday, and had a great time hanging out on air with my musical buddies Folkfaces (from Buffalo, New York). They swing through town from time to time, and it's always fun to hang out with them and play some music on the big ol' porch when they are here. This one of their original songs called Fat Ol' Rat. You can find the lyrics in the description at this link: 🥄🥄 LOW TICKET ALERT Abby the Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues at the Burl in Lexington KY will absolutely sell out so make sure you're not left out and get your tickets! The Burl April 28
Abby the Spoon Lady Apr 09, 2019
THANKS from Chris Rodrigues and I for all the support to get us on the road with a tour vehicle! We met our goal, and while we wait for the pending deposit we will be searching diligently for the right vehicle. We'll be sending out awards and more very soon! THANK YOU THANK YOU <3 UPCOMING SHOWS: APRIL 11 - Rome, Georgia Brewhouse Music & Grill Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady LIVE at the Brewhouse! APRIL 12 - Brundidge, Alabama We Piddle Around Theater Stories with Chris Rodrigues and Spoon Lady at We Piddle Around STORYTELLING APRIL 13 - LaGrange, Georgia SOLD OUT Pure Life Studios APRIL 14 - Charleston, South Carolina we will be street performing during the Second Sunday on King Street festivities - come and find us! APRIL 18 - White Horse Black Mountain Black Mountain, North Carolina STORYTELLING Stories - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady APRIL 22 - Asheville, North Carolina The Mothlight Talent! A Show | Benefit for Our VOICE APRIL 25 - Charlotte, North Carolina SOLD OUT Petra's APRIL 26 - Wilkesboro, North Carolina MerleFest 2019 APRIL 27 - Lexington, Kentucky The Burl Abby the Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues at the Burl in Lexington MAY 3rd & 4th - Johnson City, Tennessee The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room STORYTELLING Stories and Song with Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 28, 2019
We're gonna be live streaming at 9:45 EST 3/27 - this evening for a cup of coffee and some neighborly chat. Tune and remember to subscribe!
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 20, 2019
I'm on air! I volunteer to host a show every week on the greatest radio station in all of the Spooniverse - Asheville FM 103.3. I host from 11am - 1pm EST, you can listen online at - Busker Broacast Last week I got to get on the phone and hang out with Rodney Dillard from The Dillards (The Andy Griffith Show). He's gonna be playing some music on Monday at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC and I'm gonna be there with bells on! I think maybe Chris Rodrigues and I might see about playing a song or so with him :) Get your ticket if you're free and come hang out with me!
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 20, 2019
Chris Rodrigues and I created a NEW VIDEO, and I've got to admit I'd been needing some time on the porch. It has been too cold recently! I'm excited about spring! I'm also excited that we've almost reached 5000 members in our Spoon Lady Fan Group! <3 Upcoming Shows: Fri March 22 Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall Bethania (Winston Salem, NC) Sun March 24 Muddy Creek Cafe, Sparta Sat March 30 Ludlow, Kentucky Taste of The Beard 2019 The Southgate House Revival Sunday, March 31 Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady at Laura Lee's Helena, Kentucky April 4 Chefs In Action 2019 Asheville NC April 11 Brewhouse Music & Grill Rome, Georgia April 13 SOLD OUT Pure Life Studios LaGrange, Georgia April 18 Stories - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC (storytelling) April 22 Talent! A Show | Benefit for Our VOICE Asheville NC April 25 Sold Out! Stories - Chris Rodrigues & Abby The Spoon Lady (storytelling!) Petra's Charlotte, NC April 28 Abby the Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues at the Burl in Lexington The Burl Lexington, Kentucky May 3 & 4 The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room Johnson City, TN (storytelling!) Stories and Song with Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 13, 2019
Here's a bit of Mr. Chris Rodrigues jamming out at age 13! He's full of music from top to toe! <3 thanks WLOS 13 for doing this great little story! <3 I love this guy. :) THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who have backed, shared, and given positive shout-outs to support our little Kickstarter campaign! We are officially at 92% funded, with 20 days to go! We have reached almost 14K of our 15K goal! Thanks a TON, fine folks for making this magic happen, and thank you God for all the blessings. <3
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 09, 2019
NEW VIDEO: Hey wonderful people! This is not a normal video and not our typical sound. We love all kinds of music and have talked about making a remix for some time now. Chris Rodrigues and I do everything on our own. Big labels usually take care of a lot of this type of stuff for most performers, but for us part of the battle is keeping our creativity and vision intact... so we do not have a big label. Chris does all of our recordings, we don't use a "professional" studio. He's taught himself everything he knows. With this video, I taught myself special effects software and went for it. I also made all the graphics for the cartoon at the beginning of the video. Hopefully, it came out well... We want to say thanks to all the people who support what we do and who watch our videos. This was a ton of fun to make for both of us and hope you enjoy! Our Kickstarter has us just above 66% - which is awesome. Usually, big labels take care of transportation needs and give loans for busses and such. Thanks for allowing us to no get sucked into that big music label void. We love you and GOD BLESS! KICKSTARTER: AGAIN - --THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Kickstarter! Although I don't always have the time to get on here and comment back to everyone's awesomeness, I want you to know that I'm glowing with amazement and faith. We feel so very loved, and we are excited to get on the road.
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 05, 2019
WOW! Thanks, folks! We are HALFWAY THERE! <3 Chris Rodrigues and I are going to be doing a late-night-cup-of-joe live stream again at 9pm EST to chat... so get out the coffee grinder (or tea if that's your bag)! Please join us, set your reminder and subscribe! <3 We'd be lost without you fine folks. Thanks for getting us to a point where we need a vehicle in the first place. We're excited to be hitting the road. We are circling every town our Kickstarter backers donate from on our map so that we can make sure to hit those areas. Already so far we're going to all 4 corners of the US, and then up to Canada. :) KICKSTARTER:
Abby the Spoon Lady Mar 02, 2019
Chris Rodrigues and I have done it... we've launched a Kickstarter for a tour vehicle. We want to take the show on the road, a little farther from home. To get to you, we need something dependable. We have 30 days to reach our goal of 15K by April the 1st. We'd like to thank you now for all the great continued support! We'll be marking down all the cities and towns of the donors, and will be doing all we can to hit as many of the areas as is humanly possible. We've got the map out. Thanks so much!! GOD BLESS! <3
Abby the Spoon Lady Feb 25, 2019
9PM EST (tonight - 2/24) - Livestream - Chris Rodrigues and I are going to be LIVE on YouTube here in a little bit... 9pm EST for a late night cup of coffee. Tune in and hang out with us as we get used to this live streaming thingy! And, please subscribe!
Abby the Spoon Lady Feb 21, 2019
Das ist ein Chris Rodrigues Original, das fast 2 Millionen Aufrufe erreicht hat. Ich bin so stolz auf ihn. Er sitzt Nacht nach der Nacht und arbeitet an Songs und Überarbeitung Sie, und während ich fahre, ist er kritzele Sachen runter, ständig denken. Ich liebe dieses Lied, aber mein Favorit, dass er so weit von mir geschrieben ist, ist Mr. Man, den Sie hier finden können: Achten Sie darauf, ihm zu folgen, er hat es verdient. <3 Wir haben heute Abend eine verkaufte Storytelling-Show bei White Horse Black Mountain Nc und fahren dann nach Süden für ein paar weitere Shows im Rösten-Raum in South Carolina heute Abend. Unsere nächste Show mit Tickets noch verfügbar ist März 1-Inman SC Abby die Löffel Lady und Chris Rodrigues in der Lodge am Lake Bowen Commons.
Abby the Spoon Lady Feb 17, 2019
Here's a playlist I started that has a few videos about how to play spoons. I'll be sure to be uploading more of these very soon, and uploaded a new one this very morning. I'll also be posting these spoon playing videos individually in our Spoon Lady Fan Group. <3 I'm off to make some hummingbird cake now....
Abby the Spoon Lady Jan 24, 2019
Howdy! Chris Rodrigues and I have got a handful of shows I'm wanting to tell you about: Jan 26 - SOLD OUT Stories - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC Jan 27 - SOLD OUT - Stories - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC Feb 21 - Stories - Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady White Horse Black Mountain NC Feb 22 - Chris Rodrigues and Abby The Spoon Lady w/ She Returns From War The Roasting Room Bluffton, South Carolina Feb 23 - SOLD OUT - Chris Rodrigues & Spoon Lady - Fort Defiance The Roasting Room Bluffton, South Carolina MARCH 1 - The Lodge at Lake Bowen Commons with A Deeper Shade of Blue MARCH 9-10 (3 shows) SOLD OUT - Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues LIVE at Bright Box! Winchester, Virginia MARCH 22 - Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall Bethania Winston-Salem, North Carolina MARCH 30 - Taste of The Beard 2019 The Southgate House Revival Newport, Kentucky More to be announced very soon. Thanks so very much!
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 31, 2018
Chris Rodrigues & I will be logging in to do some live streaming in about an hour on YouTube. - 10:30pm ET - Hang out with us if you feel like it. :)
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 21, 2018
This is a little video clip I took while wandering around the US back in 2010. When we host storytelling nights we throw in some traveling stories from time to time. :) Our next storytelling night (that isn't sold out yet) is JANUARY 26 White Horse Black Mountain NC - Stories - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady - tickets on sale now:
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 16, 2018
- NEW VIDEO - Chris Rodrigues and I love this one, so we turned it up to 11. We'll be ramping up our videos and more this new year, including adding memberships to Y T and making some cartoons. <3 You can also find this video here: We have 3 storytelling events planned for the Asheville area in January of 2019. The first two have SOLD OUT, and the third is on the way. Jan 26th at the White Horse Black Mountain - Stories - Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady. Thanks again everyone who has joined our Spoon Lady Fan Group - your photos and videos are great! <3 <3
Abby the Spoon Lady Dec 02, 2018
- NEW VIDEO - Chris Rodrigues and I went on a little drive to Knoxville, Tennessee where we played some songs on the WDVX Blue Plate Special. Chris is a great songwriter, and we have some great songs on the line for you, including a few more clips from this show. Thanks a ton. PASS IT ON :) We love you, GOD BLESS - Abby the Spoon Lady
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 23, 2018
TODAY, NOV 23, 5PM EST - We are going to be doing a live stream on our channel! Find us and subscribe. We've never done this live stream thing before, hopefully, we can get through glitch-free. Chris Rodrigues and I will be busy busy this summer. We're currently looking to be booking theatres in the 4-800 capacity range, so if you have got a tiny little spot in your area, please let us know. We are specifically looking in TX - OK - LA - MS - AR. PLEASE AND THANKS! We hope you had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We got to spend time with Chris's family out in Reems Creek NC, out of signal and getting stuffed. <3 We love you. GOD BLESS - Now tune in for the live stream! 5:00 EST
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 17, 2018
Chris Rodrigues and I made this fancy video for y'all. It's a look at the homemade music equipment Chris has made. Have any of y'all made homemade music stuff? Chris makes new stuff all the time and is always changing it up. Be on the lookout for updates. :)
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 13, 2018
When I first moved to Asheville, North Carolina I rented a small room, pretty much a closet. The room was so small I had to sleep across it diagonally... although I did have a window to fend off claustrophobia. In the basement of this house, which I shared with a handful of other artists and free-thinkers, was a homemade stage and listening room. All sorts of folks came through town and played, but of course, my favorite was always Chris. This is the earliest video I have on my channel of Chris Rodrigues and I. We played this song the first time we ever played music together. This awesome music space no longer exists, but Chris and I will keep on playing.
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 12, 2018
I've gotten so many emails about how to hold the spoons that I decided to put up a very simple how-to. I hope this helps :) f you've got spoon playing videos, I would REALLY <3 to see them! The ever-wonderful Chris Rodrigues has also been placing a few guitar how-tos on our channel.. and I think my doggy Willie is even thinking on participating in a few videos upcoming! Find copies of our Working On Wall Street album right here:
Abby the Spoon Lady Nov 04, 2018
NEW VIDEO - Here's a new video for y'all fine folks. Chris Rodrigues is a great songwriter, and this is one of his originals. :) Make sure to get a copy of the Washington Post this Sunday, and find a nice story about Chris Rodrigues & I <3 Thanks a ton, and pass it on. We love you. God Bless.
Abby the Spoon Lady Oct 30, 2018
Here it is, a fancy piece done by the Washington Post. I know after reading some of y'all fine folks may have some questions... such as can you see a copy of the photo mentioned of Chris Rodrigues' mom holding an Uzi in the camo bikini.. we'll be having an online Q & A later, so stay tuned. Thanks, everyone for all the support and love, and thanks David Rowell for coming and getting a clear window into our lives. We love you all.
Abby the Spoon Lady Oct 08, 2018
Chris Rodrigues & I have a NEW VIDEO for y'all fine folks, Just Suits Me. - - Ever think that things are doing so well, and you're on a good path? but then you stumble? That's the Devil gettin' mad. This song is a conversation about that. There are only a few tickets left for our Johnson City, Tennessee show at our favorite spot The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room on NOV 17. Make sure to grab those tickets, because it is absolutely going to sell out. GOD BLESS, <3 pass on the love. <3