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Mona Leshurr
Lady Leshurr Aug 21, 2019
Legend Like Mya Showing Me & Other Female Rappers Love On TMZ ❤️✨ Thankyou For Speaking On This Important Topic Queen @myaplanet9 👑
Lady Leshurr Aug 17, 2019
How Girls Be Hopping Out Of Bed When They Get The “Come Over 😈” Text 💀
Lady Leshurr Aug 13, 2019
Been Sitting On This For A Minute 😰 I Need A Feature❗️Who Can You Hear On It? Tag Below 👇🏾 #Selectah 🎧
Lady Leshurr Aug 12, 2019
Smile Even When You’re Not Doing Okay, They’ll Never Know. Dress By @prettylittlething ✨
Lady Leshurr Aug 10, 2019
Let’s Get @OfficialAitch Into The Top 10 With Taste 🔥
Lady Leshurr Aug 09, 2019
I’m In My First 8Bit Game 😂 Head Over To @ThreeUk’s Instagram Story To Play The New Festival Finder Game Featuring Me 👸🏾🕹
Lady Leshurr Aug 08, 2019
“I Got Supporters In Cornwall” Was Looking Forward To This 😓 Anyone Got A Free Road?
Lady Leshurr Aug 07, 2019
Me When I See Salmon Arrive 😍
Lady Leshurr Aug 06, 2019
Had To Re-Enact This Moment, The Sigh Kills Me Everytime 😭😭😭 The Security Knew Wtf He Was Doing 😩 Mr Pick Me Looking Azz 😭😭 Did I Kill It Or Nah? 😂💀
Lady Leshurr Aug 06, 2019
Look At The Tallant!! 💁🏾‍♀️
Lady Leshurr Aug 03, 2019
I’m Moving To Spain To Become A House DJ/Producer Who Body Pops On The Weekends. Thank Me Later x #DJUNLESHED 🎧
Lady Leshurr Aug 01, 2019
4 Years Today Queen’s Speech 4 Was Released! 57 MILLION VIEWS 😰 Believe Me I Did Not Know What Was Going To Happen When I Was Filming This, I Just Knew If I Kept Being Consistent With These Relatable Funny Freestyles Somethings Affi Work 😂😂 Due To QS1 & QS2 Being Muted Something Told Me To Start Making The Beats Myself So I Would Sit & Beatbox The Melody’s On My Phone, Then Write To The Beatbox, Then Go Studio & Build It With The Producer. Originally The Queen’s Speech Series Was Meant To Be A Freestyle But I Added Melody, Bridge & A Chorus Which Was Considered A “Song” Even Though The Verses Were 32 Bars 😂 & I Think That’s What Made This 1 Especially Go Crazy In America. It Would’ve Been My 1st Top 40 😭😭 But I Was Doing Everything Myself Back Then & Had No Knowledge Of Submitting To Charts Wheewwww Chile 🤕 Back Then Things Weren’t Really Known To Be Going Viral From The U.K Especially As A Rapper, (A Black Female Most Importantly) & I Think I Was 1 Of The 1st To Do So Which Opened The Door For The UK Even More & This Was From Spitting About Popular Memes & Things That Went Viral - The Irony 😂😂 Fast Forward To 2019 & The UK Scene Is Healthier Than It’s Ever Been Before & The Younger Generation Are Killing It & Opening Even Bigger Doors! Thankyou For Changing My Mother’s Life & Making My Dream Of Getting Her A House Come True ❤️ Forever Grateful ✨
Lady Leshurr Jul 26, 2019
New Hair On Fire 🔥Slayed By @EdmundBossmanHair 💆🏾‍♀️ Yes Or No? 👇🏾
Lady Leshurr Jul 21, 2019
Penn Fest You Were Amazing!! ⚡️
Lady Leshurr Jul 20, 2019
Just Came Off Stage At Penn Festival It Was ENERGY!! ⚡️ This Is How I Cool Down 😂💦
Lady Leshurr Jul 19, 2019
Stepped In Looking Like A Sweet 🍬😂 Slayed By @EdmundBossmanHair 💆🏾‍♀️ Styled By @JustinRose__ 👖Makeup By @Official_Maria_Asadi 💄
Lady Leshurr Jul 18, 2019
When You Try To Channel Meg The Stallion But You Ain’t Thick Enough So You End Up Looking Like A Powerpuff Girl 💀
Lady Leshurr Jul 14, 2019
Erm Excuse Meeee. Who Told Him To Go OFF Like That?!?!?! #QS7
Lady Leshurr Jul 13, 2019
I Tried To Learn How To Play Baseball 😂⚾️ Check Out All 3 Episodes On @MLBLondonSeries To See How Me & @DenoDriz Repped @Yankees & @Redsox #LondonSeries #AD
Lady Leshurr Jul 10, 2019
Why Do Girls Love To Do That Pose?
Lady Leshurr Jul 09, 2019
Yooo The Energy’s In India!! 🇮🇳 Dancing To #OMW 🔥
Lady Leshurr Jul 06, 2019
Buss Open The New Nike’s That Were Made Specifically For Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Calling These Taste The Rainbow 🔥🌈🔥 Yes Or No? @ London Pride
Lady Leshurr Jul 06, 2019
Happy Pride Everyone 🌈 Here’s A Few Looks I Done Last Year To Celebrate! ❤️✨
Lady Leshurr Jul 06, 2019
Alot Of The Girls In Music Haven’t Been In The Game For Too Long So Would Never Be Able To Understand How Hard The Graft Was To Make It Easier For Female Rappers Today. I’m 20 Years In & Wheewwww Chile The Struggles Been REAL. 😰 Always A Breath Of Fresh Air When One Of The Hugest & Hard Working Females In This Industry That Don’t Owe Nobody Nothing Shows You Love. Give This Woman Alllll The Accolades 🗣👏🏾👏🏾
Lady Leshurr Jul 05, 2019
Love Saves The Day Festival 🔥