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Lack of Afro Dec 07, 2018
Woah! Huge thanks to everyone who has supported the music this year - these are just the Spotify numbers but big ups to all those keeping the vinyl game alive too! New music coming soon...Adam X
Lack of Afro Nov 19, 2018
Lack of Afro vs Ofenbach ‘PARTY’ kicks off BBC Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night!
Lack of Afro Nov 06, 2018
's cover photo
Lack of Afro Oct 31, 2018
This is my dog Ronson. He made a special effort for Halloween this year. He’d also like to tell you that today is your last chance to get in on the 50% off Lack of Afro sale! (use code ‘ZOMBIES’ ends at midnight). Shop at Happy Halloween y’all!
Lack of Afro Oct 30, 2018
's cover photo
Lack of Afro Oct 30, 2018
Lack of Afro Oct 19, 2018
Lack of Afro Oct 16, 2018
Over 5 million Spotify streams for this little chap! He’s nearly 5 years old now but I’m still incredibly proud of him.
Lack of Afro Oct 10, 2018
Lack of Afro Oct 09, 2018
Lack of Afro Oct 08, 2018
Lack of Afro Sep 28, 2018
EPISODE 3 of ‘How I Do Things’ is out now! This time around I talk infuences - from DJ Shadow & sampling through to Motown & live recording... Beautifully shot & edited by James Roadley-Battin at Love Of Art Media Episode 4 coming soon..!
Lack of Afro Sep 24, 2018
Shout outs, big ups & props to the wonderful Zoe Ball for playing the new single ‘Only You & Me’ on her BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday! The track features Wax Alyssa Marie & Camila Recchio - Lula and is out everywhere NOW!
Lack of Afro Sep 21, 2018
NEW SINGLE! ‘Only You & Me’ (featuring Wax Alyssa-Marie & Camila Recchio ) is out NOW! The EP also includes some straight up 🔥that features Wax & Herbal T. An ultra limited run of 15 promo CD greetings cards are available too (nearly sold out already!):
Lack of Afro Sep 19, 2018
EPISODE 2 of ‘How I Do Things’ is out now! This time around it’s all about the drums: a vintage 50’s Premier Drum Co kit, some Soultone Cymbals & lots of tea towels! Exquisitely shot & edited by James Roadley-Battin at Love Of Art Media Episode 3 coming soon..!
Lack of Afro Sep 12, 2018
SHARE THE LOVE - GET THE FREEBIES!!! 1) Watch the vid and share the post. (We'd love to know what you think BTW!) 2) Tag the names of 3 friends in the comments section who you think would dig the new vid 3) I'll send you a FREE pair of LOA sunglasses! 3) Job done. Make yourself a brew X Video directed by James Roadley Battin of Love Of Art Media
Lack of Afro Sep 11, 2018
HOW I DO THINGS: EPISODE 1. This is the first in a series of behind the scenes documentaries that follow me in the studio. In this opening episode I discuss the studio itself: working in both the analogue & digital domains, recording drums, my beloved Alice 1228 mixing desk & much more. Video directed by James Roadley Battin of Love Of Art Media
Lack of Afro Sep 10, 2018
Very excited to bring you the first episode tomorrow in a series of Lack of Afro studio documentaries! The series covers studio gear, collaborations, songwriting, playing lots of instruments, the business element of the industry, the making of Jack of All Trades and the day to day of being a professional musician / producer / whatever it is that I am. Big ups to James @ Love of Art Media who has filmed and edited the whole thing! EPISODE ONE drops tomorrow!
Lack of Afro Aug 23, 2018
Big ups to the main man The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show for spinning ‘Take It Up A Notch’ (feat. Wax & Herbal T ) on BBC Radio 2 yesterday! 2 plays on 2 in the space of a week! As well as being on the new album, this track is also available on 7” vinyl, as the B-side to ‘Back To The Day’. These are nearly sold out! Get them at:
Lack of Afro Aug 21, 2018
Huge thanks to Zoe Ball & team for the very kind words & for playing ‘Take It Up A Notch’ (feat. Wax & Herbal T ) on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday! Big ups also to everyone for their support for ‘Jack of All Trades’ - we’re running low on stock now & there will be no represses, so if you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy, now is most definitely the time! Adam X
Lack of Afro Aug 19, 2018
Last show of the tour today at Sunrise Festival - powered today by the new LOA heart tees! A huge thank you to everyone who has come to see the band in the last few months & lovely to hear that y’all are enjoying the new album. Adam X
Lack of Afro Aug 14, 2018
NEW TEES! NEW TOTES! And a FREE pair of Lack of Afro sunglasses with EVERY ORDER!!!
Lack of Afro Aug 10, 2018
Mildly moist outside the studio today...
Lack of Afro Jul 23, 2018
Merch’d up on holiday in Crete! LOA headwear for little & modelled by my daughter Coco (& yours truly).
Lack of Afro Jul 11, 2018
Bring it home lads! Wife + dog + new Lack of Afro sunglasses = England in the final ⚽️ 🕶