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White Crow
La-Ventura official bandpage Aug 06, 2019
Sounds good! Go check it out \m/
La-Ventura official bandpage Jun 27, 2019
Tonight's FFMoE - LadiesNight Special - Dutch Made (Y)
La-Ventura official bandpage Jun 21, 2019
#Throwback to 2013...."Falling Down" in the top 15 best Metal/Rock songs 2013 by Sudupereviewer Top 15 Best Metal/Rock 2013 1 "Elevate" By The Winery Dogs 946 2 "Nabataea" By Helloween 324 3 "Spiritual Migration" By Persefone 133 4 "Addicted To Pain" By Alter Bridge 78 5 "The Enemy Inside" By Dream Theater 74 6 "Mind Your Manners" By Pearl Jam 53 7 "Where Clock Hands Freeze (Feat Michael Kiske)" By Avantasia 50 8 "Going To Hell" By The Pretty Reckless 50 9 "Calm The Fire" By Alter Bridge 49 10 "God is Dead?" By Black Sabbath 39 11 "Falling Down" By La-Ventura 25 12 "I Appear Missing" By Queen Of The Stone Age 22 13 "Paradise (What About Us?) (Feat Tarja)" By Within Temptation 22 14 "Hollow" By Alice in Chains 19 15 "Burn with Me" By Amaranthe 19
La-Ventura official bandpage May 05, 2019
In good company! (y) Let's tune in tomorrow...
La-Ventura official bandpage May 03, 2019
Check it out!!
La-Ventura official bandpage Aug 28, 2018
Vanavond! Thanks DJ Iron Lady
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 07, 2018
Last words from La-Ventura…?! Hi All! The New Year has begun, so we think it is a good time to let you hear from us! Let’s start by wishing you all the best for this brand new year 2018, where all your dreams and wishes may come true - with loads and loads of music! We’ll start with the short version to explain what is going on with La-Ventura and for the ones who wish to know more, we share the “big story”  So the short short version is this: Unfortunately we will not be able to do live performances any day soon. We are down bandmembers and for us this means we miss our true brothers on stage – which we prefer, cause with session musicians we do not know if we can deliver the vibe you guys are used to see and hear. Second: we want to make music, but we will make and record music when we can and have something really good to share. We will not release stuff we are not proud of. For the nearby future it will be quiet on the La-Ventura front, which is a deliberate choice from us, not from outside influences. This news will probably come as a surprise for some and maybe even as a blow, but rest assure that we never have done something without really thinking it over. If it was up to us we would continue, but it seems for now, to many things are not aligned to make something really happen. The “big story” will be shared now and we will end this post with some real positive notes, so don’t feel bad now ok?!  Let’s start by sharing some insides in this music bizz for the ones that having a hard time: Success is never guaranteed but you can try to force things. You can do whatever the industry tells you to do, you can play gigs for free till you drop to get the name out, you can buy your success and you can sell your soul . We from La-Ventura have NEVER signed an agreement where we would have done things we didn’t want to do: WE said to others what we wanted and what was required. This made us not really “label material” as you can imagine, thus set us light-years behind other bands . Money money money, that is what makes this industry go round and makes musicians able to make it into the big league – the very few who can live of making music in the Metal-scene. Well, for La-Ventura, cause backup wasn’t there from certain industry partners, we as a band have paid for everything ourselves. This we could do for a while, but in the end it got way to crazy, where we had to say: enough is enough. Without real dough we could not buy our way to the top - thus set us light-years behind other bands. We have never been followers, we made music we’d like ourselves. We could have gone the copycat route, but that wasn’t us and people would have seen that for sure. We wanted to be true to ourselves and our music reflects that. It changed over the years, but was and still is “La-Ventura”. With music which certain industry partners can’t label as this or that, you almost stab yourself in the back – but who cares if you make the music you like, right?! Cause we didn’t do the copycat route, it set us light-years… well… you get the picture . It was not all bad people, so don’t worry, we have no regrets whatsoever! We would not have missed this for the world. We count ourselves fortunate to be where we are now. We lived a long live with the band and there are far more positive notes to mention. Our “hint of success” first and foremost, so to speak, were you – the fans, the ones that did like the music and wanted to see us live, performing our asses of. Because of our loyal and dedicated fans, the industry got a bit more on our side, making more things happen over the years. Fortunately some people in the bizz liked us as persons, but also as musicians and as a band. We met a few really dedicated people who made the La-Ventura brand stick more and gave us with every release a serious boost. Without these (Mike de Coene, without your work we would have never had the great exposure in the media gaining great reviews every time. We wish you all the best mate and hope to see you soon!) people, La-Ventura would have died an early death for sure. Some of these great people (Bruno Gruel our MASTER of mastering, Didier Chesneau, your work and believe in us was overwhelming – we can’t even describe how grateful we are for your wise words and work on White Crow! We hope to see you in the New Year soon. Love and kisses for you, Constance Amelane and the little one – you’ll will be always in our hearts. We will make music together my friend, I promise!) even made us excel and gave us a product which was far more superior than at that time the band itself – awesome! As a band we went from strength to strength. Not just because we felt more and more at home on stage, we gained some true troopers who helped us immensely making the shows more professional. Without these fantastic people (Hilaire and Marly, though we will not be on stage any day soon – all the memories we share from the gigs are all awesome. What you have done for us is beyond the call of duty – we were extremely lucky to have met you both and we can’t say thanks enough for all you have done: you two are also true bandmembers of La-Ventura!), La-Ventura would never have been that machine on stage delivering live what was expected from us. And of course off stage we had the help of others to assist us with the merchandise etc. (Yolande thanks for taking care of us when we were not around the merch stand), setting up shop so to speak ! After each show we were fortunate to see through other people’s eyes how each of the shows were and how cool it all looked! Our legion of photographers captured the essence of each show through their cameras, sharing their best with us. It gave us solid digital memories, not only for us to enjoy, but for everybody to see and hopefully relive the vibe from the gigs. The list of awesome people is seriously long, we will name a few, but know that without all of you – the image of La-Ventura would never been as good as it is today. And for that we will always be in your debt where we hope the photos you made would sing the right tunes for now and forever. (Renée Bunnekreef, Jim Wilkinson, Kelly Thans Photography, Bianca van der Werf, Manon Koopman-van Poecke, Fred Helders fotografie, Hugues Timmermans, Laili Soeng, Karin Ocké-Bodderij, Robert Zant, Wendy Steenmans, Gijs Kamphuis, Jolanda van Velzen, Stéphane Stepix Odent, Ronald Van De Baan, Rob Sneltjes Fotografie, Jan Jonker & Marloes Bouma, Ruurd Woltring, Frans van Arkel, Anrico van der Linden, Gerard Visions, Konzert / Eventfotografie Klaus Dieter Claßen, Maik Alberts Photography, Hendrik Schroeder, Rainer Kerber Photographie, Tom Row - Frontrow Images, Tim Tronckoe, Patrick Spruytenburg fotografie, Andreas Friedel, Angela Troost, Ingrid van Teunenbroek and Geoffrey van Teunenbroek, Ramona Sahetapy, Jessie Line , METAL & MORE the JOLEN Brothers, Silvana Breur, David Sarah - DS Photography, Paul Chilton, Piet and Patricia Corbijn, Mireille & Johan de Munck, Peter Gerritsen, John Scheffers, John van der Zee, Niek Wolters, Erwin van Dijk, Frans Neeven, Ernst van Rossum, André Verwijs, Carming Edje, Laurie de Jong, Ingrid and Hans van Vuuren, Marko Kondic & Marsha De Nooijer, Leo & Mariëtte Hermkens, Ralph Silberkuhl, and so many more!!) We considered ourselves more as liveband than a studio one. So the aim was to play many gigs a year. Well that was an uphill battle to say the least! There are just too few of places to do a good job and playing for free (“yeah, cause it is good for your career dude” – P-LEASE man gimme a break!) we did not do as such (Come on fellow musicians and bands, come up for your rights here, otherwise things will never change. You are doing a service, a job. Why would that not be considered as work, so getting paid is the right thing to do, right, covering costs and all?). We have been given “opportunities” to play for free, which we all have turned down, but maybe one (MFVF!) or two (FemME). Fortunately for us, there were still people with their hearts at right place (Raffi & Daniëlle, Ton Dekkers, Koen Falise, Johan Kaethoven, Bas Kanij, @Isabelle Jonkheere, Liane Vollmer-Sturm, Patricia and Michel Grosshard, Marcel Prins, Cor Rock Block and Freek Wijnja, Geert Liesveld, Ian Stringer and Ian Black, Dave Smith, Jeremy Carpenter, and many more you guys and gals have given us these priceless moments, the moments where we as musicians excel. Those memories will never fade – YOU we will never forget, thank you!), cause many of these people have given us real opportunities to play live and entertain audiences. There we found ourselves as a solid band, there we made so many great memories and shared beer and laughter with the fans and many many others! We have taken a year of, reflecting what is La-Ventura and what maybe La-Ventura can still be. We also have done some reflecting on our personal lives and it is clear: the band comes second now. The band has been a long time a serious priority, but when it begins to consume you and even gets in the way of your personal live: you have to make a choice. One of our band members who was part of it from the start, had to gone through the process in 2014-2015 and soon after a second member showed certain signs. Their bravery to choose for themselves, had showed the others that there is a live outside the band. Things are forever changing, also for bands. For where the band is now, we have had a seriously good (long) run. Not many bands can say that. Quite while you are on top, can be the way out, but for the remaining members we would like to see what is still out there. As said in the beginning: we will not do any gigs any day soon – period. Quite making/ recording new music, well …that is another story. We’ll see what happens, for now La-Ventura is going into a long hibernation  So…., we are going to wrap things up now. We all know what will come next: the thank you list! Yes people, we have always known we can’t do this by ourselves, just by our itty bitty lonesome, so here we go: To our family and friends who made the same sacrifices as we, when we were away from home leaving you behind or making your lives miserable cause “the band came first” :) – thanks for your support through all highs and lows! To our dedicated crew doing FOH, monitoring and lights merchandise for every show and all affiliated like photographers, crew from the venues and festivals: you all Rock, please keep on doing what you are doing to give other bands to same chances and experiences on and off stage! A hail of thanks to the bands we met on the road, sharing the stage, gear and company – seriously awesome! With so many bands we have met, it is impossible to name them all. We wish the ones out there, all the best and all the luck in the world to make it happen, make your dreams come true and never stop trying! A big thanks to our real business partners we have met during the years, giving the boosts where needed to get the La-Ventura name out. You know who you are. Mike says sorry for being such an ass when things had to work according to his “master plan” :) He knows what he has asked from you and thanks you, for the respect and working relationships during the years. And finally the ones who made this 10 year rodeo happen: the fans! Fans from all corners of the world, many who have seen us live and have met us at the gigs for a beer and talk. People from Canada (Stephane Levesque, dude coming from across the Ocean to see a small town band play – you’re nuts! And seriously awesome!), to Finland (WTF Mauri, you surprised us with your visits all the way from freakin’ FINLAND! Thanks for support and good talks, we still have your canvas print on display here at home, we will treasure it!), from Japan to just close to home: you all made this journey with us – you are connected to La-Ventura, you are part of its story from beginning to end. THANK YOU ALL, we have been blessed with so many great people, we will never forget you! From us all of La-Ventura: Carla, Mike, Saz and Stef
La-Ventura official bandpage Jul 01, 2017
We are now exactly halfway through our sabbatical year and it feels good to have some time off. To be among our friends, family and loved ones and to build up new energy. Ten years of dedication and devotion to La-Ventura, has been a privilege and big part of our lives, but now is the time to get some leisure in return :) Rest assure, we are also using this year to write new music. More about that in the new year! Have fun and Rock on!
La-Ventura official bandpage Mar 27, 2017
One year ago.....
La-Ventura official bandpage Feb 03, 2017
La-Ventura poster hanging on the wall of radiostudio Rock Block! Thanks guys!!
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 27, 2017
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 23, 2017
La-Ventura featured and LIVE in the chatroom! Tomorrow at 8 pm on Best Music Radio. Feel free to join us! (No accounts required) Login @
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 19, 2017
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 19, 2017
Back then...on Jan 19th 2008, La-Ventura performed in Antwerp/ Belgium at a small venue called Pandemonium. A memorable gig on an even more memorable day, where we met photographer Tim Tronckoe, who just started his professional career; we were actually the very first band for a professional shoot ^_^ You can still read a live report written by Stéphane Stepix Odent on the internet here:
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 14, 2017
La-Ventura official bandpage's cover photo
La-Ventura official bandpage Jan 09, 2017
La-Ventura artist of the Month! Thank you Best Music Radio!!
La-Ventura official bandpage Dec 31, 2016
Looking back at a fantastic year! THANKS Fred Helders fotografie, Laili Soeng, METAL & MORE the JOLEN Brothers, The 'Quinphonic Festival', Robert Zant, Lyrical Spell Magazine, Rebelworld events, Gerard Visions, The 'Quinphonic Festival', Renée Brunnekreef, Paul Chilton, David Sarah, Karin Ocké-Bodderij, LION TWIN, Liane Vollmer-Sturm, Ralf Silberkuhl, Valkyre, Jen Majura Official, Diversity of Darkness, DPW - On Tour, Tom Row - Frontrow Images, Moshpit Pictures, Omky photografie / OMK MEDIA, Klaus Dieter Claßen, Hendrik Schroeder, Alarion, Peter Gerritsen, Jessie Line, Ingrid van Teunenbroek, JBM Events, Hugues Timmermans, Dutch Shiva, 24/7 Photo, Boerderij Cultuurpodium, Monica Duffels StudioGonz, Diviner, The Metal Resource, NAXT stage, André Verwijs, Htsfoto,
La-Ventura official bandpage Dec 25, 2016
We wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful time. Cheers!
La-Ventura official bandpage Dec 19, 2016
La-Ventura's "Trefoil" this weeks special on Best Music Radio! Thank you Margriet Wierenga and DJ-Iron Lady!
La-Ventura official bandpage Dec 11, 2016
Who doesn't like red??We are happy to reveal some pictures from the photoshoot of La-Ventura's leadsinger Carla, in collaboration with Fotostudio My Day Models. Gorgeous dress by Verliefd BruidsCouture & Events, Make-up & Hair by Fotostudio My Day Models
La-Ventura official bandpage Nov 27, 2016
Yeah! More news soon...
La-Ventura official bandpage Nov 09, 2016
Tonight...airplay! Thank you DJ Scott @ Midlands Metalheads Radio!
La-Ventura official bandpage Oct 30, 2016
Autumn days are here...again! Exactly one year ago we recorded the videoclip "As I Lay Dying".Enjoy!
La-Ventura official bandpage Oct 23, 2016
La-Ventura live @ Fearless Festival 2016
La-Ventura official bandpage Oct 21, 2016
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!! Thank you Renée Brunnekreef for your awesome picture!