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L.A. Takedown
L.A. Takedown Jul 17, 2018
Tonight! Free! 21+! With Cherry Glazerr! We play around 9pm
L.A. Takedown Jun 30, 2018
Takedown does Dublab today at 2pm! Tune in at the link below...
L.A. Takedown Jun 15, 2018
Tucson AZ tonight at 191 Toole. Locals forest fallows at 8, we’re on at 9, the incomparable Sea and Cake hit at 10.
L.A. Takedown Jun 04, 2018
Tour with The Sea and Cake begins this Saturday in Seattle!
L.A. Takedown Dec 14, 2017
Our new music video for "The Last Thing..." from our album II is out now! Directed by Matt Hewitt and starring Brent Weinbach 🎶🎥🎶 Watch the full video:
L.A. Takedown Sep 30, 2017
L.A. Takedown Aug 02, 2017
Photos and words from Monday's show. Thank you friends!
L.A. Takedown Jun 21, 2017
Watch LATd keyboardist Ryan Adlaf and bandleader Aaron M Olson discuss "Forbidden Colours" by David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto. ⚡️🎶🎶⚡️ Hear the full playlist:
L.A. Takedown Jun 12, 2017
The newest installment of "L.A. Talkdown" features guitarist Stephen Heath discussing Extreme, Bill & Ted, and Van Halen abdicating the throne of party rock. 🎸🎸🎸 Watch all of "L.A. Talkdown":
L.A. Takedown Jun 06, 2017
Check out the next installment of Roots Of L.A. Takedown wherein Aaron Olson (composer guitarist) and Jonah Olson (keyboardist) discuss the Tangerine Dream song "Beach Theme", the film Thief, and James Caan's body proportions. 💪 Watch the full playlist here:
L.A. Takedown May 22, 2017
In reality, the pill depicted on the cover of II can be whatever you want it to be—a drug, a symbol, an escape plan from a headache, whatever— but for the sake of the question at hand, we’ll be assuming that the pill is some kind of mind-altering controlled substance. Thanks self-titled!
L.A. Takedown May 21, 2017
Look out Bay Area... here we come! Stoked to be playing with Tim Cohen & The Property Boys at Swedish American Hall, SF on 5/23.
L.A. Takedown May 20, 2017
We play Barboza in Seattle on Sunday 5/21, with the amazing and infinitely good vibed iji. Get your tickets now and be there then!
L.A. Takedown May 19, 2017
Thanks for the chat, CraveOnline!
L.A. Takedown May 18, 2017
The Cobalt, Vancouver this Saturday 5/20 with Nicholas Krgovich!!!!!
L.A. Takedown May 17, 2017
I had to sacrifice some favorites in order to whittle it down! Some runners up included Midnight Cowboy, Disney’s Robin Hood, Miami Vice (the TV show, not the 2006 film), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Deadlock, Sorcerer, Fantastic Planet, Disney’s Pinocchio, and Manhunter, to name a handful... Thanks FLOOD Magazine ⚡️
L.A. Takedown May 17, 2017
Playing Mississippi Studios, Portland this Friday 5/19 with one of the greats, Dear Nora.
L.A. Takedown May 16, 2017
Oakland! We play the Starline Social Club this Wednesday 5/17 with the esteemed and consummate showman Bart Davenport Music.
L.A. Takedown May 15, 2017
Our new album ‘II’ is out now! ⚡️🎶⚡️🎶⚡️You can find it online, at your local record store, or at one of the shows on our west coast tour next week. Get ‘II’ here:
L.A. Takedown May 08, 2017
Get an advance listen of our album ‘II’ before it’s out this Friday and check out some tips for the optimal listening experience.
L.A. Takedown Apr 28, 2017
Thanks Spotify for adding “Bad Night at Black’s Beach” to their Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlist! So fresh 🍹
L.A. Takedown Apr 21, 2017
Who caught the FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR reference in our new video? We have wanted to make a video inspired by those opening credits for so long. Of course, the filming turned out to be more challenging than we anticipated... It definitely gave us a newfound respect for any dog that could pull off an aerial catch, and an even deeper respect for our DP, David Feeney-Mosier.
L.A. Takedown Apr 20, 2017
Watch our new video for “Bad Night at Black’s Beach” now at FLOOD Magazine! 🎶⚡️🎶⚡️ "II" will be out May 12 on Ribbon Music. Pre-order now:
L.A. Takedown Apr 06, 2017
"Roots of L.A. Takedown" playlist is up on Spotify! Hear the music behind the music -- songs, scores, and pieces that influenced the LATd sound ⚡️🎶⚡️
L.A. Takedown Mar 23, 2017
Thanks Los Angeles Times for the kind words 📰🎶👍