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Fake No More Remixes
La Cherga Dec 04, 2018
Meanwhile this over one hour mix for your exclusive and private party !!
La Cherga Aug 14, 2018
La Cherga Jun 09, 2018
La Cherga - Rembetiko Electrico
La Cherga Jun 09, 2018
La Cherga Apr 24, 2018
La Cherga Mar 20, 2018
New Track 2018 😎
La Cherga Mar 20, 2018
's cover photo
La Cherga Feb 18, 2018
La Cherga Dec 06, 2017
...meanwhile.......BJ virtual set👾
La Cherga Nov 22, 2017
a zasto da ne ? 🤣🤸‍♂️😵
La Cherga Nov 11, 2017
Promise is promise,said someone sometimes.. this month a new song again, directly from our kitchen :) We hope warmly,you like it :)
La Cherga Nov 06, 2017
meanwhile @ back stage :) Enjoy! *FREE DOWNLOAD*
La Cherga Nov 01, 2017
our recent collaboration with awesome Kali Fat Dub !
La Cherga Oct 23, 2017
..also from our kitchen for our friends KAL :)
La Cherga Oct 21, 2017
ding dong .... ding dong....and more
La Cherga Oct 14, 2017
La Cherga Oct 13, 2017
La Cherga Oct 13, 2017
La Cherga
La Cherga Oct 09, 2017
Every month a very new track from La Cherga.This month La Cherga meets Haiti and Haiti meets Pjöngjang.We love this song🙂😍
La Cherga Sep 27, 2017
new mix tape Black Orient vol. 2 :)
La Cherga Sep 14, 2017
La Cherga
La Cherga Sep 13, 2017
A new track ! We´ll publish from here now every month a new track ,we recorded in the last months.Hope you´ll also enjoy it like we have done, during the sessions :) Johan Desantil Muamer Gazibegovic Muki Alvis Reid BJ Nevenko
La Cherga Aug 19, 2017
Can you do that ? Otherwise, you should keep your mouth shut....😆
La Cherga Aug 02, 2017
Hello World, the newest release is just out!! :D Go and get your dose of uplifting Balkan-infused House from La Cherga & Elektroschneider!! Enjoy your coffee!!
La Cherga Aug 01, 2017
Wooou - Elektroschneider delivers some amazing earworm-filled summer vibes on this remix from La Cherga's original track 'Resolve and Evolve'!!!!Enjoy!!