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Kyle Geiger Apr 17, 2019
Lots of side-tangents here, so hang tight: My first gig in Belgium was a positive one! Kompass is a fantastic club, and holy shit the Booth monitors were honestly probably the best I’ve ever played on! My vision was being blurred while searching for the next track to play on the CDJ because of the bass. 😱 Clubs and promoters: it might be tempting to cut costs on the DJ booth, but please don’t. You want the DJ focused on the crowd, not trying to hear the monitors. Big respect for Kompass for keeping this in mind. I have to say, Ghent is such a beautiful city. The day after the gig i had some good friends show me around their stomping grounds, and we got to go into one of the famous churches in the city. My friend asked if it was interesting to me, saying that the historic churches are so common to them that it’s kind of just pushed into the background and not appreciated. A few days later Notre Dame Cathedral was destroyed by a fire. Crazy how these things that feel so eternal can be wiped out so quickly by some small misstep. It’s good to be reminded to appreciate things like this. Belgium in general is a fascinating place to me. Where I grew up in America, I was about an 18 hour drive to get to a place where French was the official language, and about a 19 hour drive to get to where Spanish was the official language. So it was amazing to be at a club in such a small country, and meeting people from opposite ends of the country, where different languages are spoken within such a compact area. Fun fact: The US has never declared an official language. Big thanks to Marco and Karin for all the support, and to Kompass for being great hosts. Great to have you back! Hope to be back in Belgium soon! 🇧🇪
Kyle Geiger Apr 12, 2019
Stopped by Studio Brussel to do a short interview before tonight’s show at Kompass in Ghent. It turns out, my Flemish needs work before going on the air again. Speaking of, it was so damn cool to be in this place. I remember every year, the week after I Love Techno constantly searching Soulseek for the Good Samaritans who would upload all the sets broadcasted from Switch at Studio Brussel. Studio Brussel was the first time I ever heard Flemish, and the broadcaster somehow made a language I couldn’t remotely understand exciting by the way he would say things like “ze yellow room” and “rrrrrichie hawtin” and of course...”SWITCH.” These were really some of the few sets that I always knew I’d be able to get ahold of, and I loved searching for tracks that really caught me from these mixes. I remember ordering some tracks from a DJ Rush set, and thinking “this isn’t the record he played” and then realizing it was just that the mix was so fast and so distorted through the Pioneer DJM-600 that it was often pretty indistinguishable from the original. 😂 Thanks to people like the Studio Brussel team and Marco Bailey for laying a foundation in Belgium that would immediately reach and inspire a lot of young DJs even from oceans away. Really looking forward to playing tonight with Marco, The Advent, and Colin Benders tonight. Hope to see you! ✌🏻 P.S. I’m learning Belgian traffic gives me plenty of time for long posts.
Kyle Geiger Apr 11, 2019
My trusty iPhone 6’s triumphant comeback to social media was sadly cut short less than a day after the announcement. Please respect our wishes for privacy at this time while we deal with processing the ridiculous pricing of new phones. -The management
Kyle Geiger Apr 10, 2019
Hi, I’m back and I’ve got a camera with a self timer to prove it! It’s been a while. I won’t ramble too much (pffff), but basically I needed a break. It’s a good but noisy world out there. It kind of hit me when I saw this feature on instagram that allows you to see your daily usage. So I clicked on it, kind of in the same way you click to view Youtube comments. You know it’s not gonna be anything good, but you just gotta check it out. 54 minutes. One app. One day. That’s embarrassing, and a disservice to the music that I want to push forward. 54 minutes that could be spent meeting up with people face to face, creating new sounds, shopping for music, or God forbid…just being still. The verdict? I made some changes, which have been incredibly good. I’ve made more music than I have in a long time, and am overall substantially more focused. The tricky part is, once you take one step to the side of the social media feedback loop, I started to realize that I sometimes forget to post stuff, or you’re not even sure of what to post because you’re not being bombarded with insane amounts of photos and thoughts. I don’t plan to discontinue my ongoing novel series, just needed to step back and readjust my focus a bit. Missed you folks! Oh! This weekend, I’m super excited to be playing in Belgium for my first time ever this Friday. I will be playing alongside Marco Bailey, The Advent, and Colin Benders at Kompass Club. I hope that the club reopening makes everyone realize that club culture shouldn’t be taken for granted, and I hope that the reasons for it being closed makes everyone realize that life is a gift. Play safe, and hope to see you on the dance floor in Ghent on Friday!
Kyle Geiger Mar 01, 2019
Hello Munich. Rote Sonne tonight! I’m on from 2-4...see you in the bunker!
Kyle Geiger Feb 27, 2019
I’ve been back from China for a few weeks now, and have been thinking about how to summarize the tour in less than the character limits of these things. I guess if I had to summarize it in one word, I’d go with “challenging." It was a really long time away from home in admittedly a very foreign place, with some early complications, but I left with a lot of great memories. I also think I learned a lot along the way. I have to say, all of the people hosting me were so gracious, often allowing me to process some of my stresses out loud, comfort me with their laughter, and often give nice insight. It was interesting to be living a life for a few weeks in a place far away, with nothing familiar, and mostly being connected to home via social media. Just as Tom Hanks used a volleyball to deal with loneliness, I found myself using my phone. Let me say, I’m starting to think a volleyball might be a better option. It was weird to be in a place where I was so dependent on the tolerance, grace, and understanding of others to help me navigate my strange questions about a culture I am just starting to get to know, and then contrasting that with an online world that is sometimes just lurking to find the next poorly worded statement or mistake to jump at. I’m so appreciative of all my Chinese friends along the way who welcomed my sometimes dumb questions instead of getting offended by them, or telling me to just look it up on Google. Thanks for making me feel comfortable to make mistakes in your presence. You all exhibited the tolerance and patience the world so desperately needs. It also helps that your culture seems to value laughing….A LOT. I like you folks. Here’s a great photo of the adorable young girl who signaled me to join her on the street to eat spicy noodles with her. Little did I know that it was a ploy to absolutely humiliate me with her eating noodles with chopsticks skills. We couldn’t speak each others language, but she was super excited to show me the video game she likes to play. I feel like this photo kind of embodies the warmth I received from so many people as a visitor in their home. Thanks to everyone who made a challenging trip such a great one. Much love.
Kyle Geiger Feb 20, 2019
Super long social media posts are to come, but just giving you a bit of music to hold you over. My new 12" on Materia is also now out digitally, so head to Bandcamp if you want to give me and the label a couple bucks, or Spotify if you're more the .00000007 cents kind of guy. No matter the way you consume your music, I hope you enjoy it! Kyle Geiger - Thirty Seven/Shift in Thought A1: Thirty Seven A2: Hooligan B1: Shift In Thought B2: Insert Meaningless Sci-Fi Movie Reference Here
Kyle Geiger Feb 13, 2019
I haven't released a record in 2 weeks, which is like, 17 internet years, so here's another one! 12" first, digital to follow! Hope you enjoy! Kyle Geiger - Thirty Seven/Shift in Thought EP - Materia A1: Thirty Seven A2: Hooligan B1: Shift In Thought B2: Insert Meaningless Sci-Fi Movie Reference Here
Kyle Geiger Feb 11, 2019
Saved by the Bell: The China years. As expected from last time, my time in Chengdu was an absolute highlight of this trip. The food, the people, that little shoebox warehouse positioned on the top floor of an office building...all really unique things in a world where surprises are harder and harder to come by. It’s such a treat to be able to experience all of these things, especially to get to play 8+ hours for all these super ravers. I just realized, that if all goes as planned, by the end of my next visit in TAG, I will have gotten to play an entire 24 hour days worth of music in that wonderful place. Can’t wait until next time, and special thanks to Jiongjiong, Ellen, and all those who rode things out until the end. See you next time!
Kyle Geiger Feb 06, 2019
Living the life. Not me, as I’m currently getting crushed in a Chinese Panda Zoo mosh pit. The cute ones behind me though? They eat 12 hours a day, half of the time while laying down, and then go to sleep the other 12. friends, is the life. I guess it goes without saying, that I’m now in Chengdu, and took a break from eating hot pot to come see the most adorable animals in the world. It’s heartbreaking to learn about how much of their natural habitats have been destroyed, so this is truly a place of refuge for them by comparison. If you’re feeling generous, consider giving to the World Wildlife Fund, as they do and have done great work in protecting and improving the populations of many vulnerable species. Oh! I’m also playing a gig at my favorite venue in China tonight...the amazing TAG in Chengdu. I’m excited to push the second day of the Chinese New Year celebrations into the late hours of the morning 🙂. I also wanted to say a huge thanks to all the wonderful people in Seoul, especially Thomas, who made my few days there so wonderful. I love both of the spaces I got to play over the weekend, and can’t wait to do it again! I’ll post some photos of my adventures there soon! OK! That’s it I think (as the readers breathe a sigh of relief). Now I need to sleep, as Pandas and DJs on tour have very different hours of operation. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you tonight in TAG!!! 🐼 🐼🐼🐼
Kyle Geiger Feb 02, 2019
Arrived in Seoul on one hour of sleep + airplane sleep. But I have a bed, unblocked internet, a stomach full of kimchi, and coffee around every corner 😎. Tonight I’ll return to Beton Brut : Concrete Bar : Rebus to play until the people go home. Super excited for this! And thanks to all those who came out to Toilet Club in Qingdao last night. Like I mentioned before, it’s so nice when a club has all the technical and design aspects perfectly in place. This allows everyone involved to put so much more energy into building a special culture within the club, and I see tons of potential in this place. Keep going! I need to sleep now. Speaking of, I have attempted to watch the Matrix at least twice, and fallen asleep both times. So while I can’t pretend to be a fan of the movie, this funky side room reminded me of it. Enjoy another selfie.
Kyle Geiger Feb 01, 2019
Howdy Qingdao. I’ve enjoyed getting to know your small village of 9 million today, got to eat some amazing seafood in a living room of cute husband and wife in the fishing industry, and even learned a few new Chinese words that I’ve already forgotten. I’m looking looking forward to play Toilet Club tonight. I went over there for a quick preview, and it’s a beautiful club, with the booth, sound, and the dancefloor perfectly thought out. Excited to take it for a spin! Just a little tidbit, my new track 120 miles West is a reference to a 36 hour fishing excursion on the Gulf of Mexico. The boat was in slightly better repair than this one, but this one definitely smelled better. Feel free to check out the track available at all the record shops now. And one last thing, the mountains behind me contains a pair of peaks they refer to as Double Dragon...what a fantastic video game! See you tonight at Toilet Club!
Kyle Geiger Jan 28, 2019
Sighted at Berlin Airport. It’s always a good feeling to see stuff like this. I sat down with Faze Magazin not long ago to chat about what’s approaching 20 years of DJing. From my beginnings of train-wrecking a Basement Jaxx double (maybe triple?) vinyl album back and forth in my friends dorm roomin university, to some of my fondest memories as a DJ. We also touched on how things have evolved, and the benefits and the challenges these changes have brought about. Thanks to Caroline Waldhoff for the great interview, and to Lenaïg Chatel for the nice photo! Available in the January issue of Faze Magazin (for those who can understand German ;)).
Kyle Geiger Jan 27, 2019
Holdin’ it down in Dali. And by it, I mean a parking spot. It was another good visit in this place that I can best describe as the meeting place for all the hippies living in China. It’s super relaxed here, with fantastic weather year round and a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re ever planning a trip to China, this would be a city I’d definitely recommend! It’s a nice contrast to all the massive metropolitan areas in China, and I love how close knit the techno people are in the area. Thanks for always welcoming me in as your guest, and I’m already looking forward to the next time. Now it’s back to Kunming for some days of hanging out, sight seeing, and weight gaining! This weekend I’ll head to Qingdao on Friday at Toilet Club, and then it’s off to Seoul for my return to Beton Brut!
Kyle Geiger Jan 26, 2019
The full music video for Neverends is now up on YouTube! Starring Damian and Ozzy, directed by Elad Magdasi, and music by yours truly. It was a pleasure to be involved in this shooting process for my music. There is no better way to be reminded to not take yourself so seriously in techno than to shoot a music video with a young innocent kid, and a super cute cuddly dog. Dogs and kids often love your involvement in their lives, and couldn’t care less about what you do, or how relevant you are. When I was making this track, I really wanted to capture that playful innocence and love for adventure that we all had as kids, and I really think that Elad did a perfect job conveying this feeling in the video. Life is short. Stay curious. And try your best not to take yourself too seriously. ✌🏻
Kyle Geiger Jan 25, 2019
Good evening Dali. Just checking in to let you know that my hotrod has delivered me safely to your city and am very excited for tonight at Kashmir! Also, if you’re interested, my newest split EP, Neverends, has come out today on Front Left Records, so check it out! See some of you tonight! Time for a little sleep...I’m getting old(er).
Kyle Geiger Jan 24, 2019
Waiting to board (?) my flight here in Beijing, and was excited to see that Hardwax has put the previews of the record up! It’s out tomorrow, and has early support from Kyle Geiger and Daito! 🤠 Really excited about this project, and can’t wait to show the video for one of the tracks. I think you’ll like both the star and the co-star. See you in Yunnan.
Kyle Geiger Jan 22, 2019
Really excited to be splitting an EP with this dude. I met Lenny (aka Daito) some years ago while out and about in Berlin, and his enthusiasm, curiosity, and sincerity really inspired me. I think people forget how often older people can be inspired by the younger generation, and I met Lenny at a pretty pivotal turning point in how I view music now. People like Lenny, Elad, and Matze are a big reason I was able to put a lot of the nonsense to the side and enjoy techno once again as an enthusiast. Excited to be surrounded by people like this for this project, and the release is coming Jan 25!
Kyle Geiger Jan 20, 2019
Well, this was a crazy 24 hours. 5 AM: Finished the gig in Guangzhou, go straight to the airport to head to Beijing. I was awakened by the driver to let me know that I was at the airport. I got dropped off at the wrong terminal, and the airport was spread out to the point that in a panic, I had to take a taxi to the other terminal. The taxi driver was funny at least. Now I have one hour before my flight, and I have to check a bag. Luckily, there was a super friendly staff member who could see my looks of desperation and escorted me to the front of both the check-in and security lines. What an angel. 6:15 AM. Get to security, and this is when I learned that my stomach and taste buds have VERY different opinions about what food I should eat (this post isn’t an invitation for unsolicited dietary advice. Enjoy your juice detox.) Stay calm, Kyle. They ran my bag through the X-Ray 3!!! different times. They found a cigarette lighter in my case (I don’t smoke or even do fireworks?? How did this get here?). 6:45 AM. Get to my gate for my 7 AM flight, stomach is feeling absolutely disastrous at this point. Of course, it’s a flight that requires the dreaded bus ride to get to the jet. Looking at my ticket, I know I’m at a window seat. Everyone is shoving past my sick ass to get onto the plane. I get on the plane and tell them I’m going to need an aisle seat as I feel very sick. As the kind flight attendant tells me the flight is full, I just set my suitcase in the aisle, and sit in the first business class seat as I feel like I’m going to collapse. 30 seconds later, I learned for the first time in my life that those little bags for airsickness not only work, they also work for “ThePlaneIsInTheMiddleOfBoardingWithEveryoneWalkingByYouSickness.” I feel like everyone in the DJ world could occasionally use a dose of humility, but this felt a bit excessive. Iin a moment of compassion, they let me stay in the business class seat that I boldly laid claim to, but I would just recommend paying extra for the ticket instead of doing my upgrade approach. Getting to Beijing, I had so many compassionate souls take care of me, allow me to sleep all day/night, and to still get to the club to pull off the set for the night. Both Guangzhou and Beijing were great, and served as great reminders that techno is continually growing in this part of the world. Thanks for letting me be a part of it, and for putting up with the very human aspects of a traveling DJ. 🤠 All this was more than worth it, as it allowed me to discover that Garfield exists in real life.
Kyle Geiger Jan 18, 2019
Good evening, Guangzhou. Traveling across 13 time zones over the last 8 days seems to have been remedied by a nice “I think I’m going to die but really just need 12 hours of sleep” session, and now I’m ready to techno again! I got to wander around the city, people watch, spend an embarrassing amount of hours trying to change the small amount of currency I had in my pocket, and obviously eat some amazing food. It’s always a bit of giddy feeling when I get to experience a new place so far away, so I’ll just say I’m very excited for tonight at Hangover Club (I hope this name doesn’t act as a self-fulfilling prophecy), as I hear the new editions to the Funktion One sound system there are rockin’! Xièxiè and Beybye 😁
Kyle Geiger Jan 16, 2019
Keeping the vibe, jetlag, questionable eating habits, and cute puppy photography career alive over the next few weekends. On my way back to China! Jan 18 Hangover Guangzhou Jan 19 Zhaodai Beijing Jan 25 Kashmir Dali Feb 1 Toilet Club Tsingdao Feb 2 Beton Brut Seoul Feb 6 Chengdu TAG
Kyle Geiger Jan 12, 2019
It's an honor to be on this list with my man Vincent Neumann! Opinions are always a double edged sword for artists, but it always feels nice when they speak in your favor. Big thanks The Raving Spoon!
Kyle Geiger Jan 09, 2019
End of year post, 9 days late: It’s been another fun year! Each time I get to step on a jet and go DJ while experiencing different places and cultures, I’m grateful that this is (part of) my reality. Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially in something as fleeting as a career in techno music. I want to always push forward, but I also want to not be so obsessed with growing that I lose sight of the art or can’t take time to be thankful for what I already have. I’m thankful for another unpromised year in this world and in this little DJ deal. Thanks to all of you who have always cheered me on along the way. Honestly, despite me writing books on social media, I struggle with it. I struggle with how it makes us measure our daily lives up against other people’s highlight reels. I struggle with reconciling the tension between calling myself an artist while also realizing that the best way to share my passion is often via pumping into one huge advertising billboard that has deeply and negatively impacted culture, people’s mental health, and the world’s overall view of what day-to-day life looks like. Deleting these things won’t fix the problem, and it’s also been great means to connect with some of you in a more personal way. So my hope is that these little ramblings help make us more connected and hopeful instead of isolated and inadequate. Each artist has to find their own path, but I want to invite people into (parts) of my life in a more honest way than what social media often pushes us towards. So the big 2019 plans? Keep going as we did in 2018, with some ups and downs, like normal people. I’ll make some good music and some bad music, but try to only let you hear the good ones. I’ll keep DJing and always try to invite the crowds to join in on the journey. Lastly, I’ll do my best to always put people ahead of my career. I hope that we always remember that while none of us are the center of the universe, we‘re also unique and adequate, regardless of what you do or how good of photos you take. Speaking of photos, here’s one from my recent adventures with my dear friend drumcell at the mighty Joshua Tree Forest. Thanks again for everything. Let’s do it all over again!
Kyle Geiger Jan 05, 2019
Unbelievable. The atmosphere, the people, the sound, the production level, and yes, even the sushi (being freshly made at a warehouse party)...phenomenal. And honestly, this was one of the most diverse parties I’ve ever played. Being able to watch people in eccentric rave gear next to punk rock kids, standing behind dudes in baggy dickies and Dodger jerseys, all enjoying the new year together...This is the stuff that energizes me as much as anything. Thanks so much for this. I can’t wait to be back in LA, and who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you out this weekend while I’m still in town. 😏 Much love and happy new year.
Kyle Geiger Dec 31, 2018
What a beautiful day it is in (this specific part of) California! I decided to go for a jog today for the first time in about a month so I could be one of those self-righteous people who say they were working out before the new year. 😂 I’m stoked to be in a T-Shirt and shorts in December, and I’m even more excited to play ring in the new year at the Compound party in Los Angeles! I love it here, but feel compelled to not forget about my European supporters by leaving them with this important, Ozzy approved public service announcement: Fireworks are dangerous. More importantly, they’re annoying as shit and terrify cute dogs. Spread the word! Happy new year, everyone. And don’t worry, I’ll wait to hit you with a sappy end of year post when you’re all in the depths of your New Years comedown. Ha! Be safe out there, and see you tonight in Los Angeles!