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Often in the Pause
Often in the Pause (Covers and Remixes)
Kris Orlowski Feb 11, 2019
Music for the win. #Grammys
Kris Orlowski Jan 09, 2019
Kris Orlowski Oct 31, 2018
#monkeydog #happyhalloween 📸 by @campcrockettseattle
Kris Orlowski Oct 25, 2018
Favorite upbeat, fun song from the 80s?
Kris Orlowski Oct 24, 2018
Met with inspiring Congresswoman @repjayapal along with a number of other music creators as part of the GRAMMY's countrywide advocacy event #DistrictAdvocate day. Thank you Pramila for your continued support of artists and creators in Washington! #supportmusic
Kris Orlowski Oct 22, 2018
Milestone birthday for my better half, confidante, and queen 🐝 @alexlachance. She has a knack for never missing a trick, seeing the bigger picture, defining what loyalty should be and always upping the game. 👏🏻🙏🏻❤️
Kris Orlowski Oct 15, 2018
Preview of my show face during our set this Saturday at @neumos_ with @kuinkatheband and @charlieandtherays. You coming Seattle?
Kris Orlowski Oct 14, 2018
Kris Orlowski Sep 19, 2018
Today we all made music history! Thanks in part to the @GRAMMYAdvocacy efforts, the #MusicModernizationAct PASSED THE SENATE. Boom!
Kris Orlowski Aug 28, 2018
It’s been quite the year; first full year of marriage with @alexlachance👫, putting down roots with our first house 🏠, finally releasing a record with @budo 🎺📀 and welcoming our new 🐶 @chucknasty_pup into our lives. A lot to be thankful for, a lot of responsibility, a lot of adjusting to my new life (it’s not all roses), and a ton of recognition for my fortune in this life, and how lucky I am. 🍀 Photo by @bjonesphotos
Kris Orlowski Aug 28, 2018
SEATTLE. Save Thee Date. This Thursday, I am playing the @chihulygg & @kexp Summer Sounds concert series Thursday, 8.30. Jumping back into the club scene opening up for @kuinkatheband at @neumos_ on Oct. 20th! Want to come?
Kris Orlowski Aug 17, 2018
Kris Orlowski Apr 27, 2018
NEW RECORD w/ Budo is out!
Kris Orlowski Apr 26, 2018
New Music Preview: Limbic (Zealyn cover) Budo #budoandkris
Kris Orlowski Apr 25, 2018
Ft. Embee and Budo #budoandkris
Kris Orlowski Apr 24, 2018
New Music Preview: I Arrange #budoandkris
Kris Orlowski Apr 23, 2018
New Release Preview: Waterski to Texas #BudoandKris @Budo
Kris Orlowski Apr 22, 2018
New Release Preview: Can You Hear Me
Kris Orlowski Apr 07, 2018
Bands: Want to open for us on 4/28?
Kris Orlowski Mar 22, 2018
Kris Orlowski Mar 22, 2018
Best Seattle brunch of 2018? I'm not trying to overhype this, but I honestly don't want people to miss this. On Sunday, as a feature part of "Taste of Washington", I've teamed up with the chefs behind Quality Athletics to collaborate on a playlist and menu, original to this show and day. Tickets at
Kris Orlowski Mar 01, 2018
ANNOUNCEMENT: Releasing a new record with Budo on April 27. Pre-order at
Kris Orlowski Feb 27, 2018
Something is Coming. #BudoKris
Kris Orlowski Feb 15, 2018
Want to know how to survive as an artist? ...Me too. But I'll be on the panel for the next Mastering The Hustle Artist Workshop at KEXP along side some savvy movers and shakers 3/10.
Kris Orlowski Jan 30, 2018
Cash me solo at the The Triple Door Wednesday night. #cashmeoutsidehowboutdat