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Coma of Souls
Cause for Conflict
Terrible Certainty
Extreme Aggression
Gods of Violence
Gods of Violence
Endless Pain
Pleasure to Kill
Love Us or Hate Us: The Very Best of the Noise Years 1985-1992
Dying Alive
Phantom Antichrist (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Endless Pain (Bonus Track Edition)
Terrible Certainty (Bonus Track Edition)
Past Life Trauma (1985-1992)
Scenarios of Violence
Coma of Souls
Extreme Aggression
Out of the Dark...Into the Light
Pleasure to Kill
Kreator Feb 14, 2019
HORDES! Last year we traveled through North America, South America & Europe, bringing the Apocalypse to you all! Now the question remains…where should we go next? 🤘
Kreator Feb 07, 2019
All nations hail the end of peace. New dawn, inception of disease! Throwback to Milano 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Kreator Feb 01, 2019
HORDES! Mille's signature guitar strap is now available to buy 🤘 * Handmade, high quality * Perfect grip, comfortable * Premium, vegan materials 🌱
Kreator Jan 31, 2019
Hordes! We’ve put up some exclusive signed poster prints on our EU webstore! Limited to 100. Act fast! Link:
Kreator Jan 30, 2019
Resistance must rise when freedom has died! Throwback to our brutal show in Paris from the European Apocalypse 🇫🇷
Kreator Jan 24, 2019
TIME TO RAISE THE FLAG OF HATE! Looking back to Milano from the European Apocalypse! 🇮🇹
Kreator Jan 17, 2019
Stronger than hate. Stronger than Fear. STRONGER THAN ALL!
Kreator Jan 16, 2019
Germany! Pick up the latest edition of Metal Hammer for an extensive look into The European Apocalypse! OUT NOW!
Kreator Dec 20, 2018
Kreator Dec 20, 2018
Check out this amazing shot from The European Apocalypse Tour! Photo Credit: Tarakum Photography Website:
Kreator Dec 18, 2018
EUROPE! The Apocalypse is over....FOR NOW...
Kreator Dec 17, 2018
London! What a way to end The European Apocalypse! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 🎥 Volca Media
Kreator Dec 16, 2018
Danke Düsseldorf! Das war ein Quasi-Heimspiel für uns und ihr wart fantastisch! The European Apocalypse meets it’s end tonight in London! 🎥 Volca Media #hailtothehordes #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath #theeuropeanapocalypse
Kreator Dec 15, 2018
Leipzig! It was a PLEASURE... Düsseldorf tonight for our last German show of The European Apocalypse - make it count! #hailtothehordes #theeuropeanapocalypse #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath
Kreator Dec 14, 2018
THANK YOU, WARSAW! Last night the Flag of Hate was raised high! Tonight the Apocalypse hits Leipzig! 🎥 Volca Media #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath #theeuropeanapocalypse
Kreator Dec 13, 2018
THANK YOU, VIENNA! Warsaw up next! 🎥 Volca Media #hailtothehordes #theeuropeanapocalypse #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath
Kreator Dec 13, 2018
Hordes of London! Our show @ Roundhouse is now SOLD OUT! As announced, this show will also be filmed for something very special! 🤘🏻🔥🤟🏻
Kreator Dec 12, 2018
Wien heute Abend. Wer kommt? Vienna tonight. Who`s coming?
Kreator Dec 11, 2018
HORDES! Our new merch store is now live. 🤘
Kreator Dec 11, 2018
THANK YOU, ZURICH! We gather ourselves today BUT the chaos continues on tomorrow in Vienna! 🎥 Volca Media #hailtothehordes #theeuropeanapocalypse #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath
Kreator Dec 10, 2018
Prague! You never let us down...thank you! The Apocalypse rolls on to Zurich! 🎥 Volca Media #theeuropeanapocalypse #hailtothehordes #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath
Kreator Dec 09, 2018
Oh Ludwigsburg...that was special! Tonight the Apocalypse hits Prague! 🎥 Volca Media #hailtothehordes #theeuropeanapocalypse #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath
Kreator Dec 08, 2018
München, ihr ward fantastisch! Danke! Ludwigsburg heute Abend! Thank you, Munich - that was fantastic! Ludwigsburg up next! #hailtothehordes #theeuropeanapocalypse #dimmuborgir #bloodbath #hatebreed
Kreator Dec 07, 2018
Milan! It felt great to be back! TONIGHT - THE EUROPEAN APOCALYPSE ARRIVES IN MUNICH! #dimmuborgir #hatebreed #bloodbath #theeuropeanapocalypse
Kreator Dec 06, 2018
London Hordes! We are excited to announce ‘London Apocalypticon’ – filmed live from the Roundhouse, 16th December. Something very special in the works...more info COMING SOON! Be a part of Kreator history and let’s make this show CHAOS!