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Venue: Caja Mágica (Madrid, Spain) Find tickets
KONTRUST Jun 16, 2019
Danke NOVA ROCK Festival 2019!!! You've topped our wildest expectations! 🤘🤘🤘💪😍 More stuff coming soon...
KONTRUST Jun 14, 2019
NOVA ROCK Festival just startet yesterday, the first KONTRUST-heads are already gathering. See you on sunday! KONTRUST live - Nova Rock Festival - AUT
KONTRUST Jun 12, 2019
Dance with us - on sunday at the NOVA ROCK Festival! KONTRUST live - Nova Rock Festival - AUT
KONTRUST Jun 08, 2019
One week to go till NOVA ROCK Festival! KONTRUST live - Nova Rock Festival - AUT
KONTRUST Jun 04, 2019
Preparing for KONTRUST live - Nova Rock Festival - AUT! Less than 2 weeks 2 go... NOVA ROCK Festival
KONTRUST May 26, 2019
Three weeks from now we´re gonna smell that wonderful festival-air again!
KONTRUST May 22, 2019
Mini-mini-Snapshot from our first gig at the NOVA ROCK Festival EXACTLY 10 years ago... Anybody out there got better pics from "back in the day"? 😜 KONTRUST live - Nova Rock Festival - AUT
KONTRUST May 15, 2019
The cat is out of the bag: KONTRUST plays a show at the NOVA ROCK Festival 2019. We´re gonna hit the stage on sunday right after the legendary Rock-Frühschoppen with Wendi´s Böhmische Blasmusik. How convenient...
KONTRUST May 14, 2019
Another 2019 Festival-stop tba this week - stay tuned! 🤘
KONTRUST May 12, 2019
Throwback sunday: check out our polish version of Zero live at Przystanek Woodstock 2011! Happy Mother´s Day to all rockin´ Moms out there...
KONTRUST Apr 29, 2019
Check out the first impressions from last saturday...
KONTRUST Apr 28, 2019
Danke Graz für´s gemeinsam abfeiern bei diesem fetten Kontrust-Relaunch!! Danke und Respekt an das Eargazmic Netzwerk, Pain Is und alle anderen Acts für einen super Abend. More pics to come... Photo Daniel Wesely
KONTRUST Apr 25, 2019
Join us for a crazy ride at the Eargazmic Festival 2019 in Graz/AT on saturday!! Ticks: (c)Foto: Tamás Künsztler
KONTRUST Apr 21, 2019
Happy Easter from your favorite Sock-Band! See you in Graz.
KONTRUST Apr 12, 2019
2 weeks until we´re back on stage! Join us in Graz: Eargazmic Festival 2019
KONTRUST Apr 05, 2019
Check out Agatas interview with Conexion Rock Radio from Honduras! (Spa/Eng)
KONTRUST Apr 02, 2019
Look - "Hey DJ!" is our most viewed clip on YouTube now! We just want to mosh around...
KONTRUST Mar 27, 2019
Our finnish skills may not be perfect yet, but this looks like a fine Festival-Lineup: KONTRUST live - John Smith Rock Festival - Peurunka / FIN John Smith Rock Festival
KONTRUST Mar 08, 2019
(c) Tamás Künsztler
KONTRUST Mar 01, 2019
Awesome NEWS: We are so happy to announce the return of the one and only AGATA!!! 🎉🎉🎉 (c)Foto: Tamás Künsztler
KONTRUST Dec 05, 2018
now it's official 🤘🏻 see ya soon! Download Festival Madrid
KONTRUST Jan 05, 2018
Whooop! Last december "Hey DJ!" also went past the next million-mark, almost unnoticed - way to go!!
KONTRUST Jan 02, 2018
Our sock-orgy just went over 2 million views! Happy 2018 everyone!!
KONTRUST Dec 24, 2017
Dear friends and fans! 2017 has been a wild rollercoast ride so far with a lot of ups and some downs. Right now we are gathering our strength to start 2018 with loads of new energy. We wish you all happy holidays and the best for 2018! Seeya!
KONTRUST Dec 08, 2017
Dear fans, Due to the worsening health of our singer Stefan, we are very sorry to say that we have to cancel the last tour dates in Paris and Strasbourg as well. The previously existing bad health condition forced us to reduce the number of shows and we hoped that maybe two concerts in a row would be possible, but last nights unexpected accident forced a different decision upon us and in this case personal health has to come first. We feel truly sorry about not being able to perform for you! We're working on replacing the shows and are really looking forward to seeing you in 2018 ! Thank you for your understanding and your support. We love you! KONTRUST Ticket returns: As far as we have been informed, all tickets can be returned and refunded via the sales outlets or websites you bought them from.