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1929, Pt. 1
KONGOS at London Music Hall (May 7, 2019)
Venue: London Music Hall (London, ON, Canada) Find tickets
KONGOS at Virgin Mobile Mod Club (May 9, 2019)
Venue: Virgin Mobile Mod Club (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
KONGOS Apr 24, 2019
This week on The Front Lounge the brothers talk with friends and tour mates, FITNESS , about their past run together, upcoming releases, Game of Thrones, TV writing, and some of the best tweets/comments from their online feud during the 1929 Winter Tour. Link in comments! 📸: Jason Roedl
KONGOS Apr 22, 2019
Happy B🌍DAY Dylan! 📸: Jonny Marlow
KONGOS Apr 18, 2019
#tbt to the Take It From Me music video set 🎥 📸: Jonny Marlow
KONGOS Apr 09, 2019
This week on The Front Lounge the brothers talk with Christiaan Röllich, Los Angeles bartender, about his new book Bar Chef: Handcrafted Cocktails. Röllich shares 100 original recipes for drinks that are as beautiful as they are delicious, including Röllich’s signature drink, the Green Goddess. Links to the podcast and to purchase the book in comments! A.O.C. Lucques
KONGOS Apr 08, 2019
A few dates have been added to the 1929 Tour as well as some festival gigs. Get your tickets today! Link in comments!
KONGOS Apr 04, 2019
Make a playlist and go fuck yourself.
KONGOS Apr 03, 2019
Check out our tour tips! Link in comments
KONGOS Mar 26, 2019
This week on The Front Lounge the brothers talk about their latest Inauthentica Party, impressions, shows they are currently watching, cycles in music, critics, and news updates with Cookie that could potentially change all of our lives. Listen now! Link in comments
KONGOS Mar 20, 2019
@fitnesswastaken still owes us a fuckload of money from tour. #PayUsOrElse
KONGOS Mar 18, 2019
1929 Tour // New Orleans
KONGOS Mar 12, 2019
's cover photo
KONGOS Mar 12, 2019
's cover photo
KONGOS Mar 11, 2019
This week on The Front Lounge the brothers dive into their new album 1929, Pt. 1 with a track by track description of each song, the influences behind the songs, and how the songs developed musically. Listen now! Link in comments!
KONGOS Feb 19, 2019
We echo FITNESS’s sentiment. Never has a tour been so uneventful, so lacking in camaraderie and so dreadfully boring. But in all serious, these dudes are incredible people, amazing musicians and songwriters, and fun as fuck to be around. Thanks for helping get this tour through the muck and the mire and the sleet and the snow and all the other weather systems. Love these guys as well as our tough as nails crew. See you on the road soon.
KONGOS Feb 09, 2019
Hey guys we’re in Dallas tonight at @treesdallas! Thanks to @fitnesswastaken making your mark @scootinn - but I think you spelled it wrong.
KONGOS Feb 08, 2019
Happy birthday to the one and only @mogordonmusic! We’re in Austin tonight. 37 degrees and hailing but the show must go on. Come down and party with us! 📷: @coltmedia
KONGOS Feb 06, 2019
This tour has been tough. At our agents request, we squashed the beef. At least FITNESS were better fighters than they are musicians. We’re in #NOLA tonight. @ House of Blues New Orleans
KONGOS Feb 04, 2019
The sun is out and we’re in Charlotte, TONIGHT w/ @fitnesswastaken. Come grab a limited signed poster.
KONGOS Feb 02, 2019
DC! SOLD OUT show tonight w/ @fitnesswastaken
KONGOS Jan 31, 2019
Asbury Park, NJ TONIGHT! Also DC is SOLD OUT so east-coasters, tonight and tomorrow are your chances to catch a show. 📷: @kristinaskool
KONGOS Jan 30, 2019
Phoenix! LIMITED TICKETS left for our show at Crescent Ballroom on 2/16. Grab yours here: 📷: @taylorohryn
KONGOS Jan 29, 2019
Boston we’re at @brighton_music TONIGHT! Still no bus back..but we do have @fitnesswastaken back!
KONGOS Jan 26, 2019
Montreal we’re heading your way! Remember the venue change and read our previous post for more info! 📷: @taylorohryn
KONGOS Jan 26, 2019
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: please read - Montreal venue change, vip schedule change - we won’t have time for the acoustic session unfortunately. There will be a meet and greet and partial refunds - details will be emailed to you.
KONGOS Jan 25, 2019
Los Angeles! We’re at The Teragram Ballroom on 2/15. Limited tickets remain! Grab yours here: 📷: Pfari Nas