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We Grow, You Decline
Kobosil at Zorlu PSM (March 8, 2019)
Venue: Zorlu PSM (Istanbul, Turkey) Find tickets
PollerWiesen Opening PollerWiesen Opening 2019
Venue: Kölner Jugendpark (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Pollerwiesen festival Pollerwiesen festival 2019
Venue: Revierpark Wischlingen (Dortmund, Germany) Find tickets
Off Week Festival Off Week Festival 2019
Venue: Parc del Fòrum (Barcelona, Spain) Find tickets
Kobosil Feb 15, 2019
telephone joker... Gewölbe ALLE KOMMEN!
Kobosil Feb 06, 2019
no other options left for me 🖕🏻
Kobosil Jan 29, 2019
buy the 10" with "vinyl only extended version" and find out what 44 terror sounded like back in the day...
Kobosil Jan 02, 2019
let’s give everything and make the most of every opportunity in 2019. no matter how hard they try to stop us, they can’t. we’ll leave all the rats behind us.
Kobosil Jan 01, 2019
Vroeger ging ik spijbelen, nu kom ik lesgeven!
Kobosil Dec 19, 2018
Kobosil Nov 28, 2018
everything started here..... 30 Nov | DE | Augsburg | Kantine Augsburg 01 Dec | NL | Delft | Ohm Festival 07 Dec | FR | Lyon | Ninkasi 08 Dec | DE | Nürnberg | Die Rakete 14 Dec | ES | Barcelona | INPUT 15 Dec | BE | Brussels | C12 21 Dec | IT | Rome | Rashõmon Club 22 Dec | DE | Hamburg | PAL 25 Dec | DE | Stuttgart | Lehmann Club 26 Dec | NL | Enschede | Basic Grooves 28 Dec | DE | Mannheim | Das Zimmer Mannheim 31 Dec | NL | Utrecht | WAS. 31 Dec | NL | Groningen | OOST 01 Jan | NL | Amsterdam | De School 02 Jan | DE | Berlin | Berghain 04 Jan | FR | Toulouse | Le Bikini 05 Jan | FR | Paris | Concrete
Kobosil Nov 25, 2018
free drinks, free hugs... Parallx
Kobosil Nov 15, 2018
hola amigos todavía estoy aquí en colombia and enjoy some off days. 16th nov i will play for MUTE Medellin. Then heading to Sónar Bogotá nov 17th. babo STIMMUNG that i had the chance to remix Ellen Allien for her legendary BPitch Berlin label!
Kobosil Nov 08, 2018
some impression of my all nighter MMA - Mixed Munich Arts. THANKS AGAIN for everyone who worked at the club, bar, light, laser and of course ALL ravers! no matter how hard you try - you can't stop us now. build your own future.
Kobosil Nov 05, 2018
Kobosil Oct 29, 2018
gewinne das letzte shirt - Kobosil // All Night Long !!!
Kobosil Oct 14, 2018
schön sonntag schicht arbeit...
Kobosil Oct 08, 2018
"no-prisoners-taking" lifestyle and artists... proud to welcome New Frames to the mob!
Kobosil Sep 26, 2018
Kobosil Sep 21, 2018
Kobosil Sep 20, 2018
's cover photo
Kobosil Sep 20, 2018
photography by Sven Marquardt
Kobosil Aug 30, 2018
sauna infusion at Shelter Amsterdam...
Kobosil Aug 12, 2018
Kobosil Jul 01, 2018
show some love... 6 BEER made it at least as a RAVER!
Kobosil Jun 22, 2018
YESTERDAY was the craziest day of my life. we decided to throw a spontaneous rave at our neukölln HQ Spätkauf 178. all of us joined together to rent a funktion one soundsystem and invite some of the biggest players in the techno scene. 17 years ago when i left tempelhof at the age of 10 and moved to hermannstrasse it was a complicated life. the district was defiled with a lot of crime, the atmosphere was tense. then yesterday seeing a line-up schedule with the likes of RØDHÅD, FJAAK and MARCEL DETTMANN who all played and/or were supposed to play for FREE makes me feel overwhelmed. early evening we had no complications or complaints, everyone was dancing and partying in peace. no violence, just fun. unfortunately the cops came and shut down the party just when rodhad was about to take it to another level. of course. with so many people peacefully staying even after the soundsystem was shut down, i decided to grab the speakers and move them to the flat above, put them out on the balcony to keep the party going. anyway i just want to say thank you to everyone who came out and had fun. i really tried my best to gave you all a good time. it felt at some point like a really big birthday party.. haha! check out the late night shop if you are around and smell the spirit… BIG thanks to: deniz, güney, Max2, görner&schweizer, ridvan, my posse, crew, fam and supporters! NEVER ever thought that this can actually happen here in Neukölln 44. see you all on saturday for my opening shift at berghain - where i can finally be not sober <3
Kobosil Jun 14, 2018
PollerWiesen under the bridge downtown is where i drew some blood!
Kobosil May 20, 2018
if you let me play outside on a sunny 👹 day i serve a cold dish !
Kobosil May 11, 2018
my supporter 👹 taking over MMA !