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Untitled EP
KNUT Jul 19, 2019
strommorts Didier's drone project with Abraham members: Enjoy!
KNUT Jul 17, 2019
Cheers mate!
KNUT Jun 08, 2019
Its a "wonder" HB
KNUT May 09, 2019
Brutalist dans Perte & Fracas:
KNUT May 07, 2019
A new drone project with Didier & two members of Abraham. Like, share & follow!
KNUT Mar 03, 2019
Finally, the BRUTALIST demo with Roderic, Tim & Chris involved.
KNUT Oct 22, 2018
Movie about Serge Morattel & REC Studio-the delivery room of Challenger, Wonder & the CD ep. You'll see a bit of the recording of Challenger from 1m24s til 1m57s. -The man himself, Sergeï at 1m 31s -Roderic, Taverne & Phil recording together at 1m42s -One of the two venerable Akai direct-to-disk multitracker at 1m29s -Me screaming in the hallway at 1m24s. Wow!
KNUT Aug 30, 2018
24 years ago...
KNUT Jun 08, 2018
KNUT Apr 04, 2018
Challenger was recorded in the Spring of 2001, just before embarking on a US tour with Isis the band and Thrones. The album came out March 2002 on Hydra Head Industries. In 2010 Swiss label Division Records issued a limited edition on orange 180gr vinyl, gatefold sleeve. 7 remaining copies can be purchased by dropping a line to [email protected]
KNUT Feb 27, 2018
Switzerland's Metal Scene Is Its Best-Kept Secret
KNUT Nov 08, 2017
KNUT Nov 08, 2017
12 years ago...
KNUT Sep 12, 2017
Challenger in orange vinyl & Division Records edition, 8 pieces left here:
KNUT May 28, 2017
18 years ago...
KNUT Dec 20, 2016
RIP Mix & Remix
KNUT Oct 06, 2016
A full show at Le Romandie - Lausanne just resurfaced on youtube, courtesy of Mr. Sergey Ulyanov, also known as SLUDGE bass player. It's harsh and fast (way too fast at times, thanks to the silly dude behind the kit) but a good representation of the band in 2008. There's even a couple of unreleased songs and an intro that we forgot ever existed! Enjoy.
KNUT Sep 18, 2015
Dix ans déjà, ten fucking years!
KNUT Apr 28, 2015
This is "IGNANT", a Drone music project including Didier Severin and Christian Valleise. DS: Modular Synthesis, MicroBrute, Kitchen Tables. CV: Grendel Drone Commander, Noiseboxes, Delays, Washing Machine. Take your time. Be your guest. Enjoy sound gardening.
KNUT Mar 10, 2015
KNUT Feb 05, 2015
Challenger available : limited edition, 180gr. orange vinyl in gatefold sleeve. All other releases available in CD, Wonder also in 180 gr. black vinyl. Order at [email protected]
KNUT Feb 03, 2015
KNUT Jan 29, 2015
KNUT Dec 28, 2014