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Obey the Cross
Knee High Fox Jul 25, 2019
Summertime and the livin’s easy #tbt #kneehighfox #poolside
Knee High Fox Jul 18, 2019
Kinda missing being blonde lately #kneehighfox
Knee High Fox Jul 07, 2019
#kneehighfox 📸by @_dipple_
Knee High Fox Jul 05, 2019
Some amazing fan art by @_lepigeon_ 🖤#KneeHighFox
Knee High Fox Jul 02, 2019
Knee High Fox Jun 27, 2019
#deadaspunk @deadaspunk
Knee High Fox Jun 19, 2019
Knee High Fox Jun 04, 2019
Missing tour 🖤 Was just thinking about how much fun we had last time in St. Louis🤘💥 #kneehighfox #tour #stlouis
Knee High Fox Jun 02, 2019
We heard something terrible today. One of our best and most favorite fans and friend @RobbinLynneAdams passed away! We are heartbroken to know we will never see her at another show, or read another post. She is very missed and the very type of person that keeps rock n roll and live music alive. Thank you for all your support over the years and your love. Our heart goes out to your family and your many many friends🖤
Knee High Fox Jun 02, 2019
New studio is coming together💥
Knee High Fox May 28, 2019
What’s your favorite @kneehighfox song? I have to say currently mine to play is Relapse. X @krsyfox
Knee High Fox May 22, 2019
#tb #tourlife
Knee High Fox May 18, 2019
Fun in Las Vegas at @vampdvegas a few weeks ago #kneehighfox photo by @scarymonstersmusic @ Count's Vamp'd
Knee High Fox May 17, 2019
4 years ago when @witchiefox joined the band on the #HellNotHallelujahTour Uncle @simoninthe310 had some inspirational cat advice for her as he often does...
Knee High Fox May 09, 2019
What a great night last night at @theviperroom !!! Thanks LA for rockin with @kneehighfox and @officialpowerman5000 !!! What a great crowd as always!!! 🤘 @ The Viper Room
Knee High Fox May 08, 2019
Tonight @kneehighfox is at @theviperroom in West Hollywood CA with @officialpowerman5000 !!! Who’s coming?!
Knee High Fox May 06, 2019
May 8th Wednesday at The Viper Room in West Hollywood CA @kneehighfox and Powerman5000 hit the stage!!! Get your tickets now!! Gonna be a crazy night!!!
Knee High Fox May 04, 2019
Happy 4th birthday @witchiefox !!! In Memphis on this day you became our 5th band member and my best friend ever!! Love you 🖤🐈
Knee High Fox May 02, 2019
Red in the eyes, call me 666 Had a blast in Vegas! Next up is West Hollywood CA at @theviperroom May 8th with @officialpowerman5000 #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #theviperroom #hollywood #live photo by @pixelbeautyphotography
Knee High Fox May 02, 2019
Vegas was fun!! Thanks @vampdvegas !! It was nice being back with our @officialpowerman5000 boys!!! Next up is @theviperroom in West Hollywood CA May 8!!! Get your tickets now LA!! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #theviperroom
Knee High Fox May 01, 2019
Tonight we’re in Las Vegas at @vampdvegas with @officialpowerman5000 and @badlittlesisterband come rock with us!! @kneehighfox #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #badlittlesister#countsvampd #lasvegas
Knee High Fox Apr 29, 2019
4 years ago today we were enjoying the view in Oklahoma on the #HellNotHallelujahtour with @marilynmanson Tomorrow night we will enjoy the view of Las Vegas at @vampdvegas come see @kneehighfox and @officialpowerman5000 tickets on sale now!!
Knee High Fox Apr 29, 2019
Tuesday we’re in Las Vegas NV at @vampdvegas !!! @kneehighfox is hitting the stage with our boys in @officialpowerman5000 and also @badlittlesisterband get your tickets now!!! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #lasvegas #countsvampd #concert
Knee High Fox Apr 25, 2019
Exactly 4 years ago @kneehighfox was playing our first show with Marilyn Manson in Athens Georgia. It was a night and tour we will never forget! #marilynmanson #kneehighfox #hellnothallelujahtour Georgia Theatre🍷🕷🖤
Knee High Fox Apr 25, 2019
Getting excited to play Las Vegas April 30th with @officialpowerman5000 at @vampdvegas !! Get your tickets now! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #countsvampd #lasvegas #lasvegasconcerts