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Obey the Cross
Powerman Powerman 2019
Venue: The Parish at House of Blues Anaheim (Anaheim, CA, US) Find tickets
Knee High Fox Apr 15, 2019
April 19th House of Blues Anaheim Anaheim CA April 30th Count's Vamp'd Las Vegas NV May 8th The Viper Room West Hollywood CA @kneehighfox and @officialpowerman5000 tickets on sale now!!!! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #houseofbluesanaheim #countsvampd #theviperroom
Knee High Fox Apr 11, 2019
Next week April 19th @kneehighfox is at @hobanaheim with @officialpowerman5000 and @onbeinghumanband get your tickets now!!! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #onbeinghuman #houseofbluesanaheim #live
Knee High Fox Apr 09, 2019
Happiest of birthdays to our guitar slayer @sambamkoltun can’t wait to take you to Starbucks for a chocolate milk!!! 🖤🖤 #samuelpaul #sososoft #kneehighfox #happybirthday 🐈
Knee High Fox Apr 04, 2019
I Like Scary Movies Launch Party. No one likes scary movies more than me!;)
Knee High Fox Apr 03, 2019
Ready for our up and coming shows with @officialpowerman5000 April 19th House of Blues Anaheim April 30th Count's Vamp'd May 8th The Viper Room #kneehighfox #powerman5000
Knee High Fox Mar 25, 2019
It’s God’s day... @witchiefox @pleasantcats
Knee High Fox Mar 22, 2019
Las Vegas you ready for some fun?! Come see KneeHighFox and Powerman5000 April 30th Count's Vamp'd get your tickets here!
Knee High Fox Mar 19, 2019
A goth spring is upon us 😝🖤💀👻 @kneehighfox with @officialpowerman5000 04/19 @hobanaheim -Anaheim CA 04/30 @vampdvegas -Las Vegas NV 05/8 @theviperroom -West Hollywood CA Tickets on sale now!
Knee High Fox Mar 18, 2019
Check out the crazy people out there @simoninthe310 🤘 Who’s got their tickets to see @kneehighfox and @officialpowerman5000 in Anaheim April 19th @hobanaheim , and May 8th in West Hollywood @theviperroom ?!
Knee High Fox Mar 16, 2019
Cute flashback with all of the #GoldenGirls @elishaphaneuf @jennifmarl @krsyfox Lil D #FB #Goldengirls #girlsnight
Knee High Fox Mar 15, 2019
Guess what LA?! We’re coming to The Viper Room with Powerman5000 May 8th!!!! It’s going to be an insane night! Tickets on sale today at noon! Get them before they’re gone! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #theviperroom #westhollywood #concert
Knee High Fox Mar 14, 2019
@oumikapila posted this first, but I’m posting it again cuz look how cute we all are! 🐈@therealferlazz @reevemusic @krsyfox @soundcheckliveofficial 📸 by @therealsherihastings
Knee High Fox Mar 14, 2019
April 19th at @hobanaheim @kneehighfox is getting crazy with @officialpowerman5000 and @onbeinghumanband get your tickets now Anaheim CA!! #houseofblues #anaheim #parishroom #kneehighfox #powerman5000
Knee High Fox Mar 13, 2019
Ready to cause some shit with @officialpowerman5000 again! Come see @kneehighfox and PM5K at @houseofblues Anaheim in Parish Room April 19th!!! Tickets on sale now! Get em! #kneehighfox #powerman5000 #houseofbluesanaheim
Knee High Fox Mar 12, 2019
On this day Lolita got real low. #kneehighfox #lolita #tourlife #tb #band
Knee High Fox Mar 10, 2019
If anyone’s having a weird day... Here is by far our darkest most risqué video. Really intense shoot, we’re super proud of the Faultline video Vimeo:
Knee High Fox Mar 10, 2019
What Knee High Fox show or shows did you come to?! Post the cities and venues, and if you have photos! We love sharing tour memories with you all! 🖤🍷
Knee High Fox Mar 10, 2019
Fun day/night with this crew at Reign of Terror and some escape rooms @ Reign of Terror Haunted House
Knee High Fox Mar 08, 2019
Happy #InternationalWomensDay this is for all the strong women who love and support other women and lift them up. And it’s also for all the amazing men who love and admire strong women. Regardless of your gender or preference together we make this world and the music industry a better place. I feel lucky to be a front woman in a band where I’m respected and loved by my band and the fans. 2019 is just the beginning🤘-K
Knee High Fox Mar 08, 2019
Soft in St. Louis 🐈#tourlife
Knee High Fox Mar 04, 2019
This really sucks:( I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid, jamming them in my room driving my mom crazy. RIP Keith Flint #theprodigy #keithflint
Knee High Fox Mar 04, 2019
When the glasses look good on you and your best friend. #winning
Knee High Fox Mar 01, 2019
That time on tour we went to the #AmityvilleHorrorHouse #kneehighfox #creepy
Knee High Fox Feb 28, 2019
Had fun singing some @nineinchnails tonight with @therealferlazz @reevemusic @oumikapila at @soundcheckliveofficial 🧟‍♀️ #headlikeahole #nineinchnails #kneehighfox
Knee High Fox Feb 26, 2019
Pink hair don’t care. #kneehighfox