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Love Frequency
Surfing the Void
Myths of the Near Future
Klaxons Oct 29, 2018
Jamie Reynolds’s New Project - YOTA : Youth of the Apocalypse New Single - IN THE FUTURE: Out now!!
Klaxons Mar 07, 2018
RIP NME This was the first time the magazine put us on the front cover and was such a milestone in our career
Klaxons Jan 15, 2018
Timeline Photos
Klaxons Nov 05, 2017
Klaxons formed 12 years ago today!!
Klaxons Jul 19, 2017
Hey, this is my new project, Shock Machine. Unlimited 💘 James xxx Video: Instagram:
Klaxons May 17, 2017
Like the YOTA Facebook page for further updates on Jamie Reynolds new collaborative project with Gorillaz guitarist Jeff Wootton
Klaxons Jan 29, 2017
Happy 10th Anniversary to Myths of the Near Future!!! Share your memories below...
Klaxons Jan 19, 2017
Tbt 10 years ago today this was about to chart! Share your memories below...
Klaxons May 27, 2016
✨✨✨As of today Golden Skans✨✨✨ ✨✨✨Has gone Silver in the UK✨✨✨
Klaxons Apr 22, 2016
Shoot Promotions Limited
Klaxons Nov 05, 2015
Klaxons formed 10 years ago to this day
Klaxons Aug 16, 2015
Yesterday we heard the sad news about the passing of a True music industry legend. Jazz was instrumental in the beginning of Klaxons; he nurtured and educated us with his wisdom on a professional and a personal level. He was always there for us to nurture us through good and bad times. He was an Incredibly passionate and dedicated man with a huge personally who quite rightly always put his artists first. Rip Jazz Summers
Klaxons Jan 31, 2015
There's still a chance to get 50% off our merch store! Just use discount code KLAX50 for the offer.
Klaxons Jan 29, 2015
Happy 8th Birthday Myths Of The Near Future! Catch us playing some of these songs and others in Mexico City tonight! -
Klaxons Jan 28, 2015
Tomorrow we'll be celebrating the 8 year anniversary of our first album Myths Of The Near Future! How time has flown….
Klaxons Jan 27, 2015
Our merch sale is up and running! Just use the discount code KLAX50 to get 50% off.
Klaxons Jan 26, 2015
Mexico we can't wait to see you! Catch us in Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City and Guadalajara this week – tickets here -
Klaxons Jan 09, 2015
We've just added another date to our trip to Mexico! See you on Jan 28th! Tickets on sale now:
Klaxons Jan 03, 2015
Japan here we come!!!
Klaxons Jan 01, 2015
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
Klaxons Dec 28, 2014
We'd like to thank everyone for their support this year!! It's been one amazing 2014.
Klaxons Dec 25, 2014
Merry Christmas!!
Klaxons Dec 24, 2014
Happy Christmas eve everyone!!
Klaxons Dec 21, 2014
We're off to Japan just 4 days into the new year! It's going to be an amazing few shows. Come and see us -
Klaxons Dec 18, 2014
You can catch us playing shows in Mexico in January! See you on the 29th, 30th and 31st - //