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KiNK Dec 14, 2018
I`m not on much charts for production this year because I haven`t released much KiNK stuff, but my friends at Midnight Shift charted my kirilik release as one of the best records for 2018 at Juno Records . Don`t sleep on it :)
KiNK Dec 14, 2018
We are six friends from Sofia. Actually most of us are not born here but that’s where we met and bond together. I’ve been working on music with some of these guys since the late 90’s. We’ve got some young blood too. We started calling our crew Sofia and on the 21st of this month we will showcase our talent at our first Sofia event, in collaboration with Фаза, who got Helena Hauf alongside only female line up in the other room. The event will be... well.... in Sofia. In our room we’ll be the guys from that photo: Kei, Lesnik, Kanz, Recidivist, Raredub, KiNK and kirilik.
KiNK Dec 12, 2018
Chilling last night with my good friend Recidivist aka The Bulgarian aka Qaseo aka... what you guys normally do at night after work? We like to work it 🙂 I’m on #pocketoperatorarcade , Mitko on a CDJ / DJM and KEi on the light switch :)
KiNK Dec 10, 2018
A jam with #pocketoperatorarcade . I got this tool as a gift by Rosen Stoyanov at the Pioneer workshop at ADE. I told him the machine will be used and it is. Here is a little DnB session I just made. No fx, recorded straight to the telephone through Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2. I hope you’ll like it :)
KiNK Dec 09, 2018
My best soundcheck so far and one of my own favourite sets, thank you Shelter Amsterdam !
KiNK Dec 07, 2018
Gear emergency today, pls help - one key of CME Xkey Air got broken in my hotel room, any suggestions where in Paris I could buy one here now? Been checking few shops myself, but nothing in stock...
KiNK Dec 07, 2018
I was entertained by those legs during my flight to Paris today. I’m playing KiNK live set at BADABOUM tonight. Wondering what will be exposed at my KLM flight tomorrow, as I’m going to Shelter Amsterdam ...
KiNK Dec 06, 2018
Few weeks ago, straight after my kirilik set at Berghain I visited my friends Chandler Shortlidge and Mira Karadjova for a cup of tea and music talk with Chandler for Be-At TV. We had a great time and a fun talk, here is the recording :) I heard also I`m in nominations by the web-site, thank you guys!
KiNK Nov 21, 2018
Music is not a competition and I pay less attention to polls these days, BUT... now I am nominated for best electronic live act by the readers of MusicRadar / Future Music / Computer music, which is a big honour for me as a reader, a music tech fanatic, a fan of those magazines myself. I’m sharing the nominations with heroes as Orbital, Aphex Twin, John Carpenter, Olafur Arnalds, James Holden and some friends as Jon Hopkins Leon Vynehall BICEP , Ame , so I can’t ignore that! You guys are very welcome to support any of the nominees, because they are great, I already feel I got my prize, being amongst those names. Thank you nerds and dancers! Voting is here
KiNK Nov 11, 2018
Soundcheck at fabriclondon done! KiNK x kirilik tonight!
KiNK Nov 06, 2018
I’m competing with myself on Saturday at fabriclondon . Playing electronic music with a human factor as KiNK at room one and sending the message to the aliens as kirilik at room two. Both sets are really different, but what’s gonna be the same is the energy levels - out of this world, my hands will be working and I’ll be smiling and probably dancing harder than everybody else in the club 🙂 see you there!
KiNK Oct 29, 2018
Update from today:
KiNK Oct 28, 2018
A conversation here on Facebook... what should I answer?
KiNK Oct 26, 2018
As usual I’m posting a pair of sexiness to advertise my gigs this weekend 🙂 tonight @blitz_music_club Munich, tomorrow @motionbristol and @berghain_ostgut as #kirilik before the end of the weekend. And this is Единна Модулна Система (ЕМС) 1231, equalisers, built in Bulgaria in the mid 80’s. I was lucky to buy them last week for the price of a dinner for two in a cheap restaurant in Berlin. I had to make custom cables for them and clean up some trim pots, but they work great now and I got some loops for the live sets this weekend, fatten- up with those two! The EQs were part of a modular system, used in train stations, airports, markets and other public spaces in the Communist era, for announcements and probably political propaganda too. Well, now they will be used in public spaces for House and Techno propaganda 🙂 see you on the floor, let’s turn up the basssss!
KiNK Oct 25, 2018
Ahead of my kirilik set at Berghain / Panorama Bar this weekend, I created a patch for Roland AIRA Bitrazer “pedal”, inspired by the @leploop groovebox, used in most of the kirilik recordings, especially “infinity is not a number”. All you need is to run a trigger signal (like rim shot sound) in the pedal and tweak some knobs. Of course, my patch is not as great as the almighty LepLoop, but the module is an affordable and easy to control alternative for touring. I uploaded the patch for free DL here : it can be adopted for the other 3 Aira digital modules, but you have to replace one of the existing virtual modules inside with a filter. There is one more video at my instagram kink303 , showing a bit more clear what I’m doing. Enjoy! #techno #modular #kirilik #kink #rolandaira #berghain #acid #knobs #synth #synthporn #sofia #berlin
KiNK Oct 22, 2018
KiNK vs. kirilik! Saturday 10 Nov. 2018 I`ll be playing two different sets at fabriclondon at room 1 and 2, presenting my projects KiNK and kirilik. I`m extremely excited about this adventure! You know KiNK. If you want to know more about kirilik - it`s a techno live performance, using a drum machine and 3 standard record players, loaded with stems. Those stems are utra stripped down recordings with rare equipment in my studio. You can hear kirilik tracks on FIGURE • Particulary for London I will have additional hardware synths for more fun. Tickets:
KiNK Oct 19, 2018
KiNK - ADE 2018 – SCHEDULE FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER 15:00 - 16:00 @djsounds Presents: KiNK Masterclass. Venue: De Brakke Grond (Pioneer DJ) Red Theatre, Address: Nes 45. 21:30 - 23:00 @intothewoodsfestival : KiNK live. Address: NDSM Docklands, Kinetisch Noord, Tt. Neveritaweg 15. SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER 16:00 – 17:00 ADE Panel: Live Gear vs Legacy Gear. Venue: 5&33 Address: Hoek Martelaarsgracht 5/Prins Hendrikkade 33 00.00 - 01.30 @dgtlfestival - KiNK [live] b2b Âme [live].Address: NDSM Scheepsbouwloods, TT. Neveritaweg 15.
KiNK Oct 13, 2018
's cover photo
KiNK Oct 13, 2018
's cover photo
KiNK Oct 12, 2018
's cover photo
KiNK Oct 12, 2018
's cover photo
KiNK Oct 12, 2018
's cover photo
KiNK Oct 11, 2018
I removed Rachel Row ’s picture I posted earlier, because of some sexist comments we both didn’t liked. But I feel the urge to share more details from my private life and I’m giving you the real porn. This is my E-mu SP 1200, completely naked. You can see it’s SSM filters revealed. SSM2044, not to be mistaken with 7030, typical for the final ‘98 edition. I took a picture of the corresponding trim pots (RT6 and RT7) before losing their original position. I tried to bypass the filters by tweaking the pots. It didn’t worked, but I got a darker, more pronounced effect. If you want to hear samples of those and a lot of new additions to the sound of my live set, like a pimped FMR pbc-6 compressor and the new sequencers by @alexkid - this weekend I’m playing in Madrid, Lisbon and Torino :)
KiNK Oct 03, 2018
Today I had a chance to try the new sequencers by Alexkid for m4l / Ableton. They are The Bomb for live jams! Obviously great for the studio too, but I love the simplicity and how much you get out of them with just a few turns of the knobs, which is essential for live jams. I’ll try to make some short videos before the weekend, stay tuned :)
KiNK Oct 03, 2018
My brutally honest friends at wrote a review of the upcoming KiNK live at Cocoon Pacha Ibiza CD. Always when I read a review by them I hold my breath, because our personal connection doesn’t stop them being ultra critical, when they feel they have to be. Were they critical this time? Check it out.