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Bicep, KiNK, Jayda G, and Hammer at Custom House Square (August 25, 2019)
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KiNK and DJ Boring at Piknic Electronik (September 29, 2019)
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KiNK Aug 19, 2019
Girls and boys, for your listening pleasure, my mini mix for Danny Howard, who sits for Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. The theme of the mix is “Pitch Bend”, for which I layered 10 tracks with detuned synthesizers, wildly changing frequencies up and down. Twisted but funky. Two of them are by yours truly, coming out after the summer - on a label representing that middle ground between right and wrong. Stay detuned!
KiNK Aug 16, 2019
My remix of Hot Chip is out now :) it's kind of sexy :) Blame my studio partner KEi for the Dr. Dre influence :) streaming links:
KiNK Aug 16, 2019
I remixed @hot.chip and it’s out now! Blame the Dr. Dre influence on my studio partner @kei_sof
KiNK Aug 16, 2019
The theme of my Mini Mix for Danny Howard “Pitch Bend”. The mix is live now, listen to 10 of my favourite tracks, where the pitch of the melodies go wrong. There is some unreleased / upcoming KiNK material as well :)
KiNK Aug 08, 2019
No matter how hard, soft, cheesy or experimental I play, I always keep up the funk and I’m very happy that you people like it that way 🙂. Thank you!!! More of it - tonight at NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival (Portugal), tomorrow at Dehors Brut (Paris) and saturday - Sziget Festival Official in Hungary!
KiNK Aug 05, 2019
Sending love from the Black Sea in Bulgaria, @rachel.row and I. @ Bulgaria
KiNK Aug 03, 2019
No filter. Just now!
KiNK Aug 02, 2019
I’m taking over @neopopfestival ‘s instagram today!
KiNK Aug 01, 2019
I will be back in fabriclondon on 05th of October for a very special occasion!!!
KiNK Jul 30, 2019
Kenny Larkin. Big influence and overall great person. I really enjoyed watching his recent studio interview for Telekom Electronic Beats. Tip ;)
KiNK Jul 28, 2019
Present Perfect Festival in St. Petersburg is magic!!!!! Thank you all for the vibes last night during my kirilik set! And today is KiNK at the afterparty! Soundcheck done.
KiNK Jul 26, 2019
I’m live at Gazgolder club Moscow tonight. The soundcheck was good.
KiNK Jul 26, 2019
I think “acid is a state of mind” and you don’t need a certain model of a music instrument, to do it well. What do you (producers) think?
KiNK Jul 19, 2019
I have unconventional desires
KiNK Jul 17, 2019
On my way for soundcheck at @paloma_bar_berlin for @set_in_motion_berlin tech talk tonight. It probably will be streamed as well, so watch set in motion’s page . And see you later for a coffee and talk about music and stuff :)
KiNK Jul 17, 2019
I’m off to @paloma_bar_berlin , sound check for @set_in_motion_berlin tech talk. Tonight we can have a coffee and talk of cables, plugins, synthesisers and life in general. Doors open at 19.30. It might be streamed as well. For more info check Set in motion and Paloma’s pages
KiNK Jul 15, 2019
Today is my birthday (thank you all for the beautiful messages!!!) and I decided to come for a treat in my favourite candy store in the world, which is @schneidersladen . One hour of tweaking was totally not enough to decide what not to buy, so I’ll be back later this week! If you want to know what instrument I’m getting - you can see me at a tech talk I’m doing at @paloma_bar_berlin on Wednesday evening, which might be streamed too. Thank you all once again and cheers!
KiNK Jul 14, 2019
Jamming in a basement #kirilik
KiNK Jul 13, 2019
Soundcheck at @griessmuehle done, tonight I’m playing as #kirilik , my concept for playing a live set with standard dj equipment and a drum machine. Well, and a synth too. Squeezing the maximum out of the minimum equipment and pre-recorded content. I call it techno
KiNK Jul 11, 2019
I will do a tech talk next Wednesday for @set_in_motion_berlin . It might be streamed too. If you have questions about my productions, performances and anything music related - come to talk to me at @paloma_bar_berlin on 17.07 or post your questions here as a comment and I’ll answer to the most interesting ones during the live stream.
KiNK Jul 10, 2019
If I was djing and playing fast techno these days, I would definitely drop this one. I loved it, when I was a teenager, what a tune!
KiNK Jul 08, 2019
With the legend Mark Archer / Altern 8
KiNK Jul 07, 2019
Soundcheck at Freerotation couldnt go better :)
KiNK Jul 07, 2019
I haven’t been using my phone much lately, being being completely absorbed by the good energy at Freerotation festival. Great people and music, a family. Those on the picture are the test tone generators of @bomono , who will perform live only with them later on today!
KiNK Jul 05, 2019
Which is your favorite Miss Djax track? This is mine