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OFFSónar 2019 w. Innervisions OFFSónar 2019 w. Innervisions 2019
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Bicep, KiNK, Jayda G, and Hammer at Custom House Square (August 25, 2019)
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KiNK Jun 20, 2019
I just read that Zdar from Cassius died in an accident, it’s so sad! Cassius is a big influence to me and more recently I was talking to Philippe about music, such a wonderful person! I still can’t digest this. R.I.P. Zdar
KiNK Jun 18, 2019
This is the best workout for electronic music live acts, because that`s what we do every weekend on the road with our music instruments, beside setting up and playing. Work it!
KiNK Jun 15, 2019
This was the original demo of “I Remember” in my old studio. Now it’s released without the vocal, as “303 version” on my Piano Power e.p. alongside the other proven monsters Raw and 2 love u with @rachel.row :)
KiNK Jun 13, 2019
This fire is being prepared for an ancient fire-walking ritual, typical for Bulgaria and Greece. We call the performers here “Nestinari” (like the Kirilik track I released last year). Today in this place we celebrate with @rachel.row the sold out Piano Power e.p. with Rachel’s vocals on “2 love u” (repress on the way!!!) and the release of #kirilik - souls e.p. on @figure_music . Thank you all for the massive support!
KiNK Jun 12, 2019
#kirilik - souls e.p. is out today on @figure_music , available in all formats. This is my second release on Figure as Kirilik. I use this moniker to produce techno-centric music with rare or modular equipment and to perform the recordings with a standard dj equipment and a drum computer. This is an excerpt of a track, called Quad, I hope you’ll like it and the whole record as well. It’s a trip.
KiNK Jun 11, 2019
Piano Power e.p. with @rachel.row out now on @runningbackrecords . I got my copies and I’m using them this way, and you? As usual there are hidden creative tools on this record and I’m curious to hear what a more talented dj would do with them... :)
KiNK Jun 09, 2019
After an over 12 hours trip from Newcastle I made it to Berlin in time and ill be playing at my original time slot after my good friend and family - @stefangoldmann . The storms in Amsterdam were a challenge but I made it! See you in a bit. Quick shower and I’m on my way to Panorama Bar!
KiNK Jun 07, 2019
Soundcheck at @worldheadquartersclub in Newcastle done. Party tonight?
KiNK Jun 06, 2019
My project kirilik is up now on Resident Advisor new tracks section with an e.p. on FIGURE •
KiNK May 28, 2019
Many people were asking me about this song in my live sets through the year. It’s a collaboration with my lovely @rachel.row and it’s coming out on @runningbackrecords next week :) here is a little (electro) acoustic teaser from our studio :) we love you!
KiNK May 28, 2019
Do the other artists check on the web what’s new about them? Surely I do. What came out on a google search yesterday was my forthcoming e.p. with @rachel.row on @runningbackrecords and porn for the adventurous...
KiNK May 27, 2019
the track on 14th minute is called Raw, part of my forthcoming EP "Piano Power" on Running Back, which out for presale already :) Another one is the Rave anthem with Rachel Row - 2 Love U, a lot of people were asking for it from my sets :) are you ready for the summer? :)
KiNK May 21, 2019
I just heard that one of my favourite clubs in the world - CONCRETE is facing problems and might be forced to close. It`s one of the places I am fully free to express myself artistically and to push the boundaries further. I believe this place is important for our culture. Music heads - let's make this work! You can get familiar with the issue and sign a petition on the link below. Thank you! #ConcreteParisSupport
KiNK May 21, 2019
@openairfly in Edinburgh last weekend was a blast! The dancers created a great vibe and I tried to merge with the group ;)
KiNK May 20, 2019
Geeks: out curiosity - what are your recommendations on ONE highly tweakable reverb / delay combo box (not only delay or only reverb, not two boxes) no or minimum menu diving. No eurorack. It has to have a lot of control (knobs). Thinking of that 1h drum machine only live set i want to steam. I challenge you to convince me there is something better or as good as a laptop + midi controller for the job. So far I have EHX memory man with hazarai and mooer micro echoverb, both not ideal for live tweaks. Keeley Delay workstation fits my description. Its mono, although its written Stereo, thats not ideal. Any experience with it or something else similar?
KiNK May 19, 2019
One of my all time favourite albums. I’m not sure if i shared this before, but I came across the article again. It’s refreshing to read something not pretentious at all. What is your favourite track from it?
KiNK May 18, 2019
Last night I was playing the synth more like a DJ would do than a musician. (Edit) that thing with the middle finger - i mentioned it just cause unintentionally I use my middle finger a lot while playing. There are no haters here, just music lovers
KiNK May 11, 2019
For your information: I started using vinyl for the live sets again, thanks Joy O and Poly Kicks! And this was my soundcheck at @mondo_disko , playing KiNK live set tonight, alongside my friend and favourite DJ @gerardo_niva . You are very welcome :)
KiNK May 06, 2019
Hello. I’m considering an experiment - one hour live stream from my studio, only with my drum machine Roland TR 909. I can’t make up my mind on two things and I need your advice: 1. Shall I use ONLY the drum machine and be creative within the big limitations or to add some effects like reverb and delay for a little more variety. 2. How you would like the camera to be placed - only on my hands and the machine, to see the technical side or more of me in the frame, for a proper body workout :) You can blame @len_faki for this, he suggested to record an hour of 909 drums, I just thought it would be even more fun with video. Not sure when I’ll do it, I’m still getting courage, but in the next few weeks, if not this week, after I return from Brasil. And Brasil, Chile and Argentina this weekend - ohh.. I shall start coming more often!!!
KiNK May 03, 2019
@klauss921 playing live tonight before me at / Buenos Aires with an impressive setup!!!!!
KiNK May 02, 2019
Holla Buenos Aires! I was so surprised to meet my friend @len_faki at the airport and very delighted to have a ride with the coolest driver - Christian! This is my first visit of Argentina and I already like it here a lot! And talking about Len - he is releasing my next record as #kirilik very soon on @figure_music ! See you tonight ravers! I think I’m even more excited to see you, than you - me. There are not so many places i play for first time. Wish me good luck :)
KiNK May 01, 2019
KiNK Apr 30, 2019
Me and KEi did remixes of our friends Slope114. Many people were asking me "what is the track with that emotional vocal "keep flying"" on my shows, so here it is, just released on mule musiq, I hope you'll like them.
KiNK Apr 29, 2019
So good!
KiNK Apr 29, 2019
@musicbymarina took some photos of me playing on the stage of @weatherfestival . Thank you Marina!