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KiNK: Live at Cocoon Ibiza (Continuous Mix)
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My Space (feat. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite)
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Hafenfestival Hafenfestival 2019
Venue: Hafen 49 (Mannheim, Germany) Find tickets
Life and Death presents: Psycho Candy Life and Death presents: Psycho Candy 2019
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Paraíso Festival Paraíso Festival 2019
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KiNK Apr 21, 2019
Carpool karaoke with @guri_fae_glesga .
KiNK Apr 20, 2019
I got busted getting kinky in my room. The most embarrassing part: there is no bass. Luckily I play two shows tonight, where the bass will be enough: full on techno as #kirilik and the usual madness as KiNK, at @pressureglasgow easter rave, @swg3glasgow
KiNK Apr 18, 2019
Soundcheck done, tonight playing KiNK live at @echo_events_ alongside the masters @daveclarkeofficial and @romanponcet . Ha!?
KiNK Apr 17, 2019
Ahead of my first full on weekend after my break (playing in Strasbourg, Glasgow and Liverpool) I’m testing new gadgets for the shows. This one definitely comes in the bag, the @korgofficial Volca modular.
KiNK Mar 30, 2019
I’m literally very happy to start my season at @printworkslondon , playing as KiNK and #Kirilik at #photon ! Also that piano sounded very nice! It was not tuned for a very long time, exactly my cup of tea :)
KiNK Mar 26, 2019
My friend Qaseo a.k.a. Recidivist put this little video for me 🙂 have fun guys :)
KiNK Mar 25, 2019
I`m putting this demo for free download, because the beat sounds like a mediocre copy of Autechre / Afx, but the idea and the melody is cool and I don`t want to collect dust on my harddrives, like thousands of others.. I made the track almost exclusively with the metronome sound from Ableton. It pisses me off big time, so I thought I need to kink it up. Those who produce music will understand. When I invest more time in the track - it might make it to an actual release, but for now, enjoy the madness :)
KiNK Mar 20, 2019
A recording of my DJ set from that night surfaced on the web, thank you @mozyknet ! It’s from a tribute event to the sound we call “Rave” in my country, that was in Jan. 2008. As these days people like to talk about exclusive vinyl only sets, this is exclusively played with a pair of CDJ 100 and a barely working mixer. Can you beat that? I ended up playing only breakbeats and some cheesy techno. I loved that sound when it was new, played it when it was not cool anymore, I love it now, when it seems cool again and will love it no matter where the trends go. Watch your bass bins, I’m tellin ya!
KiNK Mar 20, 2019
DJing in the pre - video / camera phone era with my favourite record player - @pioneerdjglobal CDJ 100, probably around 2005 at a hardcore breakbeats party my friend @mozyknet organised back then. Some people have nostalgia on vinyl, in a way I do too, but my real nostalgia is on DJing, using CDJ 100 and playing 160 bpm with fast raw cuts, rewinds and never playing longer than 2 minutes from a track. (Oops. There was no rewind function on the 100’s) @ Sofia, Bulgaria
KiNK Mar 19, 2019
It’s an absolute pleasure for me to announce, that I’m starting my season with KiNK and #kirilik showcase at the #photon event, at @printworkslondon . This is the timeline and I’m so delighted to be alongside such an amazing acts. After my annual time off I’m eager to show you what’s new and I can’t imagine a better way. Ticket sales :
KiNK Mar 18, 2019
My friend Stefan Goldmann delivered some proper wonkiness! I am enjoying this record big time!
KiNK Mar 18, 2019
My H3000 is playful today
KiNK Mar 17, 2019
The cloud generator
KiNK Mar 08, 2019
If the female energy is dominating in this world, we will live much better life, with less confrontation. This is my mom at her 70’th birthday last year. She have never done any hair dyeing and beside her good look, she is an exceptional woman in any way, I’m very lucky to have her genes in me. Happy International Women’s day dear ladies, you are smart, kind and beautiful and I don’t mind if every day is a woman’s day!
KiNK Mar 07, 2019
For the geeks: i drove the outputs of my FMR compressors to the max and finally i got some character. Never tried this before, because it would clip the mixer and the soundcard. Now i’m not using a mixing desk, just a patch bay and directly back to the soundcard, which have very low input levels. Im not sure if its possible to distort the patch bay, but i got a really good sound out of FMR RNLA and pbc-6, finally different than a plugin. Here is a test with equal peak levels, RNLA running into pbc-6, both compressors with very long attack and almost no treshold, almost no compression. both outputs driven to the max:
KiNK Mar 06, 2019
Things that I find beautiful
KiNK Mar 04, 2019
I am very sad to hear that Keith Flint from @theprodigyofficial is not with us anymore. I loved the music of the band and Keith was one of a kind on stage. R.I.P.
KiNK Mar 03, 2019
Today on 3.03 in Bulgaria we celebrate our liberation day. Also it’s the Acid music day all over the world. Happy freedom to all Bulgarians and happy acid day! I am proud to announce I did an official remix of the first acid track ever, by Phuture. Normally I’m a humble guy but I have to say it’s a good one :)
KiNK Mar 01, 2019
I`m very excited about this! Tim Exile is my biggest inspiration in playing electronic music live and now he is launching this virtual place where you can make and share music in the moment, solo or with friends! I can`t wait!
KiNK Feb 21, 2019
A self-released compilation of our DJ collective “Porno BPM” around 2002. A chapter of Techno, Jazz, DnB, House and just.. our sound. Porno bpm was all about “everything goes, raw and direct”. Everyone on that CD is still producing and performing, some of us with new names as KiNK and Sub - now became Lesnik. We are meeting more often lately and new people as @recidivist___ @kaloyangavrilov and @raredub are joining our sessions in Sofia. Old meets new. I don’t know what exactly will be the outcome of all this, but there is new energy around us and I wanted to share my excitement about it! @ Sofia, Bulgaria
KiNK Feb 16, 2019
@leploop Arpopone (clip 6)
KiNK Feb 14, 2019
@leploop Arpopone (clip 3)
KiNK Feb 13, 2019
@leploop Arpopone (clip 2)
KiNK Feb 12, 2019
Arpopone, (clip 1). This is the new project of my friends LepLoop , a chord and bassline generator, inspired by Oskar Sala’s Mixturtrautonium. Wonky, ultra-unstable and just weird. thats why it becomes a special part of my studio now 🙂 I find the best way to use it is to generate patterns by adjusting the knobs and letting the machine play by itself, so I recorded few short clips without much action from my side, accompanied by simple 909 beat. I will be posting them in the next few days, cause there is nothing else spectacular happening in these winter days in Sofia...
KiNK Feb 10, 2019
For the geeks. My friend sent it to me