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Slam, Len Faki, Laurent Garnier, KiNK, and 3 more… at SWG3 (April 20, 2019)
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KiNK Feb 16, 2019
@leploop Arpopone (clip 6)
KiNK Feb 14, 2019
@leploop Arpopone (clip 3)
KiNK Feb 13, 2019
@leploop Arpopone (clip 2)
KiNK Feb 12, 2019
Arpopone, (clip 1). This is the new project of my friends LepLoop , a chord and bassline generator, inspired by Oskar Sala’s Mixturtrautonium. Wonky, ultra-unstable and just weird. thats why it becomes a special part of my studio now 🙂 I find the best way to use it is to generate patterns by adjusting the knobs and letting the machine play by itself, so I recorded few short clips without much action from my side, accompanied by simple 909 beat. I will be posting them in the next few days, cause there is nothing else spectacular happening in these winter days in Sofia...
KiNK Feb 10, 2019
For the geeks. My friend sent it to me
KiNK Feb 05, 2019
I always had a sweet spot for fucked up jungle beats and now since I produce with ableton I find it more difficult to do them, but I was playing with a m4l effect SteadyRandBeats and I achieved a fun result. The Ableton project file link here: , for the producers, who want to have a look. I will delete this post in few days, as I imagine most of you are not interested. You will need m4l and SteadyRandBeats to run this, also press play on one of the clips for extra bit of controlled randomness
KiNK Jan 31, 2019
KiNK in de kabel Dub
KiNK Jan 30, 2019
A day at the office. Sometimes it’s not fun. @ Sofia, Bulgaria
KiNK Jan 21, 2019
Sofia crew session with @_kei____ @raredub , myself and @recidivist___ behind the camera
KiNK Jan 16, 2019
Big thanks and massive respect to Qantas airlines and the lost and found services at Brisbane Airport ! Last Friday I forgot my work computer in a plain and I was in Brisbane already for an hour, till I realised the computer is missing. The lost and found service localised the computer immediately after my crew called and we got it back minutes after I arrived at the airport! All my upcoming shows and projects were saved! Thank you guys! And this kangaroo I saw near Melbourne.
KiNK Jan 03, 2019
Happy New Year! Thank you all, family, friends and music lovers for adding beautiful colours to my life! 2018 a was good, stable year for me, a time to look back at myself, reconnect with some of the important people for me and create new building blocks for that modular system, called life, while making the world dance. All this is possible because of the great people around me, the crew I work with and the love of those, who support my passion. I am very thankful and I wish all of you you all a wonderful, healthy and happy 2019, full of love and good energy! Cheers, to the new beginning! And thank you Music by Marina for the wonderful picture!
KiNK Dec 27, 2018
I’m on my way to Australia & New Zealand. See you there!
KiNK Dec 25, 2018
Happy Holidays my friends! Here is a little gift from me, a track for free download, 🙂 Thank you all for the wonderful wishes and the wonderful year! It wouldn’t be that great without all of you! I wish you a lot health and love!
KiNK Dec 21, 2018
Mike Dunn v.2 🙂 who said dogs can’t sing? Tonight playing live KiNK and kirilik alongside my Sofia crew KEi, Kal Lesnikov, @kaloyangavrilov , Raredub , Recidivist, and DJ Hitachi in my hometown Sofia. The other room - Фаза invited Helena Hauff, alongside some of the best Bulgarian ladies behind the decks! Let’s go!
KiNK Dec 20, 2018
's cover photo
KiNK Dec 14, 2018
I`m not on much charts for production this year because I haven`t released much KiNK stuff, but my friends at Midnight Shift charted my kirilik release as one of the best records for 2018 at Juno Records . Don`t sleep on it :)
KiNK Dec 14, 2018
We are six friends from Sofia. Actually most of us are not born here but that’s where we met and bond together. I’ve been working on music with some of these guys since the late 90’s. We’ve got some young blood too. We started calling our crew Sofia and on the 21st of this month we will showcase our talent at our first Sofia event, in collaboration with Фаза, who got Helena Hauf alongside only female line up in the other room. The event will be... well.... in Sofia. In our room we’ll be the guys from that photo: Kei, Lesnik, Kanz, Recidivist, Raredub, KiNK and kirilik.
KiNK Dec 12, 2018
Chilling last night with my good friend Recidivist aka The Bulgarian aka Qaseo aka... what you guys normally do at night after work? We like to work it 🙂 I’m on #pocketoperatorarcade , Mitko on a CDJ / DJM and KEi on the light switch :)
KiNK Dec 10, 2018
A jam with #pocketoperatorarcade . I got this tool as a gift by Rosen Stoyanov at the Pioneer workshop at ADE. I told him the machine will be used and it is. Here is a little DnB session I just made. No fx, recorded straight to the telephone through Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2. I hope you’ll like it :)
KiNK Dec 09, 2018
My best soundcheck so far and one of my own favourite sets, thank you Shelter Amsterdam !
KiNK Dec 07, 2018
Gear emergency today, pls help - one key of CME Xkey Air got broken in my hotel room, any suggestions where in Paris I could buy one here now? Been checking few shops myself, but nothing in stock...
KiNK Dec 07, 2018
I was entertained by those legs during my flight to Paris today. I’m playing KiNK live set at BADABOUM tonight. Wondering what will be exposed at my KLM flight tomorrow, as I’m going to Shelter Amsterdam ...
KiNK Dec 06, 2018
Few weeks ago, straight after my kirilik set at Berghain I visited my friends Chandler Shortlidge and Mira Karadjova for a cup of tea and music talk with Chandler for Be-At TV. We had a great time and a fun talk, here is the recording :) I heard also I`m in nominations by the web-site, thank you guys!
KiNK Nov 21, 2018
Music is not a competition and I pay less attention to polls these days, BUT... now I am nominated for best electronic live act by the readers of MusicRadar / Future Music / Computer music, which is a big honour for me as a reader, a music tech fanatic, a fan of those magazines myself. I’m sharing the nominations with heroes as Orbital, Aphex Twin, John Carpenter, Olafur Arnalds, James Holden and some friends as Jon Hopkins Leon Vynehall BICEP , Ame , so I can’t ignore that! You guys are very welcome to support any of the nominees, because they are great, I already feel I got my prize, being amongst those names. Thank you nerds and dancers! Voting is here
KiNK Nov 11, 2018
Soundcheck at fabriclondon done! KiNK x kirilik tonight!