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Declaration of Dependence
Riot On an Empty Street
Quiet Is the New Loud
Kings of Convenience- KOC Mar 03, 2019
A lot of people are wondering about the new Kings of Convenience album. What has happened is this: the songs were written and even performed live but when we tried to record it during 2016/2017 for a mixture of reasons the results just weren’t good enough. And by that time I (erlend) didn’t have anymore energy to pour into it. I needed distance to be able to be objective about it again. So 2018 was a charging battery year, and now we are planning to try again. But you won’t hear anything more about it ( or from us) until it’s actually done. No false promises. Dreams burn but in ashes are gold.
Kings of Convenience- KOC Nov 17, 2017
Take a trip to Paris and re-listen our classic collaboration with Feist from 2004.
Kings of Convenience- KOC Oct 03, 2017
Thanks for the music Tom!
Kings of Convenience- KOC Aug 18, 2017
It's not a big secret that a new Kings of Convenience record is in the making. But if you want to hear some more new music before that, Eirik's project Kommode is releasing an album today called Analog Dance Music. If you're interested you can check out Kommode here: Spotify: iTunes: Vinyl/CD:
Kings of Convenience- KOC May 28, 2017
Yesterday was the yearly Indiecup in Bergen. Here's the Kings of Convenience football team: Our guest guitar player, our guest bass player, our accountant, our merchandise man, our sleeve photographer and us.
Kings of Convenience- KOC May 09, 2017
Architecture is frozen music. Yesterday we played the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.
Kings of Convenience- KOC May 08, 2017
Tonight's the night!
Kings of Convenience- KOC Mar 30, 2017
Some news: 1. Garami from Korea made this great bag for us! 2. The third Poland show is in Szczecin. 3. We actually have a website. The address is
Kings of Convenience- KOC Dec 13, 2016
On Monday 8th of May 2017 we will perform in the new Hamburg landmark building, the Elbphilharmonie. This show is already sold out. The weekend prior we will do our first little tour of Poland. We will never forget 6 years ago at Open’er Festival but these will be our first indoor venue appearances. Gdansk, Warsaw and a third city that is yet to be announced. The May set list will include new, unreleased songs but also popular (and less-popular) material from previous albums. Thu 04 May 2017 - Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre - Tickets on sale Wednesday 14th December at 2pm CET Fri 05 May 2017 - Warsaw Palladium - / / Tickets on sale Wednesday 14th December at 10am CET Photo credit: Henrik Mauser Reerslev
Kings of Convenience- KOC Oct 22, 2016
Yesterday we played the last show of the Unrecorded Record Tour here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kate & James came all the way from Sheffield to see us, and we ran into them randomly on the streets. Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Amsterdam, Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen. Thanks for all the feedback. We will stay in Gothenburg for one more week trying to record some of the new songs....
Kings of Convenience- KOC Sep 19, 2016
Yesterday: Feeling slightly nervous before the first show of The Unrecorded Record
Kings of Convenience- KOC Sep 11, 2016
Jakarta 2010. Who was there?
Kings of Convenience- KOC Aug 01, 2016
Last show of the summer here in beautiful Cap Roig. We are on stage at 10pm.
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jul 28, 2016
The tickets for THE UNRECORDED RECORD will go sale online tomorrow morning at 10am. Except for the German shows at 12, midday.
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jul 26, 2016
THE UNRECORDED RECORD Dear fans, after 7 years we finally are in the process of making a new album. The raw material is ready, but in order to fully understand the potential of each song, an audience is needed. The Unrecorded Record is a rare chance to participate in our creative process. These shows will consist of ONLY NEW SONGS. There might be mistakes, there might be false starts. That is why we invite only those of you with open ears and open mind to purchase tickets to these shows. No recordings allowed, to not spoil the surprise. The venues are all on the smaller side, to guarantee an intimate event. In the city at the end of each tour, we will enter a studio, hoping to capture what has hopefully crystallised during the shows. Kings of Convenience The Unrecorded Record Tickets on sale Friday 29th July at 10am CEST Sun 18 Sep - Het Zonnehuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Tue 20 Sep - Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany - Thu 22 Sep - Taubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany - Sat 24 Sep - Heimathafen, Berlin, Germany - Mon 17 Oct - Train, Aarhus, Denmark - Wed 19 Oct - Lille Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark - Fri 21 Oct - Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden -
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jul 24, 2016
Federico Secondo was a king who united large parts Europe, spoke six languages and wrote a book about the art of falconry. 800 years ago. This week we played at his castle in Cosenza. They really knew how to make backstage areas back then.
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jul 18, 2016
Kings of Convenience- KOC's cover photo
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jul 14, 2016
We have had to cancel the concert in Sesto Reghena on Saturday. Erlends mother unexpectedly died some days ago, and the funeral is tomorrow, Friday. In her spirit, we will try to go through with the other dates of the italian tour. We kindly ask for your understanding and support.
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jun 30, 2016
Only two weeks left to our Italy tour. Who's coming?
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jun 25, 2016
Tusen takk, Oslo! Tusen takk, Piknik i Parken!
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jun 25, 2016
Oslo tonight!
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jun 21, 2016
Found these legs at Primavera Sound. Does anyone ELSE have a Kings of Convenience-tattoo?
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jun 17, 2016
Having fun in Madrid...
Kings of Convenience- KOC Jun 16, 2016
Tomorrow we are back in Madrid! Excited to be performing on the same festival as Neil Young. We are on early, at 7.30, so make sure to arrive in time to avoid tears....
Kings of Convenience- KOC May 28, 2016
When in Seoul...