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Technicoloured Eyes
Arms of Morpheus
Skin of the Earth
Kingfisher Sky Feb 17, 2019
A Kingfisher Sky Reversal! Don't you mean rehearsal? No, reversal! Not only do we love to play music but we also love to make "slap-your-thigh-bellyshaking" quality word jokes. Or at least we like to think so...anyway, a few great gigs are coming your way!
Kingfisher Sky Feb 09, 2019
Sometimes during a rehearsal we have to hide behind the couch. Hide for the impending awesomeness that is Veur Theatre! Is it 29th of march yet? 😁
Kingfisher Sky Jan 07, 2019
As of today, Kingfisher Sky goes to 11! 🤘🏻
Kingfisher Sky Jan 06, 2019
Little late maybe but still... best wishes everybody! Have a fun and rock n roll filled 2019 and see you soon! 😁💫🎉🤘🏻
Kingfisher Sky Dec 22, 2018
To get you in the festive mood we made a cover of one of our favorite christmas songs that isn´t even a christmas song! Once Upon a Long Ago by the great Paul McCartney. Have a great christmas and a smashing 2019. See you on the flip side!
Kingfisher Sky Dec 10, 2018
It was a sunday afternoon of wonderful things! We had a great time thanks to you and special shout out to Damian Wilson for being Damian Wilson. You rule! 🤘🏻😃🤘🏻
Kingfisher Sky Nov 25, 2018
Is it the 9th of december yet???
Kingfisher Sky Nov 02, 2018
Happy november! I think we wrote a song about it some time ago....
Kingfisher Sky Oct 24, 2018
Happy anniversary “Arms of Morpheus”! Has it been 4 years already??? 😱👴🏼
Kingfisher Sky Sep 28, 2018
Next week 6th of october in t’Ukien Kampen! With Phantom Elite! With Rock! With Roll! 😃🤘🏻😃🤘🏻🕺🏻
Kingfisher Sky Sep 21, 2018
Ivar seems to be ready. Are you? Come on over to Flux Zaandam for some Rock n Roll tonight! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Kingfisher Sky Sep 15, 2018
It is important for a band to take the rehearsal seriously. So we spent 45 min playing the set and 2 hours composing ourselves for this photograph. We are ready, willin’ and able for friday 21st in Flux Zaandam!
Kingfisher Sky Sep 02, 2018
Next gig september 21st Flux Zaandam! Huah! 😃🤘🏻
Kingfisher Sky Aug 19, 2018
Get ready Zaandam! We'll come a rockin' on your door on the 21st of september :-)
Kingfisher Sky Aug 07, 2018
You’re never too old to rock n roll! 🤘🏻👴🏼🤘🏻
Kingfisher Sky Jul 13, 2018
In the Netherlands they call it “cucumber time” when the summer is here and all is chill. A good time to share our video for Cornelia again, is it not? 😃🤘🏻🥒🥒🥒
Kingfisher Sky Jun 10, 2018
Summer is coming up and looks like we got some time on our hands before the next shows. Many of you have said “you should do an acoustic album”. Well, it’s like you were peeking into our minds! There is a good reason why these three stringed babies are lying on the floor, placed carefully in a triangle-like composition lavished in hipstagram filter goodness. It is to announce that we will make it so! 🤘🏻 The acoustic album that is 😉
Kingfisher Sky May 29, 2018
Why o why announce a Dutch review in English? Because we can! And because it is a very flattering review 😃
Kingfisher Sky May 27, 2018
It was decided to make today a full monty Band YOLO Day. Afternoon rockin’ in Pitcher Düsseldorf followed by a lavish diner in pittoresque woody surroundings! 🌳
Kingfisher Sky May 23, 2018
Road trip to Germany this saturday! 😃🚐🇩🇪
Kingfisher Sky May 18, 2018
It took us a while to post something about a musical friend of us who sadly passed away. We spoke to him last a few years ago in the Veur Theatre, talking about photography and music and about his battle with cancer. Although he already knew he would lose his arm he had a fighting spirit and positive look on life. For the crowdfunding he wanted a different version of a KS song and we thought it would be fun to make a Ska version of Multitude to cheer him up. But recording a song like that takes time and as it turned out, time was his greatest enemy. He never got to hear his song. We will still finish the song in his honour. Godspeed, Patrick Maass. We will remember you always. Love and strength to all his family and friends. ❤️
Kingfisher Sky May 11, 2018
“Hey Nick! Only one week ‘till we play Hedon Zwolle!” “Only one week??? Better get my Rock Face on!”
Kingfisher Sky May 06, 2018
The sun be shining in the merry month of may! So why not share our “Golden Thrones” video today? And on the 18th of may we will rock Hedon Zwolle! Sweet 😃
Kingfisher Sky May 01, 2018
Parting with a dress is such sweet sorrow... but it has been done! 1 dress perk on its way to Italy 😃