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6 Feet Beneath the Moon
King Krule Mar 03, 2019 VISUALS FOR MC PINT AND THE NEW RELEASE ON RHYTHM SECTION, the intro shot is an icon....... the wax got sold out but you can listen to the rest on internet platform listen to the informative stories behind this here... it feels like a long time coming, in the midst of a corporate deluge of the Big smoke. now an iconoclastic neck of the woods.
King Krule Dec 24, 2018
somebody uploaded the unreleased demo found upon the live recording on the moon vinyl........... if you would like to hear then here it is
King Krule Nov 30, 2018
PINTY and DJ JD SPORTS, Rhythm section release next year
King Krule Oct 26, 2018
King Krule's cover photo
King Krule Oct 26, 2018
Charlotte Patmore's visualisation of the OOZ's 'Cadet Limbo' has been released. It is accompanied with an interview. Such content can be found in the URL below....<3<3<3
King Krule Oct 13, 2018
THE OOZ has been in the public eye for a year now, here is a demo of the sublunary theme
King Krule Sep 29, 2018
King Krule's cover photo
King Krule Aug 28, 2018
Watch the CC Wade visualisation of the OOZ's Biscuit Town upon the internet.
King Krule Jun 12, 2018
now you can watch the whole jig upon line, Kang kroll with Maya Coline
King Krule Jun 06, 2018
King Krule Apr 05, 2018
****************"""""*******""""" any of you who missed our attendance to the BBC last night, we covered this song live upon radiowaves
King Krule Mar 08, 2018
Through Tereshkova's orbit and Kubrick's lens Houston we have a problem
King Krule Feb 07, 2018
American OOZ tickets on sale here -
King Krule Feb 07, 2018
yeooooooooo got aa lot of sheowwws this a yeaaaaar come down and hear me sing. rest in peace the montague, this is a video of some of the last set we played there. Tonight we play Istanbul for the first time and we travel across the earth from now so if you are a, space cadet or a deep sea diver or a prisoner of the plains, then cometh enquire thy sound !!
King Krule Jan 24, 2018
OOZing in America in April and May. Tickets on sale Friday 26th Jan at 10am, and midday in NY.
King Krule Jan 04, 2018
King Krule Nov 24, 2017
Oozing in Eastern Europa. Feb 2018. Tickets on sale now.
King Krule Nov 17, 2017
King Krule Nov 14, 2017
couple of live renditions we done, on a hanging morning in USA. No sleep post gunk muzak......
King Krule Nov 02, 2017
Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco tonight at 11:00pm EST / 10:00pm CST on TBS.
King Krule Oct 21, 2017
US Tour starts today. Support from Show Me The Body (10/21-10/30). Vidual short by Jamie Wolfe ( Get The OOZ
King Krule Oct 20, 2017