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King Khan And The Shrines Dec 12, 2018
Asma Bano - My Incredible Nanna (R.I.P.) I remember moments of tyranny from my childhood, when my father would throw me into the backseat of his car after beating the shit out of me and then scream at me for hours while driving around claiming that he was going to the adoption agency to drop me off. Watching him beat me or my mother senslessly sometimes kicking us in the stomach while we were laying on the ground. There was one person who was always there, whose magic touch could heal these open wounds immediately, and that was my grandmother, Asma Bano. She was the light at the end of the dark tunnel, and taught me about how important it was to laugh and love with all your heart. When she was a kid she grew up in Ghazipur, India, where she once found a dirty joke book laying on the ground. The poet's name was Chirkeen and she kept the book hidden from her parents because she knew they would forbid it. She taught us many limericks from this book, my favourite one went like this... "From far away I saw eggs boiling, but when I went up close it was bald men jumping!" It actually rhymes in urdu. Nanna lost two husbands and a 5 year old daughter very early on and had to take care of my mother and 7 other siblings all by herself in the 50s and 60s in India. This was a very difficult task for a single mother at the time. We called her Nanna, and she also took care of my siblings and I from our births, as well as, all of my uncle's siblings from there births about a decade later. Imagine 8 children and 6 grand children raised by her and her incredible indian food, (she also made a mean bolognese). She was so proud of me when she met my wife and then each of my two kids, her first two great granddaughters. When Nanna was brought to Canada it was to take care of me and my siblings, to help my mother finish her PhD in Microbiology. It was here where she learned of what a violent abusive person my father really was and she became the almighty healer of both my mother and of us grandchildren. She paid me 200 bucks to cut my long hair back when I was 15. She would joke with me all the time, and would love it when i would parade around the house slapping my belly like a monkey. I remember her waking me up at 4:30 in the morning so we could watch Bela Lugosi's Dracula on TV together, when I was about 12 years old. I remember how much she loved Michael Landon in Highway to Heaven, probably because he was an angel on the show. She loved Alf, and Macguyver too... as you can see we watched alot of TV together... but at same time she would tell us great stories about India. My favourite one was about how witches in india would steal peoples souls by feeding them the meat of an owl. I remember how impressed Nanna would be when I ate spicy foods, especially just raw hot peppers, to this day I am a fiend for hot tongue burning mircha, a love that was cultivated by her. Without her I would not be the man I am today, she was the first healer in my life and also the one who made me a storyteller. I love you so much, Nanna, may your journey into the beyond be as beautiful as your journey was on this earth.
King Khan And The Shrines Dec 08, 2018
my attempt at some black metal, with my brain scans... if you wanna know whats inside my head... take a good look and ride on.... into the neifelhyman! Hailllllllzzzzzzz!
King Khan And The Shrines Dec 07, 2018
here is the poem i wrote for the arkestra, and the footage of me reciting it with marshall allen right by my side..... danny thompson dressed me up too!!!!! I performed it originally in berlin, this was the second time in Utrecht at Le Guess Who... We the People of Myths (by your intergalactic soul brother king khan) in realms we all suffer tyrannical lives wrought with pain misery's delights restrain and confine the sick denied medication their minds denied education their children denied initiation our legacy remains in space yet our poor ever bleeding hearts beat stronger as the hunger empowers it is the hunger that empowers as it sees no rescue in sight so we pause and look to the stars every teardrop that twinkles every frankie gone wild in nightly adventures is born a dream is born a light is born a hope that the stars that do twinkle is how our solar saviour communicates with all of us in binary, morse esperanto a message of infinite otherworldly importance lost in the darkness at the speed of light around the rings of saturn there dance the plutonian knights sun ra asked us to whose reality do you belong? are you a myth ? or are you a real sentient being ? capable of loving one and other for it is WE the people of the myths who are drawn to eachother who unite in the heliocentric spectral symphonies who squeeze notes from our instruments like prayers on our knees to neptune and saturn shall we return? For each disharmony in this realm we make sonic splendour for each harmony in this world we inflate our tears till they burst into galaxies of wonder we make these sounds instead of staring into the sun and from this strange place watch the whole world from under tied to this ship for a lifetime in sound in space do we dwell in space aren't we swell? like the leaders do tell SPACE IS HERE TO STAY SPACE IS HEAR TO STAY
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 30, 2018
what would Susperia look like if I played Mother Susperia and Simon was Suzie Banion.... take a look for yourself...
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 28, 2018
doing tai chi with lou reed in 2010.... oh sweet nuthin! @khannibalism
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 26, 2018
ONLY 80 left!!! New repress of 19 year old debut of THREE HAIRS AND YOU'RE MINE first King Khan and the Shrines LP on glorius 180 gram vinyl.... do your eyes and ears a favour and grab it while you can! Available on @Khannibalism
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 26, 2018
Now available at all find places that sell Burger Tapes.... Three Hairs and You're Mine first album by King Khan and the Shrines! Get em while supplies last!
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 24, 2018
Proud to Present the new Catch as Catch Can video... produced by your fave brown king and special guest Saba Lou on back up vocals..... their album is killer and coming soon on Alien Snatch!!!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 23, 2018
new king khan and bbq show shirts by @AaronsArtKills, only available at shows... Dec. 14 at Quasimodo in Berlin! follow me on instagram... @khannibalism
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 22, 2018
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 20, 2018
Back when i earned my wu name given to me by GZA himself..... Lord Khan..... i think someone got stabbed in the audience while we were playing!
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 18, 2018
Coming Soon in 2019... The Complete Invaders Soundtrack!!!! @khannibalism
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 16, 2018
Get yourself a Louder Than Death shirt while supplies last, especially for you Cleveland folks, the drawing is of the police officer that killed young Tamir Rice, and apparently they gave him his job back! Vive le Resistance!
King Khan And The Shrines Nov 09, 2018
last night..... i saw Lonnie Holley, play his magic atlanta meets africa music of the spheres..... then followed by the Art Ensemble of Chicago who were incredible, afrofuturism in all its splendour and glory.... and then the icing on this musical cake... Jonathan Gat and the Eastern Medecine Singers..... THEY DID RUMBLE!!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 31, 2018
Straight from the horse's mouth!!!! on 53rd and 3rd!!!!!! Gonna make ya feel sick!!!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 30, 2018
My daughter Amabelle was 9 years old when she made this... i just held the camera... she directed, produced, wrote and starred in it.... it's so important to let your kids create!!!!!! Big Daddy Khan
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 29, 2018
Check out the rise of first nations hip hop... my indian sister Jb the FirstLady!!!!!! WE STILL HERE!!!!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 27, 2018
Hey Madrid!!! come see punk rocks finest! El Cielo for Primavera fest.... TONIGHT! you will be vaporized by PUNK MADNESS!
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 24, 2018
LOUDER THAN DEATH (feat. King Khan, Magnetix & Fredovitch) 26th Oct. Barcelona - Primavera Club Apolo 2 27th Oct. Madrid - El Ciel
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 05, 2018
Boston last night. Brooklyn, Washington, Asheville and Atlanta next!
King Khan And The Shrines Oct 05, 2018
NYC we are coming for you! @khannibalism
King Khan And The Shrines Sep 27, 2018
Letter From Jodorowsky.... I made the Born To Die video as a tribute to Jodo, my spiritual guru.... this was the letter he sent me after seeing the video... written in Spanlish... ¡Muchas, pero muchas gracias King Khan! I liked yours video. Strong and creatif. A big honor for me que hayas dedicado tan bella creaciòn. Un abrazo con alas: Alejandro
King Khan And The Shrines Sep 25, 2018
hey children of the revolution.... follow my royal brown butt on instagram @khannibalism and see you soon America!!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Sep 25, 2018
Great read!
King Khan And The Shrines Sep 18, 2018
Dear Shrines fans.... We need your help.... so our Beloved Ronald Anthony Streeter, 72 year young american percussion player/sweetest human being ever needs a favour.... everytime we try and cross the border to Canada, Ron is denied entry because of a "criminal charge" on his record, now he has lived in germany for the past 40 plus years and we need to figure out what this charge is and if its a mistake or can be expunged.... they never wanna tell us what the charge is at the border, but Ron has no idea what it could be... anyone know how to proceed, or any kind of help would be greatly appreciated... quick update.... it seems there is another ron streeter in chicago who has a bunch of criminal charges which maybe be showing up by mistake on our Ron's name.... hmmmm what can we do.... please help! love King Khan & the Shrines