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Three Hairs and You're Mine
What Is?!
Idle No More
Billiards At Nine Thirty
Mr. Supernatural
King Khan & The Shrines at Oslo Hackney (July 5, 2019)
Venue: Oslo Hackney (London, UK) Find tickets
Astral Festival Astral Festival 2019
Venue: Astral Festival (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
King Khan & The Shrines at Café Wilhelmina (July 12, 2019)
Venue: Café Wilhelmina (Eindhoven, Netherlands) Find tickets
King Khan & The Shrines at Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus (October 10, 2019)
Venue: Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus (Bremen, Germany) Find tickets
King Khan & The Shrines and Destination Anywhere at Hafenklang (October 20, 2019)
Venue: Hafenklang (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
King Khan & The Shrines at Hafenklang (October 24, 2019)
Venue: Hafenklang (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
King Khan And The Shrines Apr 19, 2019
Geelong strikes again!!!! These boys are great!
King Khan And The Shrines Apr 15, 2019
Pre Order it now! The Vinyl is in!
King Khan And The Shrines Apr 05, 2019
The King Khan Experience is coming out on vinyl..... artwork by the incredible Sophie Crumb! Check out Turkey Ride! Pre-Order special limited edition psychedelic splatter vinyl!!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Apr 04, 2019
here she is, kids...Saba Lou seranading people in a car! proud papa khan
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 26, 2019
Here I am with two great soul giants.... Syl Johnson and the Black Godfather Andre Williams (RIP)....
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 23, 2019
New LP on In The Red Records.... Coming soon.... King Khan, The Magnetix and Fredovitch..... Super Duper Punk Rock Mayhem! Guest appearances by Toni Lou, Sean Spits and Ian Svenonius!
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 20, 2019
hey my eyes are up here buddy!
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 19, 2019
the amazing art of Floyd D. Tunson.... contemporary artist and buddy of mine...
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 18, 2019
I spoke to Andre Williams for the first time on the telephone in 1998 to interview him for a newspaper. I remember being so excited to talk to such an R&B legend, and little did I know that I would become such great buddies with him and party with him all over the world for the next 20 years!!! The first phone interview with him was so wild that i swear some of his answers are etched into the fabric of my being.... "Andre, what did the sweetest pussy you ever tasted taste like?" The answer shot out of him instantly without any hesitation, "Honey Dew Melon", "Andre, where was the craziest place you made love?" "I pulled up into what i thought was an empty parking lot and started doing it, and then all of the sudden all these lights came on and a bus load of prisoners stopped right next to my car and could see may bare ass, turns out it was the parking lot of a prison." "Andre, have you ever tried viagra?" He answered this one in third person, "well you see Andre has a tendency to do too much of a good thing, so no I havent tried it yet." "What do you think would happen to you if you OD'd on it?" "Well they would have to bury me in a lidless casket!" Andre was one of the funniest and wildest show men in R&B history, I remember taking him to the Matador in Toronto after a gig and he was mesmerized by the country band that was playing, and we drank till the wee wee hours, when we were leaving the place there was a red convertible cadillac outside the venue, and i told him it was mine and he jumped in the passenger side, the owner of the car came outside right behind us, had a huge mullet and moustache and yells "get the fuck out of my car!" and Andre just jumped out in one fallow swoop and we laughed our way to some house party. Two years later, i have moved to Germany and have a baby on its way, and i go see Andre at a club in Hannover, I meet him again and he remembers me as "Blacksnake" and its about 8pm and he has already drank about half a bottle of vermouth. So i tell him that I am about to have a baby and ask if he has any advice. Then he gets this serious demonic look in his eyes and says, "always remember that as soon as that child sees your face, she will always know who you are!" What that meant I still do not know, but it sounded good the way he said it with such conviction. Many years later I met up with Andre in Chicago, I phoned him around noon and he says "Call me back in an hour, i am getting my prostate checked!" We hang out all afternoon and i tell him about how I had to check into a mental hospital for a bit, then he asks me what meds they gave me and it turns out we had tried all the same drugs! Later that day we ran into Syl Johnson, who was produced by Andre way back in the day, and they hadnt seen eachother in over 30 years, and Syl tries to jump kick Andre and goes "Motherfucker!" and they start smiling and huggin, it was beautiful to see them reunite like that. Andre was always such a character, and I feel truly blessed too be his friend. He touched the hearts of so many people and was reborn so many times in his own lifetime, literally crawling out of the gutter and reclaiming his majesty, thanks to such great people like Billy and Miriam at Norton, Larry Hardy at In The Red, The Demolition Doll Rods, Mick Collins.... I will never forget him and his incredible legacy, as a producer, as a singer, as a song writer, as an author, and as a true pioneer of that raunchy rock n' roll that saved my life. Goodnight Andre, may your journey beyond be as amazing as your entire life. with love, your "ethnic friend" King Khan P.S. this video attached was a completely unrehearsed "jam" we did with Andre in Chicago many moons ago.... though the "song" may not be very tight his charm exudes......
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 17, 2019
Bristol come through!
King Khan And The Shrines Mar 08, 2019
for all you lovely power fraus!!!
King Khan And The Shrines Feb 27, 2019
Join us for true punk rock mayhem!
King Khan And The Shrines Feb 23, 2019
one of my all time favourite songs by one of my all time favourite bands.... SATURN IS FOR LOVERS.... Red Mass is rising!
King Khan And The Shrines Feb 10, 2019
follow us on instagram.... @king_khan_and_the_shrines @khannibalism @sabalouland khan family out!
King Khan And The Shrines Feb 09, 2019
hey kids.... here is some SOUND advice.... if you love rock n roll, then do yourself a favor buy this Real Kids record released by Crypt records... it will make your brain vibrate and show that boston was certainly a hub for incredible music.... DO IT! love King Khan @khannibalism
King Khan And The Shrines Feb 04, 2019
hey berlin brats.... HELP! Mirko (drummer from the Shrines) needs a room to live in ASAP..... preferably in neu koln or kreuzburg.... atleast 20 square meters and with roomates.... please email him at
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 22, 2019
the amazing story about Dr. King visiting Berlin in 1964.... despite having his passport confiscated and being forbidden to go speak in east berlin, MLK didnt even flinch and did not one but two sermons in east berlin, sewing a seed deep into their minds...
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 20, 2019
I wrote this song in French called "Empoisonneuse" 10 years ago, after spending the night in the house that belonged to Mme. de Brinvilliers she was known as "The Poisonner of Paris"... her story is intensly tragic, she was raped by her father and as revenge poisonned him and all her brothers, all this in the year 1666! She was beheaded and her body burned at the stake.... here is her story in song, i called her Elodie (cuz i love that name so much).... in French!!!!! She was also blamed for the murders of many children in a hospital, it was said she travelled through the sewers and catacombs into the hospital. EMPOISONNEUSE (F. Bourdil - F. Brissaud - A. A. Khan) Pourquoi tu ris toutes les nuits Empoisonneuse Elodie Tu joues avec des parfums interdits C’est pas du Chanel, hostie J’ai vu ta bicyclette dans le jardin des regrets Ca suffit Elodie T’as embaumé mon Coeur d’effluves de Malheur Empoisonneuse Elodie En mille six cent soixante six Tu as tué tous tes fils Sauf moi ton p’tit complice Qui connait tout De tes vices Les feux d’artifice dans tes yeux magnifiques Empoisonneuse Elodie On danse dans une transe de meurtre et de romance Allons-y Elodie La peau du crapaud et le sang de l’agneau est ta recette magique Enfant violée et par le roi décapitée Empoisonneuse Elodie En mille six cent soixante six Tu as tué tous tes fils Sauf moi ton p’tit complice Qui connaît Tous tes vices Derrière tes apparats de gente dame Se cache un poignard sans lame Tu me provoques en duel Et je choisis les larmes
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 19, 2019
this might have been our finest hour... Sean Spits on the microphone!
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 18, 2019
Congrats to my sister... Coco Khan for being UNANIMOUSLY elected to lead this North American public advisory committee to make sure the new NAFTA respects and protects the environment ✊🏾 Dots and feathers for life!
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 17, 2019
King Khan's Louder Than Death.... Viva La French Revolution! 24/01/19 St. Oeun - Mains D'OEuvres 25/01/19 Angouleme - Le Mars/Spin Off 26/01/19 Bordeaux - La Salle Des Fetes
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 16, 2019
When my kids were born 16 and 18 years ago, my wife and i decided never to have cell phones, so my daughters grew up with out the little screens and developed a love of painting, making music, enjoying nature and enjoying there youth full of wonder and creativity. If you dont believe just have a listen... my main message to all new parents keep them devices away from your kids!
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 07, 2019
Coming to Bristol in July!
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 07, 2019
so if you are wondering if punk rock can be passed thru your genes (not jeans haha) it can! rest assured, just make sure you let them kids start writing anthems really early! i remember when saba lou heard me say the word "physical" she started laughing at how funny it sounded and then within minutes started singing this song... at 5 years old! Luckily i heard it, ran to the living room and recorded it on the 4 track.... ahhh the memories... she also thought the name "kalamazoo" was hilarious!
King Khan And The Shrines Jan 05, 2019
Hey kids!!!!! here is Saba Lou's first single with a bonus track, "The Wrong Song" a beautiful example of Capt. Beefheart channelling his soul through a 6 year old girl!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!! NOW!!! King Khan