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Hidden Vagenda
Knock-Knock Who?
My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
Thunder Thighs
Remember That I Love You
Kimya Dawson at The Beverly (September 12, 2019)
Venue: The Beverly (Kingston, NY, US) Find tickets
Kimya Dawson with Shellshag and Your Heart Breaks at The Ballroom at the Outer Space (September 17, 2019)
Venue: The Ballroom at the Outer Space (Hamden, CT, US) Find tickets
Official Kimya Dawson Jul 03, 2019
“You tweet me my own lyrics Tell me to stop Letting a few bad apples ruin the bunch Don't minimize the fight comparing apples to cops* This is about the orchard’s poisoned roots not loose fruits in a box.” *including CBP/ICE
Official Kimya Dawson Jul 01, 2019
Teleprompters (Kimya guitalele version)
Official Kimya Dawson Jun 29, 2019
Pretend you never saw the post about the show at the Seattle Library. We have been told it was cancelled but we haven’t been told why.
Official Kimya Dawson Jun 24, 2019
This is the family of a sweet kid that I have known since last year and have volunteered with in our school community. Her dad is facing deportation. This is horrifying. Please contribute. Every little bit will help. 💔
Official Kimya Dawson Jun 12, 2019
I am so excited to be able to finally share this with you all! Getting a message last year from Harry & the Potters asking me to sing a duet, as Hermione, IN THE STYLE OF MEATLOAF was a fucking dream come true!!! ⚡️❤️⚡️
Official Kimya Dawson May 09, 2019
Driving Driving Driving
Official Kimya Dawson May 07, 2019
At The Seams
Official Kimya Dawson Apr 05, 2019
My nephew Skyler asked me to sign and share this one. Please let me know if you sign & share so I can tell him and he can see that his request had an impact. Thanks!
Official Kimya Dawson Mar 26, 2019
Official Kimya Dawson Mar 11, 2019
Official Kimya Dawson Mar 02, 2019
Kimya Dawson Concert & Clyde Petersen Film Screening
Official Kimya Dawson Feb 16, 2019
My amazing friend Onry (who I have played multiple shows with and wrote and recorded the song Neonerd with)’s 10 year old daughter Violet was diagnosed with cancer and they really need support. Violet is a ball of sass, an amazing performer, and she makes beats that rival some pro producers. She is all over Onry’s last album and part of the reason it was one of my favorite albums of 2018. She is gonna fight the hell out of this. Please donate however much you can, every little bit counts. And share share SHARE the link. Thanks. ✨🦄✨
Official Kimya Dawson Feb 15, 2019
“The industry has been slower to reckon with its abusers post-#MeToo than other art forms, partly because it is built on a generally permissive culture of excess and blurred lines between work and leisure – but also because the myth of the unbridled male genius remains at its core. The male genius is the norm from which everyone else deviates. He sells records, concert tickets and magazines. And because he resembles most of the men who run the industry, few of them are in any hurry to act when he is accused of heinous behaviour, lest their own actions come into question. The concept of male genius insulates against all manner of sin. Bad behaviour can be blamed on his prerequisite troubled past. His trademark sensitivity offers plausible deniability when he is accused of less-than-sensitive behaviour. His complexity underpins his so-called genius.”
Official Kimya Dawson Jan 27, 2019
Chris is one of the kids that went to my family’s home daycare from toddlerhood into the tween years and has always been a super rad human. ❤️
Official Kimya Dawson Dec 16, 2018
All past orders were just picked up to be mailed and I just put some coloring books and a couple of drawings up on etsy! Go get em! (I will be posting more drawings later)
Official Kimya Dawson Nov 22, 2018
"My Country Tis of Thy People You're Dying"
Official Kimya Dawson Nov 17, 2018
Honoring Alana's Legacy: Malkia's Ongoing Fight for Justice
Official Kimya Dawson Nov 06, 2018
Parents At Seattle's Licton Springs K-8 Voice Frustration About The School's Possible Move
Official Kimya Dawson Oct 29, 2018
Neko Case | Tour Dates
Official Kimya Dawson Oct 25, 2018
A New Matt Tobey Solo Record
Official Kimya Dawson Oct 08, 2018
Thalia Hall Owners Ignored ‘Toxic’ Treatment Of Female Staffers For Years, Former Employees Say
Official Kimya Dawson Oct 05, 2018
See you TONIGHT Omaha!!!! 🎉🦖🦕
Official Kimya Dawson Sep 11, 2018
Anthrax (Powerballad Version), by Kimya Dawson
Official Kimya Dawson Sep 04, 2018
Claire Wineland, inspirational speaker and social media star, dies one week after lung transplant
Official Kimya Dawson Aug 16, 2018
The Regent