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Kimbra Jun 23, 2019
I ate a lot of amazing Ethiopian food on my trip & for the foodies out there I am just going to go ahead and post the best dishes I ate. I want to relive the memories again. There is truly nothing like Ethiopian food made in the motherland. Lucky I brought a bunch of spices & teff flour back to make my own! . Ps. I’m inviting you to join with me in supporting the work of @tirzahintl this month. For every person who donates (please let me know in the comments!) I will personally raise my own monthly donation. Help me invest in these amazing women as they build their businesses and become beacons of hope in their community.
Kimbra Jun 16, 2019
I made a new video diary about my time in Ethiopia, you can watch it here : Thank you so much for watching. It means so much to me to share this part of my heart with you all. . In the video I invite you to partner with me in helping provide resource for this incredible empowerment program run by local Ethiopians to help the most impoverished women in their communities. . For the remaining month of June, I want to see what we can do together. For every person who donates (please let me know if you do in the comments!) I will personally raise my own monthly donation accordingly. Head to : . I believe so deeply in the work of @tirzahintl and the way they partner with LOCAL programs to empower them and the work they do with women and children. They are experiencing deep change in their lives as they embark on a self sustaining future.
Kimbra Jun 12, 2019
I’m on my way back from 10 days in Ethiopia with @tirzahintl & my heart is full & overflowing from meeting & reconnecting with the inspiring women who take part in the Beza Empowerment Program (run by THE most amazing Ethiopian men & women) who help them build sustainable businesses for their future. . . I will be putting my experiences into another video diary (some of you might have seen my others on my YouTube channel!) so look out for that but in the meantime i’ll leave you with some photos of the women, whose stories I will soon share + the heroes of this work; the leaders on the ground... I’m truly honored to be a witness to the journey that THEY have made possible. . . That’s what I love most about @tirzahintl, they empower LOCAL programs (not only through resources but through genuine relationship) in local areas by elevating the incredible work already taking place. I can’t wait to tell you more about my time there & I have a feeling many of you will be moved to partner with me in this work moving forward. . . Truth : I’ve seen the transforming power that takes place in communities when we invest in women. This trip (my third & not my last) proved that yet again. As always, the key is to hold tight to this love, vision & courage & bring it back to the place I live. . . SO! Time to fly back across the world to NYC. I’ll miss you Ethiopia. And the beautiful team of women I had the honor of traveling with. I will not forget. More soon! X
Kimbra Jun 08, 2019
Happy Birthday for yesterday Prince ♥️ (this WiFi in Ethiopia makes punctual posting a little tricky...) We miss you. There will never be another. . I’m releasing something special next week to honor 3 years since his passing ... this space x . . @recordingacademy #grammys #prince
Kimbra Jun 05, 2019
Me and @thrillofthechayce took some awkward ‘here’s me and an icecream’ photos by the park and I look about 12 years old, but it’s summer in New York! Yus! . Today I leave for Ethiopia for 10 days with @tirzahintl - my third trip with this amazing organization. I can’t wait to reconnect with the women I spent time with on previous trips & the team who will be taking the journey for the first time. . @tirzahintl empower women & children affected by HIV across the world by helping them build their own sustainable businesses, an initiative started by fellow Ethiopians who Tirzah partner with as a support, a respite and a witness to share the stories. . These trips have shaped who I am and what I care about most, it gives me a chance to step outside of my career, my identity as a musician and the ego that comes with that (or any job for that matter) and instead spend time learning from the unwavering fortitude of women I meet on these trips who often feel forgotten. They inspire me in ways that stay with me forever. I always return with new perspective on my life in New York and what my purpose is as a musician. . Do you have ways that you feed your spirit and desire to help others that is separate from what you do for work? Here in New York or elsewhere? I’m a big believer in finding ways to contribute that require simply your presence and your basic human gift, which is to love. You can read more about my past trips with Tirzah at my blog ‘The Catacombs’ on Tumblr. X
Kimbra May 22, 2019
My friend Alex Toth recently released an amazing record called ‘Practise Magic and Seek Help When Necessary’. . I’m so honored to have been a part of it by co-writing the first track on this album with him. Go check it out online or purchase the beautiful vinyl version which comes with an addition of personal wisdom written by the artist himself : ‘10 things I do to feel okay -especially when the going is rough’. . . I sometimes forget music is both magic and healing. Maybe you need these reminders right now too. Thanks @tothtunes for endlessly giving in such generous ways, not only with your gift but your heart and honesty about the struggles. You always make me feel less alone in my own. . Again, this album is raw and life-affirming. Go get lost in it.
Kimbra May 15, 2019
We made a music video for the title track of the movie I starred in this year, 'Daffodils'. The song is called 'Silent Treatment' & you can check out the song & video at Youtube now, link in my bio 🙂 shout out to @charlotteevansnz & @lipssongs
Kimbra May 14, 2019
Thankyou Guadalajara ♥️you were such an amazing crowd at @coronacapitalgdl - hope to return soon!!! For now, it’s back to New York... Mexico, Thankyou for all the love !!!! XO
Kimbra May 11, 2019
Mexico City!!!! I’m speechless at the love and passion you brought to that room last night - we had such an amazing time, THANKYOU for your wild, unwavering support of what I do & for making my first show in Mexico unforgettable XOXO dress by @anikena.azulik styled by @bexsheers photos by you! Videos in my story 💕
Kimbra May 09, 2019
Me& the boys playing Mexico for first time tomorrow night!! Don’t forget to pick up merch at the show 💕 (like these sweet hoodies they are casually pimping in this pic;). SEE YOU TOMORROW at @salapuebla 💕📸@spencerzahn
Kimbra May 05, 2019
...3 days till MEXICO. We are playing Mexico City & Guadalajara @coronacapitalgdl! My first ever time to Mexico... I can’t wait. ❤️Been such a long time coming!
Kimbra Apr 25, 2019
TONIGHT!! We are playing @moogfest in Durham, North Carolina! Back to the electronic set! We play 10pm at @thearmorync - - can’t wait! ⚡️⚡️
Kimbra Apr 25, 2019
Attention! I'm so excited to be performing and speaking at Moogfest this year. My set tonight will be mixed in surround sound for the first time live! Don't miss it.
Kimbra Apr 15, 2019
Photoshoot for the new @neimanmarcus campaign as one of their Contemporary Influencers alongside @cicibme @cailinrusso - the lookbook out now in stores♥️
Kimbra Apr 04, 2019
It’s been just over a week since tour ended. Reflecting on the beautiful moments throughout Europe, Thankyou to everyone who came out- it was magic 💫London, you ended that tour on the craziest high. Still buzzing. . Out at @berkleecollege in Boston today doing some mentoring sessions for #CareerJam2019. Excited to meet some super talented students. . Oh & one last thing, apart from a few shows here & there (keep track on my website!) I am now officially taking time to write LP4. ⭐️Feels so good to be starting a new body of work. ♥️2 u all . More updates soon. X
Kimbra Apr 03, 2019
Thanks Forbes for putting me in the Forbes 30 Under 30 hot list!
Kimbra Mar 27, 2019
Amazing time performing songs from the Reimagined Tour in Prague with Radio Wave ✨ Thank you for having me !
Kimbra Mar 26, 2019
Thankyou to the amazing @thecultvinyl for this HAND embroidered Primal Heart Jean jacket he made which I’m obsessed with... !! how dope would this be in the merch store?! Yell out if you’d scoop one!!! Maybe I can do a limited edition ;);) I swear, the fans I have got to meet on this tour have been so amazing.... !! LAST show of tour tonight in London! And tomorrow is my birthday so we gonna celebrate! ❤️ don’t sleep on your last chance to buy tour merch tonight!⭐️⭐️
Kimbra Mar 25, 2019
Keeping it real glam in @gucci #safetypinlyf @bexsheers @oakesonearth
Kimbra Mar 25, 2019
Manchester, you sold the show out tonight & we’re gonna go IN - are you ready? I’m excited to see you. Photo by @matythecreator 🌔dress by @burguettea
Kimbra Mar 21, 2019
Back in moody, beautiful Amsterdam. Man I love this city. Excited for the show tonight at Paradiso Amsterdam ♥️ see you there ⚡️only Paris, Manchester & London to go!
Kimbra Mar 20, 2019
Cologne tonight !!! So excited to see you !! 💫 Thankyou Copenhagen for a beautiful show & day off in your lovely city. Love this dress worn in Berlin by local German designer I' VR
Kimbra Mar 18, 2019
So excited that my Songs from Primal Heart: Reimagined vinyl is available to pre-order online! Some of you have gotten to snag a copy on the Reimagined tour and now the rest of you can ⚡️ Preorder now & it will officially be released on April 12 xo
Kimbra Mar 14, 2019
Um how dope are these analogue elevators at Radio Wave in Prague?! We got a bit too excited over this... . Ps. HELLO Prague! Excited to see you tonight at Lucerna Music Bar - make sure to come down early for School of X & LENNY ♥️
Kimbra Mar 14, 2019
Hello Prague ! I’m doing a live session streaming on Radio Wave soon so tune in to hear us play a few songs or you can watch it online! ❤️ ps. So happy to be in Prague and to see you all at the show tonight !!!