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Kim Churchill with Jason Lowe and Georgie Jones at 48Watt (December 31, 2018)
Venue: 48Watt (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Kim Churchill Dec 18, 2018
Dear Beautiful Bellingen. I’m playing a show on Jan 9th at @5churchst and tickets are moving faaasst! Grab one if your interested. link in comments😊🌳👇🏻
Kim Churchill Dec 17, 2018
Had the most amazing time recording in the blue mountains! Will share with you all one day 🥁🌄 📷 Connor Rancan
Kim Churchill Dec 13, 2018
Hey Cenny Coasters! I’ve got a gig in Gosford on the 11th of Jan at @therhythmhut tix link in comments 👇🏻
Kim Churchill Dec 12, 2018
Newcastle! Come hang out at 48 Watt Street for New Years 🥂🍻 tics in coms
Kim Churchill Nov 29, 2018
's cover photo
Kim Churchill Nov 29, 2018
's cover photo
Kim Churchill Nov 27, 2018
Few one off ‘Raw_Files’ shows in Jan to look forward to 👍🤗 tix go on sale at 9am! 🥁👏🌅 link in comments
Kim Churchill Nov 27, 2018
Kim Churchill
Kim Churchill Nov 27, 2018
Kim Churchill
Kim Churchill Nov 27, 2018
's cover photo
Kim Churchill Nov 22, 2018
Getting recharged! Looking forward to playing in Coffs Harbour on Saturday to at the @thejettyfoodandwinefestival 🐬 📷 @simcat22
Kim Churchill Nov 20, 2018
TORQUAY! Presale tix went onsale yesterday for my show at @torquayhotel on jan 18 and have already sold out. Final ticket sales go onsale today at 9am. Link in my comments 🌅🍺
Kim Churchill Nov 19, 2018
Home sweet Home! 🌅 Heading north. Playing a free show at the Beach Hotel in Byron on Friday! It will probably be fun 😏
Kim Churchill Nov 18, 2018
K see ya Germany 🇩🇪 👋
Kim Churchill Nov 16, 2018
Danke Hamburg! Köln tonight 🍹
Kim Churchill Nov 15, 2018
Thanks Berlin! Last night was roof raisin 🎇off to Hamburg tonite! Playing at Nochtspeicher! Loving beautiful Germany 🇩🇪👍🍻
Kim Churchill Nov 14, 2018
Back in the land of Pretzels 🥨 Berlin tonite!
Kim Churchill Nov 13, 2018
German tour starts tonight In Munich which has sold out. Berlin tomozza and Hamburg, Köln and Frankfurt the days after 🎙💡
Kim Churchill Nov 11, 2018
My last ferry ride in Canada 🇨🇦 🍌
Kim Churchill Nov 10, 2018
Last day of Canadian ‘Raw_Files’ tour. I’m more tired than this photo lots on but it’s a pretty accurate representation of how happy in am here right now. Naniamo tonight! Bout ten tics left! 📷 @taytay_florence
Kim Churchill Nov 08, 2018
The island is treating us marvellously 🏞🌲🌅 off to Cumberland today to The Waverley Hotel. No idea if there is tickets left - website probs says
Kim Churchill Nov 06, 2018
Headed for Victoria! Capital Ballroom tonight. Particularly excited about this one 🤗
Kim Churchill Nov 06, 2018
Germany 🇩🇪 I’ll be there in about a week! Munich is sold out and all the others are close! Grab a tic quick please 🍻
Kim Churchill Nov 05, 2018
Enroute to Fort Langley! I may or may not be joined by a choir tonite... 🤭Vernon was a treat last night 👌🏻 that performing arts centre is class 🤩
Kim Churchill Nov 04, 2018
Singing on a walk somewhere 🍁🌲 Vernon! I’ve never played here before and I’m a little excited! Playing the Performing Arts centre tonight!