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Killola Dec 13, 2018
One day my new band, H. Kink will get our own Facebook page (maybe). Until then, please get the new single, NO WHAMMYS on iTunes! Artwork by Vanessa Dahbour
Killola Nov 16, 2018
Killola Oct 23, 2018
One of the days, H. Kink will get their own page (maybe). Until then- new song.
Killola Oct 18, 2018
New H. Kink song and video. VOTE!
Killola Oct 05, 2018
Stoked! My project with Timm Sharp called, H.Kink, is included in Stereogum’s top 5 videos of the week :)
Killola Oct 03, 2018
Watch Jolee hang with the Wu-tang Clan in space! Link on Lisarieffel Instagram
Killola Oct 03, 2018
Watch Jolee hang out with the Wu-tang Clan in space!! Watch the whole video:
Killola Sep 28, 2018
Did you get the new H. Kink single, “It’s Yours” from iTunes yet? Why are you even still reading this? Go get it!!!
Killola Sep 21, 2018
Watch my new band, H.Kink ‘s brand new video.
Killola Jul 01, 2018
Video is complete! Timm and I can’t wait to show ya what we’ve been up to!
Killola May 10, 2018
Wow. Last night was so perfectly beautiful. The warm n fuzzies were in full effect & I can’t tell you how touched we were to see so many of you there, singing, dancing, & loving. I was scared no one would come but you guys PACKED the joint & made us feel like all the years of hard work we put in meant something to people other than ourselves. We won’t ever forget last night. We love you, we love you, we love you. Until next time, K))ids 🖤
Killola May 09, 2018
Killola May 08, 2018
TWO DAYS before our Viper Room Reunion Show. I feel like a soda bottle that has been shaken vigorously, fixin to explode.
Killola May 03, 2018
Killola May 02, 2018
A few tickets left! Get them now or be laughed at forever. Viperroom.cahhhhhhm
Killola May 01, 2018
Killola Apr 30, 2018
Presented without caption
Killola Apr 27, 2018
Video flyer for The Killola Reunion! May 9th at The Viper Room!
Killola Apr 25, 2018
Who, us? Oh, just kicking it with Beyoncé.
Killola Apr 25, 2018
🖤 tonight was the most fun I’ve had in YEARS Get your tix for May 9th now at
Killola Apr 24, 2018
I’m a lawyer!
Killola Apr 24, 2018
You guys... Watch TMZ tonight. 😂 x INFINITY
Killola Apr 20, 2018
Hey! I was lucky enough to sing on Walt Hamburger’s new record! I’m featured on the track, Splinter, along side Walt and Joey Cape (who also produced!) Check it out here:
Killola Apr 12, 2018
In case ya missed it, here is the episode of Dave Navarro’s Dark Matter that Johnny and I were guests on. Big thanks to @dancleary for making this super fun!
Killola Apr 11, 2018
JUST ADDED: Killola is being joined by Peter Gilroy’s new band, LULLABIES! Strongly recommend getting your tickets now!