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Real Works
Kibir La Amlak Aug 23, 2019
É nóis, breaking (injera) bread with familia, catching up and reasoning! Sun is blazing in London City and we ready for a weekend full of vibes! @amlsszika @victorvint @africamaedoleao . . #kibirlaamlak #africamaedoleao #zemamusic #saopaulo #london #soundsystemculture #soundsystems #reggae #dub #rootsreggae #nottighillcarnival #nottinghillcarnival2019
Kibir La Amlak Aug 17, 2019
In honour of the birth of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, I share with you the brand new visuals from sisters the Dawtas of Aya, A LUTA CONTIUA Taken from the 'Energia' mixtape we recorded together on our European tour Summer 2018. This riddim was produced in collaboration with Tiqur Ambassa Shot, Directed and Edited by one of Sao Paulo's best Negguz Prod 1 year ago today myself and the Dawtas of Aya kicked of our European tour Rototom Dub Station, on that day as with today and every 17th August we payed homage to the life and works of Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey.
Kibir La Amlak Aug 11, 2019
8 Eye Productions presents a #guerrilladub performance live and direct from Brussels Airport with myself and Messenger Douglas, fresh and full of energy from our performance Reggae Geel the day before! Rise up Zema Music on this trod with us!
Kibir La Amlak Aug 10, 2019
This was a crazy VIBE Reggae Geel! Kumar makes an unannounced performance in Tippy I Grade DUB show on King Shiloh Sound System and lifts the levels to the highest heights! Check out the 8 Eye Productions visuals to get a re-cap... As a fellow live dub artist it was a true blessing to see Tippy work his magic and then get a chance to compare notes after.. Nuff inspirations! Shout out to Zema Music making this trod with I! Look out for some clips from Zema Music's show and also Kibir La Amlak ft Messenger Douglas..
Kibir La Amlak Aug 03, 2019
The musical journey continues today @reggaegeel with bringing her Queenly vibration on @kingshilohsoundsystem 4-5pm in the 18” Corner! #kibirlaamlak #zemamusic #reggaegeel2019 #reggaegeel #8eye #8eyeproduction #giveustheteachingsofhismajesty #dub #realworks #messengerdouglas #reggae #rootsreggae #dub #ukreggae #ukdub #soundsystemculture #freestyles #freestyle #freestylelyrics #zionstationfestival #zionstation #lyrical #livedub #akaiapc40mk2 #akaipro
Kibir La Amlak Aug 02, 2019
I don’t remember the last time I was so hyped about a lineup! I’m as excited to partake as I am to listen! Give thanks @reggaegeel Fesival for the invite to play tonight in the 18” Corner!! This one is gonna be MAAADDD!!! Look forward to link all family! #kibirlaamlak #zemamusic #reggaegeel2019 #reggaegeel #8eye #8eyeproduction #giveustheteachingsofhismajesty #dub #realworks #messengerdouglas #reggae #rootsreggae #dub #ukreggae #ukdub #soundsystemculture #freestyles #freestyle #freestylelyrics #zionstationfestival #zionstation #lyrical #livedub #akaiapc40mk2 #akaipro
Kibir La Amlak Aug 02, 2019
Tonight!! I’ll be joined by my brother Messenger Douglas for an exclusive ‘2.5hr Live Dubwise Lyrical Explosion’ @reggaegeel Fesival in the 18” Corner!! This one is gonna be MAAADDD!!! Look forward to link all family! @ionyouth_soundsystem / @keetyroots / Pablo Gad / King Earthquake /, @tippyigradedub / Alpha & Omega /@kingshilohsoundsystem / @rasdigby #kibirlaamlak #zemamusic #reggaegeel2019 #reggaegeel #8eye #8eyeproduction #giveustheteachingsofhismajesty #dub #realworks #messengerdouglas #reggae #rootsreggae #dub #ukreggae #ukdub #soundsystemculture #freestyles #freestyle #freestylelyrics #zionstationfestival #zionstation #lyrical #livedub #akaiapc40mk2 #akaipro
Kibir La Amlak Aug 01, 2019
‼️OUT NOW‼️ 'Blessings (flute cut) feat Don Fe' The next limited edition vinyl from Kibir La Amlak / 8 Eye Productions Available exclusively at Lion Vibes Record Shop Click here to purchase: ✅ALSO... when you buy this record - Lion Vibes are offering 15% off of your total order for the next 72hrs if you spend £75 or more at Dont miss out on this musical feast, featuring: Dennis Bovell, Jerry Lionz, Roberto Sánchez, Don Fe, Ashanti Selah... must have for all collectors and selectors. Limited to 200 copies only. No re-issue, no re-press, when they're done - they're done!
Kibir La Amlak Jul 13, 2019
Dour Festival was a VIBE! Give thanks Blackboard Jungle for hosting! Zema Music Saah Karim Music Fabyah Forward for the support, reasoning and the jokes! Love to all those that came on the KLA musical journey! Full set is available to watch courtesy of Party Time Radio & TV
Kibir La Amlak Jul 11, 2019
Today! Dour Festival on the Blackboard Jungle Sound System!
Kibir La Amlak Jul 08, 2019
Coming very soon! The next in the limited edition hand cut releases. Exclusive Dubplate mixes of 'Blessings' taken from the Real Works EP, featuring Don Fe on flute! More info coming soon. Be ready for the pre-order, the last release was sold out in 14 days... dont miss out family!!
Kibir La Amlak Jun 26, 2019
The recently released track 'Mother of Song' feat Iber Jose Gomez has a whole heap of story to go with it. The serenity and peace that Iber plays the Marimba with is not a reflection of a living in external paradise, quite the opposite. The video of El Gran Latido -Sound System playing 'Mother of Song' in this post is part of a protest that happened recently in Bogota Colombia. The protest was held by prominent community leaders, social activists, human rights campaigners, tired of the relentless conflict in Colombia, many of them from north of Cauca in the Pacific Coast, a region of Colombia where Iber was born. The protestors travelled to Bogota to shine light on the atrocities that the right wing paramilitary forces are carrying out against their people. Since the so called 'peace agreement' was made between the Colombian government and the Guerrilla forces in 2018, the Guerrilla forces moved away from the territories they were protecting to take a role in politics. However despite the peace agreement, the paramilitary occupied these territories and in the last year alone have killed over 200 community leaders and human rights activists. These so called 'illegal' paramilitary armies are funded by the Colombian government, by big corporations and by the USA. The news channels glorify the paramilitaries and have daily celebrations in their reports when they kill one of the guerrilla soldiers. Recently a paramilitary assassination attempt was carried out on Francia Marquez, a prominent human-rights and environmental activist, in 2018 Marquez was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her work to stop illegal gold mining in her community. This is just but one example of how the big corporations are using the paramilitaries to silence people who are willing to stand up for basic human rights. As you can see this is always more than just music! Reggae music, telling the half that’s never been told! A Luta Continua, equal rights and justice for all. White supremacy must be eradicated from the face of this earth.
Kibir La Amlak Jun 13, 2019
I’m very serious about the things I’m serious about, but otherwise I try not to take my’self’ too seriously. Life’s to short to be serious all the time but life’s also too serious to be a joker all the time. Balance! ⚖️
Kibir La Amlak Jun 12, 2019
Green = Love 💚 heart chakra, tribe of Naphtali (function of love), vegetables and herbs, trees and plants 🌱 Can never have too many green things in life
Kibir La Amlak Jun 09, 2019
Deep in a meditation? Or checking wind direction? Either way.... still a vibes! 💥💥💥
Kibir La Amlak May 26, 2019
This Friday in Uppsala, Sweden! Meditative Sounds presents Kibir La Amlak feat Brother Dan
Kibir La Amlak May 14, 2019
My Sisters the Dawtas of Aya will be debuting a special show performing the ‘Energia Mixtape’ we produced together with a full live band QG Imperial!!! What a vibes! Jah Knows I wish I was in São Paulo to witness this! If you in the area, make sure you go forwards and support the movement!
Kibir La Amlak May 14, 2019
Catch this style and a whole heap more 31st May, Uppsala Sweden, Kibir La Amlak Live Dub Show featuring Brother Dan, showcasing works from forthcoming release 'Strengthen My Faith' on the Meditative Sounds System! 8 Eye Productions vibes! Meditative Sounds Alongside Kibir La Amlak & Brother Dan
Kibir La Amlak May 13, 2019
Saturday night I'll be making the trod to South Italy to link up with ROOTS REALITY HI-FI, Christine Alpha And Omega, Jane Gordon for a night full of vibes!
Kibir La Amlak May 08, 2019
Channel One Sound System running the exclusive cuts of 'Born for a Purpose' Teachings in Dub 2011... maybe time for these to get a release on the KLA-DUB-BOX / 8 Eye Productions dubplate series?
Kibir La Amlak May 07, 2019
Blessed Family! I had a spring cleanup in the studio and found a big box full of test presses past and present... they are all for sale at Lion Vibes Record Shop online store! Nuff titles available, even one or two that are long out of press!
Kibir La Amlak Apr 25, 2019
Solid roots reggae outta the Zema Music basket! 1hr of hits, old to new! Fulljoyment guaranteed! Tune in! Share! Like! Comment! Love!
Kibir La Amlak Apr 24, 2019
Give thanks family! 'Mother of Song' is now sold out at Lion Vibes Record Shop. There was only 200 copies of this pressed, so if you were lucky enough to get one, hold onto it tight! I have a small handful of copies remaining that I will sell in sessions, so if you missed out and you really want one, come find me somewhere over the summer... otherwise, hold tight for the next 8 Eye Productions instalment... LOVE!!!
Kibir La Amlak Apr 24, 2019
Kibir La Amlak's cover photo
Kibir La Amlak Apr 19, 2019 and belly’s well full of Teff and Shiro, give thanks @addisethiopiankitchen for the nutritional fuel for @hkidubclub tonight!