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Every Where Is Some Where
Every Where Is Some Where
It's Strange (feat. K.Flay) [Remixes]
Life As a Dog
K.Flay Dec 06, 2018
you guys listened to 415 years of my music this year on Spotify. that’s the lifespan of 28 cats. i love you
K.Flay Dec 04, 2018
🖤 photo: joey tortuga
K.Flay Dec 03, 2018
getting close... 😝😝😝😝 photo: brit o’brien
K.Flay Nov 30, 2018
be like pizza. be cheesy. say sentimental things bc you feel them sincerely. think about all the things your mind can make. be amazed that in the face of uncertainty people do stuff like invent oreos and fly in rocketships and write books about iconic wizards
K.Flay Nov 27, 2018
kristine demonstrates good self control. she sits quietly and does not disturb her classmates
K.Flay Nov 26, 2018
cyber monday 50% off EVERYTHING go wild
K.Flay Nov 25, 2018
had a really nice conversation about my time at Stanford University & life & music on the newest stanford pathfinders episode listen here!!
K.Flay Nov 24, 2018
every speed on our knees is crawwwwling NAME THAT SONG AND ILL GIVE U AN INTERNET HUG photo: baloo goldsmit
K.Flay Nov 22, 2018
‪our pumpkin pie is from costco ‬ ‪happy thanksgiving‬
K.Flay Nov 21, 2018
I 👏 LOVE 👏 THIS 👏 TATTOO infinite hugs to luisa for getting it. don’t forget. we’re all on this slow strange beautiful march together
K.Flay Nov 21, 2018
mexico city!!! fue un placer absoluto. gracias por la hospitalidad y los recuerdos y el mezcal 🙃 espero que regresar prontísimo
K.Flay Nov 18, 2018
the show tonight was increíble. WOWOOWEEOW this is the only face i can make. mexico city mañana for @corona capital
K.Flay Nov 18, 2018
K.Flay Nov 16, 2018
touching down in monterrey 😍
K.Flay Nov 16, 2018
¡MEXICO ESTE FIN DE SEMANA 🇲🇽! sábado - monterrey (w/ Imagine Dragons) domingo - mexico city (Festival Corona Capital) hasta pronto photo: brit o’brien
K.Flay Nov 15, 2018
new york i love u i love this bagel bagel i love u
K.Flay Nov 13, 2018
bennie the fox has one arm that is twice as long as the other. plz comment w your your stories & theories below on how this happened!!!!!!
K.Flay Nov 12, 2018
this is rad thx spookygirlart 😈
K.Flay Nov 08, 2018
K.Flay Nov 06, 2018
last week, as we do each election year, my parents and i got on the phone and talked through every candidate & issue on the ballot. did research, debated, got confused, laughed and today we cast our votes that's love and democracy. happy election day. #GOVOTE
K.Flay Nov 05, 2018
this is an excellent resource if you are voting tomorrow!! just enter your address & you'll be guided through your local candidates & measures, with information on both sides KNOWLEDGE IS 💪
K.Flay Nov 05, 2018
i got a hair cut
K.Flay Nov 02, 2018
in case you missed it last night!! cc: Mike Shinoda
K.Flay Nov 02, 2018
had a blast on the The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight :) special thanks to Mike Shinoda (who is pictured here touching an emmy) & James Corden for big upping my hoodie at the end of the song PLEASE VOTE ON TUESDAY LUB YAAAA
K.Flay Nov 02, 2018
‪i’m voting like my rights depend on it!!!!‬‬ ‪