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Every Where Is Some Where
Every Where Is Some Where
It's Strange (feat. K.Flay) [Remixes]
Life As a Dog
KULT Records Presents: Little Bit Crazy
Single and Famous
K.Flay Feb 15, 2019
sounds about right. happy v day kids
K.Flay Feb 13, 2019
100% emojis
K.Flay Feb 13, 2019
1 thing i find relaxing is making gif videos for songs i write. so without further ado here is my gif interpretation of called you twice w FIDLAR. HOPE U ENJOI
K.Flay Feb 06, 2019
we go to the same sitting coach
K.Flay Feb 02, 2019
🧐 is my favorite emoji what’s yours photo: brit o’brien
K.Flay Jan 28, 2019
last night i painted a painting, something i haven’t done since my hs sophomore year art class where for some reason our teacher played drive by incubus on repeat. anyway i tried to paint a version books but they kinda ended up looking like toasters. book toasters where u butter the pages 👩‍🎨
K.Flay Jan 25, 2019
i met FIDLAR in 2016 at a festival we were both playing in denver. i was a big fan of their first record and kinda freaking out to meet them if i'm being honest. unexpectedly, that show was the start of an amazing friendship with zac. last year we wrote 'called you twice' and it's one of my favorite things i've ever been a part of. seriously seriously. and what's extra great is that ricky reed who i've known & collaborated with since my early days in the bay, produced the record. it's very cheesy to say but music brings people together and sometimes that feeling is OVERWHELMING AND WONDERFUL
K.Flay Jan 22, 2019
when ur sweatshirt explains your entire personality
K.Flay Jan 22, 2019
daddy long legs photo: brit o’brien
K.Flay Jan 20, 2019
hi photo: brit o’brien
K.Flay Jan 19, 2019
the music video for 'forgot how to dream' with Ekali is out today!!!!
K.Flay Jan 16, 2019
K.Flay Jan 15, 2019
okeyy i would greatly love any recommendations you guys have!! books podcasts movies tv shows articles poems. hit meeeee
K.Flay Jan 14, 2019
feeling free photo: diego figueroa
K.Flay Jan 10, 2019
tickets on sale now! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U
K.Flay Jan 09, 2019
this is my new green chair. for a long time i haven’t owned furniture but in twenty grind teen i am doing things like purchasing forks and a big green chair. WHAT SHOULD I NAME THIS CHAIR??? ALL ENTRIES WILL BE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED
K.Flay Jan 08, 2019
see u in june
K.Flay Jan 08, 2019
very excited to announce that i'll be playing Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this year!!!!! tix on sale this thursday here we goooooo
K.Flay Jan 06, 2019
K.Flay Jan 02, 2019
can we all please be this excited
K.Flay Dec 31, 2018
going into 2019 liiiiiiiiiiiiike
K.Flay Dec 27, 2018
halloween, 6th grade i can remember thinking to myself. don’t smile. ghouls don’t smile
K.Flay Dec 25, 2018
K.Flay Dec 14, 2018
dear kids, never change 🍊
K.Flay Dec 06, 2018
you guys listened to 415 years of my music this year on Spotify. that’s the lifespan of 28 cats. i love you