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Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2: Kevin Devine and Friends
Split the Country, Split the Street
Make the Clocks Move
We Are Who We've Always Been
Live at St Pancras Old Church
Live at St Pancras Old Church
Matter of Time
Between the Concrete and Clouds
Between the Concrete & Clouds
Brother's Blood
Brother's Blood
Put Your Ghost to Rest
Live At Maxwell's 02/08/2006
Kevin Devine Live At Schubas 05/13/2005
Circle Gets the Square
Kevin Devine with SCR at Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre (July 27, 2019)
Venue: Garcia's at the Capitol Theatre (Port Chester, NY, US) Find tickets
Kevin Devine Jun 19, 2019
Here’s the merch line we’re carrying for this summer’s Bad Books shows, starting tonight 6/19 at the Metro in Chicago. See you there - tickets available via
Kevin Devine Jun 18, 2019
The eastern leg of the Bad Books tour (with the wonderful Brother Bird) starts tomorrow at the Metro in Chicago. Tickets are available via Where will we see you?
Kevin Devine Jun 14, 2019
A note from Andy on today’s release of @badbooksmusic’s “III”: Kevin, Robert and I have been working on this album for a long time. In fact, we were working on it before black mile was released. It’s been a really fun road. Massive but subtle adjustments have been made over the course of three years for a record we tried to keep sounding vast and limitless while using as much restraint and as little instrumentation as we could apply. It’s been a delight preparing with Kevin and rob for this upcoming tour. Placing songs from our first two records in a dreamy and atmospheric place. As for III... In the end I feel like I’m left with an album that’s full of space and full of words. Written and performed from three different guys trying to make sense of the same things. And often times, from completely different angles. I’m really proud of this 40 minute musical movement and I hope that you enjoy listening to it too. - Andy
Kevin Devine Jun 12, 2019
The first @badbooksmusic US tour in 6+ years is officially one week away, which is fortunate, because we can’t wait to see you out there. Did you get your tickets yet? (Link in bio; swipe left for dates!)
Kevin Devine Jun 07, 2019
Our new music video for "UFO" is premiering on The FADER right now! Check it out here:
Kevin Devine Jun 06, 2019
UFO // Bad Books // III. Tomorrow, 10am, The FADER
Kevin Devine Jun 06, 2019
Two weeks until the first @badbooksmusic tour in 6 weeks. Tickets available via link in bio.
Kevin Devine May 30, 2019
Going live in a few hours with Bad Books at Billboard
Kevin Devine May 23, 2019
's cover photo
Kevin Devine May 23, 2019
When Andy, Robert & I got together at their studio in April of 2017, it was ostensibly with the goal of writing & recording - or at least starting - one new Bad Books song. As often happens when we get in a room, things escalated. Andy & I each recorded live takes - solo performances, vocal & guitar - of 6 songs a piece we’d been working on. We workshopped some lyric & structure adjustments, sang some harmonies, and called it a weekend, generally agreeing to return to the material & see what we thought “next time,” whenever that may be, with the only rule being no listening to what was there between sessions. It turned out “next time” would be February 2018. There was clear excitement and palpable nerves when we opened up the files to listen back, and then real relief and proper giddiness when we liked & believed in what we heard as much as we did. It was from that foundation over a few more scattered sessions III was properly built. I often believe songs tell you the clothes they want to wear. With this group, which felt like they were already having some kind of intuitive conversation on which we were almost eavesdropping, it became immediately apparent those outfits should be spare, subtle, expansive, intimate, a little sparkly, and slightly lunar. Bad Books has always been built on songs, and on communicating. I think the songs on III communicate the most directly we ever have, and to a very real extent I’m including our other projects in that assessment as well. I’m beyond proud of the work we’ve done here & cannot wait for you to hear more, and to present it to you as a trio every night on the upcoming tour, and to run our prior songs - many of which really live there already - through that filter, as well. Thank you for riding along. See you out there. Xo KD
Kevin Devine May 21, 2019
I’ll be returning to @garciasatthecap in Port Chester, NY on Saturday, July 27th. Tickets are available now via (link in bio).
Kevin Devine May 21, 2019
Excited to be playing Garcia's on July 27th in Port Chester, NY! Tickets on sale now:
Kevin Devine May 17, 2019
This truly wonderful short tour with #JohnKSamson & @shannenmoser ends tonight at the @spaceballroom in Hamden, CT. Shannen at 8, JKS & KD to follow. Tickets at the door.
Kevin Devine May 09, 2019
Tour with #johnksamson of #theweakerthans & @shannenmoser starts tonight at @milkboyarthouse in College Park, MD! 8pm doors 8:30 Shannen 9:15 KD 10:30 JKS Tix at door and via See you there!
Kevin Devine May 07, 2019
A very nice merch line for the upcoming shows with #johnksamson of #theweakerthans and @shannenmoser, starting Thursday 5/9 in College Park, MD. Tickets and info at
Kevin Devine May 05, 2019
Thank you, @shakykneesfest. Photo: @yourstruly.mrmartens
Kevin Devine May 03, 2019
III. Coming digitally June 14 (physically June 21). Two new songs out today, available on all streaming platforms & for pre-order. It’s good to be back.
Kevin Devine Apr 28, 2019
The short tour with John K. Samson of The Weakerthans & Shannen Moser starts in about two weeks! Thu/May 9- College Park, MD, @milkboyarthouse Fri/May 10- Philadelphia, PA @bootandsaddle (SOLD OUT) Sat/May 11- Philadelphia, PA @bootandsaddle (SOLD OUT) Sun/May 12- Woodstock, NY @colonywoodstockny Tues/May 14- Portsmouth, NH @3sartspace Fri/May 17- Hamden, CT @spaceballroom All tickets available at Will we see you there?
Kevin Devine Apr 28, 2019
Happy 10th birthday.
Kevin Devine Apr 19, 2019
Tickets for our summer tour are now on sale! Presale sold out fast so don't miss out: http://BADBOOKSIII.COM/ --- Bad Books
Kevin Devine Apr 16, 2019
Bad Books kind of started half an hour after we met one another. Our friendship was fast, and fixed, and we fit well: mutually omni-curious, preoccupied at different angles, hooked on the deep dive. Through hundreds of shows and hours in vans and cars and countless too-late-at-night conversations, a mutual respect and unique bond fortified, inevitably vining through our music. Collaboration and counsel on one another’s developing work became the suggestion that we should make some together; that eventually became our first record, which we each liked enough to let become our second band. We love how very real a concern Bad Books has become, how much its grown with each record, how much of an event it is for us when we get to offer it the time & focus it deserves. There’s no greater compliment to either of us than when someone half-guiltily admits to preferring Bad Books to our day jobs - we really do understand. That’s why we’re so excited today to announce our first tour in six years, and to have so much more to tell you about very, very soon. We’ve missed it. And we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. See you out there - thank you. Pre-sale + fan club is on sale now:
Kevin Devine Apr 15, 2019
I'll be joining Tigers Jaw, Shannen Moser, and more for Hello Donuts fundraiser on May 11th in Philadelphia. Few tix left:
Kevin Devine Apr 11, 2019
Did you miss the inaugural Kenny O’Brien & the O’Douls shows in Boston & New York? You can get the Shamrock & “Cheers” shirts now via . 🍀💀🍀
Kevin Devine Mar 17, 2019
Tonight’s the night, NYC! @kennyobrienodouls at the Mercury Lounge. Some tickets still available for both the early & late shows via the link in bio! 🍀💀🍀
Kevin Devine Mar 12, 2019
🍀 Kenny O'Brien & the O'Douls' three shows are coming up this weekend. Boston is SOLD out and the first New York show is close with the third selling tickets fast. See you soon -- tickets here: