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Stop the Moment (Deluxe)
Kelvin Jones Dec 10, 2018
Hey 👋 Please finish the sentence with something personal to you; as long or as short as you like. I’ll add mine to the comments also xx 📷 by Stu Larsen - To me, happiness is...
Kelvin Jones Dec 09, 2018
ONLY THING WE KNOW nominated for BEST SONG OF THE YEAR! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you all for making this little track into a hit and much moreeee 🖤🖤🖤 P.s this picture is to show what a happy me looks like 😆 📷 Mili Ami
Kelvin Jones Dec 01, 2018
So Sara Hartman and I recorded magnetic in a beautiful church in Berlin! Check it out and let me know what you think in the chat below xx >>
Kelvin Jones Nov 24, 2018
Planning my tour finally! Where should I visit?? Let me know below x
Kelvin Jones Nov 02, 2018
Only Thing We Know just hit 20 MILLION streams on Spotify GOOD DAMN!!! Not only that - DORTMUND tonight was incredibly DOPE!! Gonna watch an episode of American Dad and be quietly happy for a moment 😋 Hope your night is gooood and you’re doing well! xxxx
Kelvin Jones Nov 01, 2018
What a night to remember!! Sooooo psyched for tonight in BERLIIIIIIIIN! 🖤 x 📷 charlie keiy
Kelvin Jones Oct 31, 2018
W I E S B A D E N • • • Thank you so much for your warmth and loud voices tonight!!! Damn - beautiful night and beautiful start to the JORIS tour support! xx 📷 charlie keiy
Kelvin Jones Oct 30, 2018
300k Spotify streams on magnetic!!! Happy to see you guys connect with the song in such a big way! 🖤 Who wants an acoustic version of magnetic? 😆
Kelvin Jones Oct 23, 2018
Caught wiping away a tear or two after seeing B.B. King’s blues club for the first time...overwhelming what he and his music has meant to me. I can’t find the words at this moment but just know that I am who I am and I get to be a musician with huge HUUUUGE thanks to B.B. King. Oh boy getting emotional again, talk soon x
Kelvin Jones Oct 14, 2018
There you go Mum, I smiled in a picture - you can let me look miserable for the next 1000 pictures that’s the deal 😆 Also, Alex Booyse pointed out that I look like I’m about to bring out the best cookery book of the year in these pictures 😂😂😂😂 📷 by Stu Larsen
Kelvin Jones Oct 11, 2018
MAGNETIC VIDEO OUT NOW!!!! I honestly feel this is the best video I’ve EVER done! What do you think??? Watch here >> Huuuuuge thank you to everyone involved in realising this vision. I appreciate you all xx
Kelvin Jones Oct 10, 2018
The wait is nearly over!!! MAGNETIC VIDEO OUT TOMORROW xxx
Kelvin Jones Oct 09, 2018
OOOONLY 2 days until the beautiful magnetic video is OUT!!! Comment with 🖤🖤🖤 if you’re psyched to welcome this art into your life!! xxx
Kelvin Jones Oct 08, 2018
Magnetic video out this THURSDAY 11th! Without a doubt the best video I’ve ever done! Can’t wait to share this one with you all xx
Kelvin Jones Oct 07, 2018
C O M P E T I T I O N !!! • • • Your response to magnetic has blown us both away!!! We want to give you an opportunity to see us live in a very INTIMATE setting! Soooo Sara Hartman and I will be playing an acoustic show for only 20 people on the 16th of October in Berlin!! For a chance to win a ticket here’s what you gotta do: 1. Tag a friend under this post 2. Share magnetic directly from Spotify or iTunes onto your page 😋 THAT’S IT!! GOOD LUCK and see you at the show!! xxx
Kelvin Jones Oct 05, 2018
m a g n e t i c • • • Its finally out!! Let me know how it makes you feel 🖤 Listen here >>
Kelvin Jones Oct 03, 2018
Comment ‘magnetic!’ if you wanna hear a bit of it early 😏
Kelvin Jones Oct 01, 2018
m a g n e t i c • • • this song sits so deep in my heart. 5th October you’ll have magnetic in your lives 🖤
Kelvin Jones Sep 30, 2018
I've got a new song coming out OCTOBER 5TH with the lovely Sara Hartman!!! Can't wait for you guys to hear this one xx
Kelvin Jones Sep 30, 2018
I've got a new song coming out OCTOBER 5TH with the lovely Sara Hartman!!! Can't wait for you guys to hear this one xx
Kelvin Jones Sep 28, 2018
Hey thereeee!! So on OCTOBER 16th I’m doing something I’ve never ever done before and I’m quite sure you won’t wanna miss out 😆 More details coming soon, but for now -SAVE THE DATE! xx
Kelvin Jones Sep 28, 2018
NEW SONG!!!! • • • I’m so excited to let you know I’m bringing out a new song with my good friend Sara Hartman on Friday 5th October!! It’s been a loooong time coming and we are both so damn proud of the song. I really hope you’ll love it 🖤🖤🖤 📷 by Chris Heidrich
Kelvin Jones Sep 26, 2018
Announcing HUGE things I’ve been working on for over a year for you guys tonight (26th) via Instagram livestream at 21:00 German time / 20:00 UK! See you there! x
Kelvin Jones Sep 26, 2018
5 WEEKS AT NUMBER ONE!!! 💥 I feel it’s appropriate to throwback to the day ONLY THING WE KNOW came out 🖤 I also want you to know that I’ll NEVER forget this unbelievable summer and I’ll ALWAYS be grateful to all of you who made this happen 🙏🏾 By the way, my new song comes out in a week...😎
Kelvin Jones Sep 19, 2018
DAAAAMN!!! This is CALL YOU HOME with @jorismusik and I love it! I hope you do too! Go check out the full version on YouTube >> !! 🖤🖤🖤