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X Ray Eyes (feat. Kelley Polar) - The Remix EP
Entropy Reigns
I Need You to Hold On While the Sky Is Falling
Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens
Kelley Polar Mar 01, 2012
Kelley Polar Oct 18, 2011
Tracks are available in the rest of world today, that means you Meabh Outside of the world will have to wait until 2016 when it all opens up, act like you know. Coming off a few days of great string quartet concerts in one life and gratifying response to new music in the other.…saying thanks to everyone listening/getting/enjoying…being thankful for support and to the Graceful Geist for doing the sh#t work to keep an independent label going in the 21st century, to Emilia for humoring me and to Jeremy for slumming it, now I can return the favor and organize some decent lightup-flowery-cloak outfits for Junior Boys shows -kp
Kelley Polar Oct 11, 2011
Attention: I'm Not Want You Want is now available for purchase on iTunes, featuring vocals from Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys on the title track and a love-torn duet with Finnish songstress Emilia Lagk on the flip. Please enjoy...
Kelley Polar Sep 27, 2011
Promised the MG I would try to post at least once a week until new album to fight against intrinsic misanthropy. So-- what I did on my summer vacation (a selection.) Strings for Javiera Mena's awesome album: (she is kindly returning the favor). Some more + production for Isla de Los Estados: I love this song (and Loló). A remix for the Crystal Fighters (which reminds me of these comic books when I was a kid about these like Masters of the Universe people but they were all made out of different kinds of crystals, hilarious and I do not think the band is referencing this) done while the Quartet was rehearsing Steve Reich's "Different Trains": I like using high-art things in pop music, but hopefully subversively or not (that) obviously….William Orbit high-NRG versions of Barber Adagio, Orchestras playing Aphex Twin, etc make me want to gouge my ears out, but lots of people seem to like them…and as I have horrendous taste in most things, who am I, etc-----! Two weeks to new music--- thanks all
Kelley Polar Sep 20, 2011
Time travel still being notoriously unreliable, I apologize for the time away. It was 15 years well spent, mostly in the Middle Cambrian. Now to business. A 2-song EP to preview the upcoming album: "I’m Not What You Want” and "Night Song", the former featuring Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys, and the latter featuring a dialogue between myself and a Finnish alien. 10/11 on iTunes exclusive pre-release, 10/18 everywhere else. Digital only. Thanks for support of friends real and ephemeral.
Kelley Polar May 05, 2008
Kelley Polar Radio Appearances, Pitchfork Forkcast
Kelley Polar May 01, 2008
Kelley Polar Apr 18, 2008
Kelley Polar album receiving critical acclaim!