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Archives (10 Years Affin)
Keith Carnal Nov 28, 2018
Tantša at Curitiba last Friday was 🔥🔥
Keith Carnal Nov 26, 2018
My little SA tour comes to an end.. wanna thank everyone who came out to dance with me! Thanks @dedgesp thanks @tantsamokha and last but not least for the great parties! Hope to be back soon ❤️
Keith Carnal Nov 24, 2018
Tonight Under Club Buenos Aires with my man XHEI!
Keith Carnal Nov 20, 2018
Yes yes! Playing South America this week! Starting at Moving D.Edge pres.: Keith Carnal [Arts/Affin-NL] on Thursday. Tantša -:\|/:- hlōla in Curitiba on Friday and Keith Carnal - Xhei / Under Club on Saturday! I CANNOT WAIT <3
Keith Carnal Nov 19, 2018
Merci EXIL Paris 🙏🏻
Keith Carnal Nov 09, 2018
SEC NDº is available on Bandcamp now as well :-)
Keith Carnal Nov 06, 2018
This was at the legendary @marygowildnl basement raves during #ADE. Did a b2b there as well with @jpenfant which was great! Was the last edition, so if you sno(o)zed you lost #sweaty #foggy #b2b #keithcarnal #techno picture: @dennisbouman_photography
Keith Carnal Oct 29, 2018
B2 Zero Intolerance
Keith Carnal Oct 23, 2018
Happy to say that my first release on my label SEC NDº is now available digitally! Heard it quite some times on ADE, so can't ask for a better start! Get it here:
Keith Carnal Oct 22, 2018
I lived next to the Gashouder and me and my friends use to go there many times. Never thought I'd actually play there one day, so thanks Awakenings for this night! Also thanks to everyone who spectated and thanks Shlømo for the b2b madness! You can watch the full set here:
Keith Carnal Oct 21, 2018
Thats it for Amsterdam Dance Event for me! Got these gifts from Dynamic Reflection (a cool 5x12” EP box with seriously good artists and tracks on them, including one of my own 😁 To celebrate their 10th birthday! 🙏🏻) and the MARY GO WILD goodie bag for playing in their legendary basement (last time ever)! So thanks ADE, you were great! Till next year 👊
Keith Carnal Oct 18, 2018
What a night! 🙏🏻 Thanks @awakenings, the crowd and of course my man @shlomo_taapion
Keith Carnal Oct 15, 2018
See you wednesday Awakenings Streaming from my page as well :-)
Keith Carnal Oct 10, 2018
Yes Yes, this Saturday I'll be playing at Basis/ Keith Carnal all night long Gonna be wild! Vid: Last saturday at Archaic Ways in Thessaloniki! Was FIRE
Keith Carnal Oct 09, 2018
A1 Passive-Aggressive
Keith Carnal Oct 08, 2018
My set from last Saturday on the KNTXT show on Studio Brussel is online now! Amazing isn't it?! Link:
Keith Carnal Oct 05, 2018
Happy to say that the first release of my label SEC NDº is out now! #vinyl now, #digital later
Keith Carnal Sep 26, 2018
Happy to say that I’ve started my own label SEC NDº First release will be in October! Can’t wait! Stay tuned!
Keith Carnal Sep 17, 2018
Gone fishing.. Will be back on Oct 2nd in Frankfurt!
Keith Carnal Sep 11, 2018
Keith Carnal Aug 21, 2018
Voltage Festival 2018
Keith Carnal Aug 16, 2018
Saturday it’s Voltage Festival time 👊
Keith Carnal Jul 29, 2018
Thanks @tomorrowland and @charlottedewittemusic for the invite yesterday! 👊#techno #keithcarnal #kntxt #belgium #festival
Keith Carnal Jul 25, 2018
Catch me at Tomorrowland this Saturday on the KNTXT stage 👊
Keith Carnal Jul 23, 2018
Thank you Welcome to the Future Festival That was great!