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keelhaul Apr 19, 2019
#DDI #FridayNight #Sociable Tonight, I won't have these awesome peeps (Sue and Cary) with me... So I'm kinda desperate to have some singers and clappers to help me and Jeff out...everyone is welcome! Kid Friendly. Please, Dew Drop Inn.... don't be shy. 7-9 #ItsaWhiteRockThing We'll sing HappyBirfday to Wilson, and then eat Fish n Chips!
keelhaul Apr 14, 2019
When everybody is done watching Tiger Woods... This Sunday's little ditty is called The Mermaid. Thanks Kevin for the location idea!
keelhaul Apr 06, 2019
I'm a Broken Pier in a Halifax Band....or something like that! The Broken Pier in #WhiteRock at the #DewDropInn. #FridayNight #DDI #Sociable #SupportLiveMusic
keelhaul Apr 05, 2019
It's #FridayNight! 7-9 at the #DewDropInn #DDI. We might be missing a fiddle player, but we're still excited ... And you should be too! Wayne's SideProject on YouTube "TheWayneReport" might be in Jeopardy. He published this OpEd yesterday
keelhaul Apr 04, 2019
Oh No!!! We have a stalker!!!
keelhaul Mar 31, 2019
Sometimes people wonder what we do on the weekend. Here's a little 'behind the scenes' and some cool music!
keelhaul Mar 30, 2019
Wayne n Sue and the KeelHaul Crew... Tonight! Dew Drop Inn White Rock #DDI #FridayNight #Sociable. Well, tonight it's Wayne and Cajon Master Jeff. It seems the Team has been stricken with that illness that seems to be going around. #LiveMusic #WhiteRock #TheShowGoesOn Yes, it's still going to be #Awesome
keelhaul Mar 23, 2019
Thanks to everyone who came out to the #DewDropInn and made it an awesome evening! It's always fun to have people singing along
keelhaul Mar 19, 2019
Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Now that the post weekend hangover is Over... We can all get back to our normal activities!
keelhaul Mar 17, 2019
It's Go time for wayne n Sue and the KeelHaul Crew! I expect this will be Fun!
keelhaul Mar 15, 2019
T-2 hours to the The Road to St. Pat’s kick off with Wayne n Sue n the KeelHaul crew at the Dew Drop Inn White Rock 🍀 Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day 🍀 #lettheshenanigansbegin
keelhaul Mar 15, 2019
Um yeah.... Sorry about that!
keelhaul Feb 24, 2019
This weeks Sunday Music post is a snappy little ditty that dates back to the 17th Century. Why, that's almost as old as my.... (fill in the blank here)
keelhaul Feb 22, 2019
Just a reminder... Wayne n Sue (and the KeelHaul Crew are taking the next couple of Friday's off from the Dew Drop Inn #DDI #FridayNight to go on a little adventure. We'll be back Friday, March 8th, 2019. Yes, we'll miss everybody too!
keelhaul Feb 19, 2019
FineVogFilms made this video last year... I tried to explain why I do what I do.
keelhaul Feb 18, 2019
To continue with the Sunday Music thing... I present #TheIrishRover
keelhaul Feb 18, 2019
Sometimes you don't get it on the first take....or the second take... even the third.... but you do get it eventually! Oh, that pesky #IrishRover
keelhaul Feb 14, 2019
There was snow. There were Birds. I played this song for them.
keelhaul Feb 08, 2019
Wayne really hopes he makes it to the DewDropInn tonight... The weather on the island leaves something to be desired. He promises to do his best. Update to follow (around 5:30pm)
keelhaul Feb 03, 2019
A cover of Tim Hicks' great Canadian song celebrating football and our beer
keelhaul Feb 02, 2019
This is gonna be fun! Tonight we're not alone and the Cajon guy got a new box! #DDI #Friday #LiveMusic #WhiteRock
keelhaul Jan 31, 2019
I think it's important to share this....and I should add, we'll be celebrating this every Friday night at the Dew Drop Inn 7-9! #DDI #Friday
keelhaul Jan 27, 2019
This weekend was Robbie Burns day, so I thought I'd play a Scottish song to celebrate my Scottish Heritage. Thanks for watching my Sunday Music
keelhaul Jan 25, 2019
We won't be playing at the #DewDropInn tonight.... But you can enjoy this picture of an airplane in the dark. We'll be back next week! Until then, happy #FlyDay and #RobbieBurnsDay #DDI #Friday #WhiteRock
keelhaul Jan 20, 2019
I am dedicating this one to all my family and friends in the Maritimes... Especially those with Cape Breton ties.