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Keelhaul II
Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity
keelhaul Aug 17, 2019
#DDI #FridayNight
keelhaul Aug 15, 2019
Hey Crew!!! This is an important announcement: Starting this week, we will be playing the wonderful Dew Drop Inn White Rock every OTHER Friday Night. We’ll make sure we make every one of our Friday’s that much more Special! We’ll see everybody this Friday for fun and shenanigans!!!!!! #DDI #sociable #everyotherfridaynight
keelhaul Aug 04, 2019
It's Sunday! Time for Sunday Music. This video was released exctly 2 years ago today! Thanks for watching!
keelhaul Aug 04, 2019
The stage is almost complete for Tomorrow nights BeachGroovy Summer Party!
keelhaul Jul 24, 2019
Just a friendly reminder that Sue and Wayne will NOT be at the Dew Drop Inn in beautiful #WhiteRock this #fridayNight. Nope. Instead, they’ll be searching for this dog... in a park... somewhere See y’all on Aug 2nd!!!
keelhaul Jul 18, 2019
Yes! Yes! Yes! Wayne and Sue will be at the Dew Drop Inn on #FridayNight! 7-9. Come out and support #LiveMusic in #WhiteRock and watch the #SunSet from the best place above the Pier!
keelhaul Jul 15, 2019
It's Sunday! Time for Sunday Music. This video is from a couple of years ago..... and features Sue on the Bodhran.... It's one of my Favourite songs to play.!
keelhaul Jul 11, 2019
To all those concerned: yes, I do believe wayne will be playing at the dew drop inn on Friday!
keelhaul Jul 05, 2019
Just a sad and friendly note: although Sue and I are back in town, we WILL NOT be playing at the DewDropInn this Friday night. Instead there will be a talented fella playing in our place. We hope to return next Friday Oh yeah!
keelhaul Jun 16, 2019
Sunday Music Day! It's Father's Day.... Happy Father's Day everybody! This is from our spring Party Amateur Hour in May. Everyone should show up for our Summer PARTY! WOOHOO... We have a lot of Fun!
keelhaul Jun 15, 2019
Happy Anniversary to my bestest friend and wife and partner in life. I love this girl with all my heart! Happy Sunday Music!
keelhaul Jun 15, 2019
It’s #FridayNight at the #DDI. Hey #WhiteRock, come on down to the #DewDropInnPub for some great #LiveMusic 7-9 Wayne n Sue can’t wait to see you! PS... this is my view for most of the evening
keelhaul Jun 14, 2019
Yes indeed! We’re looking forward to it!!!!! It’s gonna be a gooder!
keelhaul Jun 08, 2019
It’s just, you know, another Friday night at the Dew Drop Inn!!! #FridayNight #DDI #Sociable #LiveMusic #WhiteRock #DewDropInn
keelhaul Jun 08, 2019
Another Sunday Music post... yes... a few Days Early Hey! What if I sang #Jolene? Good Idea. It is my Favourite #DollyParton song.... ok, it's one of my favourites. #CoatofManyColors is up there too!
keelhaul May 30, 2019
All I can say is: I Know I'll be at the Dew Drop Inn this Friday Night!!!! (7-9) How about you??? ...oh, and I made this little video too
keelhaul May 25, 2019
The best sign I’ve ever seen! #DewDropInn #LiveMusic #WhiteRock
keelhaul May 21, 2019
We are very lucky to have the Friends that we do. This is how we celebrated the May Long Weekend. -Enjoy
keelhaul May 17, 2019
Hey Y’all! It’s Thursday night!..... uh, that means tomorrow is #FRIDAYNIGHT! .. and we’re having a party at #DDI (The Dew Drop Inn) It’s a going away party for our good buddy Cary Grigg (Headed back to the Maritimes). We’re sure gonna miss our favourite fiddler, so we’ll make him play extra tunes and maybe he’ll sing us a song Come on down, the #WhiteRock ‘s best party in town. Thanks for supporting #LiveMusic 7-9 pm
keelhaul May 10, 2019
It’s another Friday Night!!! #LiveMusic at the #DDI 7-9 We have our very special guest back with us!
keelhaul May 04, 2019
It's #FridayNight at the #DewDropInn!!!! Stop on by 7-9 #ddi #Sociable #WhiteRock #LiveMusic
keelhaul May 03, 2019
Hey Kids!! Tonight, we're back at the #DDI for another Friday of Music and mayhem. Dew Drop Inn. White Rock, BC 7-9 We might even have a special guest tonight!!!
keelhaul Apr 26, 2019
Just a reminder that Wayne n Sue and the KeelHaul Crew will NOT be at the Dew Drop Inn this Friday, April 26, 2019... we are in San Diego celebrating a friends birthday.... and riding scooters
keelhaul Apr 21, 2019
Good Morning! The Sunday Music today is an original song I wrote a million years ago....enjoy ...This is TheWayneReport
keelhaul Apr 19, 2019
#DDI #FridayNight #Sociable Tonight, I won't have these awesome peeps (Sue and Cary) with me... So I'm kinda desperate to have some singers and clappers to help me and Jeff out...everyone is welcome! Kid Friendly. Please, Dew Drop Inn.... don't be shy. 7-9 #ItsaWhiteRockThing We'll sing HappyBirfday to Wilson, and then eat Fish n Chips!