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Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity
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A Maritime Tradition
keelhaul Feb 14, 2019
There was snow. There were Birds. I played this song for them.
keelhaul Feb 08, 2019
Wayne really hopes he makes it to the DewDropInn tonight... The weather on the island leaves something to be desired. He promises to do his best. Update to follow (around 5:30pm)
keelhaul Feb 03, 2019
A cover of Tim Hicks' great Canadian song celebrating football and our beer
keelhaul Feb 02, 2019
This is gonna be fun! Tonight we're not alone and the Cajon guy got a new box! #DDI #Friday #LiveMusic #WhiteRock
keelhaul Jan 31, 2019
I think it's important to share this....and I should add, we'll be celebrating this every Friday night at the Dew Drop Inn 7-9! #DDI #Friday
keelhaul Jan 27, 2019
This weekend was Robbie Burns day, so I thought I'd play a Scottish song to celebrate my Scottish Heritage. Thanks for watching my Sunday Music
keelhaul Jan 25, 2019
We won't be playing at the #DewDropInn tonight.... But you can enjoy this picture of an airplane in the dark. We'll be back next week! Until then, happy #FlyDay and #RobbieBurnsDay #DDI #Friday #WhiteRock
keelhaul Jan 20, 2019
I am dedicating this one to all my family and friends in the Maritimes... Especially those with Cape Breton ties.
keelhaul Jan 13, 2019
It was a nice Sunny Sunday Morning so Wayne stood in a wet Field and sang a song....
keelhaul Jan 05, 2019
We've got a Birfday in da House! Woot woot! 7-9 #DDI #FridayNight Happy Birfday Brenda! (Indeed... Our most loyal fan!). We ❤️You! -wayne n Sue and the KeeHaul Crew
keelhaul Dec 24, 2018
It's 5 years old, but it's still a good one! Merry Christmas to everyone who made our years so bright!
keelhaul Dec 22, 2018
Yup! There's nobody like these two to capture the spirit of tonight's performance! #whiterock #livemusic #ddi
keelhaul Dec 21, 2018
keelhaul Dec 08, 2018
Gonna make some music. Play folkstars on a Friday night #paJamma night!
keelhaul Dec 07, 2018
This Friday night! DewDropInn. We're having a pajamma party! I have no idea if the rest of the band will be participating, but I've got my out fit picked out! Do you?
keelhaul Nov 30, 2018
So sorry for the late post... But wayne n Sue and the KeelHaul Crew won't be at the #DewDropInn tonight. Don't fear. Next Friday will be business and mayhem... As usual. Maybe even a Pyjama party!
keelhaul Nov 13, 2018
This is going to an extra special afternoon of fun! We're so honoured to be invited.
keelhaul Nov 03, 2018
Aiight y’all! You asked for it (k, mebbe not), but we’re answering the call! See you back at the Dew Drop Inn (beautifully situated over the White Rock Pier) every Friday starting November 16th! Bring yer lucky charms! It’s gonna be better than ever! 🍀
keelhaul Sep 08, 2018
The #keelHaul party bus is on the way to our end of summer party at the #DewDropInn #whiteRock. Nobody does it like us!
keelhaul Sep 07, 2018
Congratulations to the 18 "GoldenTicketWinners" who will be joining us on the #PartyBus to celebrate at our #EndOfSummerBash at the #DewDropInn Tonight Sue is is busily completing the crafts for the GoldenElixerChalices The bus leaves at 6pm sharp!
keelhaul Sep 01, 2018
Tonight we celebrate like it is #CanadaDay (again). Only 4 shows left at the #DewDropInn #WhiteRock. Come Support #LiveMusic with #WayneNSue Next Friday is our #SummerBash and then the next Friday/Saturday (14/15) #Celtic #Folk #BlowOut
keelhaul Aug 26, 2018
A BIG HuGE ThankYou to everyone who made Friday night soooooo much fun at the #DewDropInn. save The Date: Sept 7th, 2018. It's going to be fantastic! We're celebrating the end of summer and going out with a big BanG of a Show!
keelhaul Aug 07, 2018
A Huge Thankyou to everyone who made the weekend so awesome! .... and thanks to the #tsawassenSunFest for giving us the stage on Monday! We played to at least twice as many people as this! Hahaha What a weekend!
keelhaul Aug 06, 2018
Facebook sent this message this morning. Come se us on the stage @TsawSunfest and you'll see what they're talking about We hit the stage at 1240! It's gonna be fun!
keelhaul Aug 02, 2018
I guess we're on the MainStage at the #Tsawwassen #SunFest at 1240! I s'pose it's implied that "Keel Haul" is a musical group... What else would they use a MainStage for? A pie eating contest? -oh. Never mind.