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Kate Voegele Apr 09, 2019
tuesdays in bloom 🌸🌼🌺🌷love seeing spring everywhere these days!
Kate Voegele Apr 04, 2019
found the place with the famous margaritas🍹I’ve been making jalapeño & blood orange mezcal margs now that the weather is warming up and they’re SO good. sharing the recipe on @wethedreamers today!. . - link in bio!. . also #tbt to this super fun music video shoot for my song “must be summertime”☀️ this shoot was outrageously fun!. . photo by @njb3photo // styling by @thelalook
Kate Voegele Apr 03, 2019
tfw you thought it was Thursday buuuut it’s only Wednesday 🗓😴 happy Wednesday though!!
Kate Voegele Apr 01, 2019
heading into April like.. ☀️💐🌿🐝 so excited about everything I’m working on this month and can’t wait to share soon! Have an awesome Monday fam! ✨
Kate Voegele Mar 30, 2019
weekend road trip anyone? i went to the coolest event at the LA @fredasalvador shop a couple weekends ago where @_spiritkitten_ hand painted these rad @citizensofhumanity jeans! these are definitely my new go-to pair for spring and summer ☀️👖🎨
Kate Voegele Mar 28, 2019
feels like home🍷🌿📚 finally found the box with these wet plate photos from our wedding week by the awesome @juliabaileyphotography!. . also newly stocked up on wine after my weekend @tobinjamescellars and sharing my favorite ways to store wine in small spaces over on @wethedreamers today! 🍾. . - link in bio!
Kate Voegele Mar 26, 2019
pirates of the caribbean tops = a full mood ⚓️🗺⛵️ happy Tuesday!
Kate Voegele Mar 24, 2019
so proud of this absolute stud @bretthughes6 for killing it running the LA marathon this morning! 🔥💪🏼💯 I didn’t run it but i wore my @toneitup hat at the finish line so maybe that counts for something?? cc @anotherbestday
Kate Voegele Mar 22, 2019
Friday, I’m in love ⚡️💛✨💫 this fireplace may be my favorite part of our new house! more pics from my new LA apt coming soon to @wethedreamers!. . photo by the amazing @kaylacoleslaw @50shoots50states 📸
Kate Voegele Mar 22, 2019
finishing up a super fun commission today and pretending I’m in Paris 🎨🥂 time lapse video coming soon!! LOVE getting the chance to do more painting these days 🌈
Kate Voegele Mar 20, 2019
first day of spring feels 🌱🌴🌵🌿
Kate Voegele Mar 19, 2019
it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas cards but tbh this is gonna be tough to beat @bretthughes6 🦘
Kate Voegele Mar 16, 2019
if you need me I’ll be holding this baby kangaroo at my favorite winery all weekend 🍷🦘her name is Jilly and she’s the sweetest thing. I didn’t think @tobinjamescellars could get any cooler but here we are!
Kate Voegele Mar 14, 2019
how do we feel about denim jumpsuits??👖
Kate Voegele Mar 12, 2019
spring skyline with 7 days of sunshine ahead ☀️ LA feels like LA again! 🌴
Kate Voegele Mar 11, 2019
this week’s playlist looks something like this 💿🎶 thanks to the amazing @kaylacoleslaw for letting me make a big mess of records, dresses and tequila among other things to get these pics!. . check out her rad project @50shoots50states for some major photography inspo 📸
Kate Voegele Mar 08, 2019
happy international women’s day! 💃🏻👯‍♀️💪🏼 so proud to know so many incredible women making waves and creating meaningful change. cheers to all the badass gals out there! 🥂
Kate Voegele Mar 07, 2019
Paris tu me manques 🇫🇷 sharing a house tour of my Parisian apartment on @wethedreamers today! Missing this magical little place so much ✨💫. . - link in @wethedreamers bio!
Kate Voegele Mar 06, 2019
breaking in the new studio with some old faves 🎶🎵 can’t wait for you guys to hear the new music I’ve been working on!!
Kate Voegele Mar 03, 2019
I just may buy this beach buggy and never leave this place 🌺🌊🚙🐬 #turksandcaicos
Kate Voegele Mar 02, 2019
saturdays on the sand 🌊🐚☀️🦞
Kate Voegele Feb 28, 2019
every hour is golden hour on island time ✨☀️🐠
Kate Voegele Feb 26, 2019
can’t beat these caribbean winter blues 💙🌊🐬. . #turksandcaicos #turksandcaicosislands #turks
Kate Voegele Feb 24, 2019
two of my faves back in the place where it all started! this pretty much sums up an epic Wilmy weekend 💯 red bedroom records fam put on an awesome show at Tric last night! ⚡️thanks so much to everyone who came last night and gave us all a chance to catch up with our oth fam and hang with you!
Kate Voegele Feb 22, 2019
friday mood = a drink with a flower in it 🍹🌺 so excited to see all of you in Wilmington NC tomorrow! then off to catch some tropical sunshine for a week ☀️ which songs do you wanna hear at tomorrow’s show??