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Angels and Men
Life in a Paper Boat
The Frost Is All Over
While Mortals Sleep
Make the Light
Sweet Bells
Awkward Annie
The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Underneath the Stars
Little Lights (Original)
Beautiful Days Festival Beautiful Days Festival 2019
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Kate Rusby Apr 19, 2019
What a beautiful, absolutely stunning gig last night by Molly Tuttle at The Greystones, Sheffield ❤️ We were all blown away by this fabulous young lady. She has two more gigs in the uk, tonight 19th The Live Room at Saltaire and tomorrow 20th Sage Gateshead Go see her, you’ll regret it if you don’t!! You will be astounded. 🥰🌟🥂 We found the lovely, talented Martin Simpson there in the audience too. Lovely, lovely evening. ❤️
Kate Rusby Apr 17, 2019
WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! 17th of April and Philosophers, Poets And Kings has gone on pre-sale today!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! Click here for your copy ;-) Xx
Kate Rusby Apr 12, 2019
Aw having a lovely time over here in Dublin!! We are on The Late Late Show on RTÉ One tonight, at about 10.20pm. Singing/playing with the amazing Dervish, who release their new album ‘The Great Irish Songbook’ today, and I had the pleasure of singing on it! One of my all time fave bands! 😃❤️😃❤️🌟#happysinger #dublin #luckylass
Kate Rusby Apr 11, 2019
's cover photo
Kate Rusby Apr 10, 2019
Look, look, loooook!!!! 😃👀Here's the official video for JENNY (the ordinary remix) click away and sing along!! 🏇⭐️😃 #underhorse #gojenny #remix #herohorse
Kate Rusby Apr 09, 2019
YIP HIP HOOOORAAAAY!!!! It's JENNY release day!! 😃🥂⭐️🎊⭐️🎊⭐️🎊⭐️🎊 This is a track from my new album, the rest available on the 17th of May, but Jenny's race starts today!! 🏇😆Keep an eye out for videos this week. Hope you like my new hero. #underhorse #gojenny #herohorse #remix Download now from: 🎧itunes 🎧 Amazon Music 🎧Spotify
Kate Rusby Apr 07, 2019
Aw fab gig tonight in Kettering!!! Love this pic of you guys!! It makes me laugh!! Thank you for being wonderful as ever. Goodnight all. 🌟🎪🌟🎪🌟❤️
Kate Rusby Apr 07, 2019
Have a little sneaky peek at the Lighthouse Theatre Kettering ahead of tonight's gig. Who's gonna be there?
Kate Rusby Apr 07, 2019
Today we did 2 fabulous heart-warming gigs at Kings Place, London and what a gorgeous space! Thankyou to the staff and the audiences (front, back and sides 🤣) who made it a really special day 😊❤️ #lovelondon #newmusic #newalbum #philosopherspoetsandkings #carlift #streetfood #underhorse #jenny
Kate Rusby Apr 06, 2019
Welcome to Day 3 of GigCam and here we are arriving at Kings Place in that London!
Kate Rusby Apr 05, 2019
Thank you so much amazing people of Royal Leamington Spa!!!! We had such a fab gig, and well sung!! 😊❤️🌟🎪
Kate Rusby Apr 05, 2019
Day 2 of Spring Tour and we're in Royal Leamington Spa! 😁🌟 #ppk
Kate Rusby Apr 04, 2019
Whooooo hooooo!! What a lovely gorgeous first gig of the spring tour, thank you beautiful people of Cheltenham. Happy girl. 😊❤️🎪🌟
Kate Rusby Apr 04, 2019
The first GigCam of the tour!!! Woohoo! Hello Cheltenham!!!! 🌟❤ #ppk
Kate Rusby Apr 04, 2019
Listen again to the first official play of “Jenny” from my brand new album Philosophers, Poets And Kings!!!! On Mark Radcliffe show BBC Radio 2. Whoooooooo hoooooo!!!!! 🎊🥂🎊🥂 Thanks Mark!! 😃 Because everyone loves an under horse ❤️🥰 #underhorse
Kate Rusby Apr 03, 2019
Had a lovely day rehearsing for the April gigs!! We kick off tomorrow Cheltenham Town Hall then Royal Spa Centre & Town Hall, Leamington Spa, Kings Place London and Lighthouse Theatre Kettering. Playing some songs from the new album, can’t wait, so exciting!!!! Freda helped out a lot as you can see! 😂🤣
Kate Rusby Apr 02, 2019
WHOOOOPEEEEEE!!!! The new album is here!!!!!! And it looks like this..................!!!!!! #newalbum #guitars #moog #electricguitars #accordion #underhorse #synths #drums #drinksomewine #absolutelydelighted #positivevibes Xxx
Kate Rusby Mar 31, 2019
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! 🌼🌻🌸 To all those who are, and to all those who aren’t. It takes a lot of love, support, patience, ideas and food to raise children!!! Thank you all for your invaluable supporting roles. ❤️🎊🥰 And thank you to my gorgeous girls for being so fabulous. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️
Kate Rusby Mar 30, 2019
Whoop whoop!!!! 😃 look at our recommendation in The Guardian!! Yippee for Underneath The Stars Festival 🥂✨🌟☀️🎪
Kate Rusby Mar 27, 2019's time for another instalment of the Proclaimers' Plot! 🥗🥔🥒 How are your allotments coming on? #spring #gardening #allotment
Kate Rusby Mar 20, 2019
Oooo, who's going to be in Denmark in August? Looking forward to it! 🇩🇰 🎶☀️ #tonderfestival
Kate Rusby Mar 18, 2019
Damien O'Kane
Kate Rusby Mar 18, 2019
Kate Rusby
Kate Rusby Mar 17, 2019
Welcome to our family Irish dance off!! Happy St Patrick’s day lovely people. 😊☀️❤️ ☘️☘️
Kate Rusby Mar 15, 2019
Check this out!!!! Whoop whoop!! 🥰🥰 two of my favourite singers made an album together called ‘Changeable Heart’ and we are the lucky label to release it TODAY! 🥂🎊I absolutely ADORE this album, and I know you will too. Click here to hear the beautiful title track It makes me cry, makes me dance, brightens my day, and it’s been on repeat in our house for weeks already. Sam Kelly and Ruth Notman I salute you. Purchase the record here ❤☀