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Karmakanic May 19, 2018
Karmakanic Apr 24, 2018
Hi everybody, check this out!!! A special 2 dates scandinavia treat for people in Gothenburg and Copenhagen, there´s a chance for a very special guest in Copenhagen aswell. Andy will bring the british midrange and some Yorkshire pudding while I´ll show my new talents eating käse semmel und käsekrainer. Sven Cirnski will rock your socks off and we will sing out of tune. Very welcome!!!!
Karmakanic Apr 20, 2018
Hello Everybody!!! Life is moving towards summer here in Europe and after a really harsh winter it is more than welcome to see a few sunbeams caress the beaten up winter landscape. Yours truly has been busy touring the world with Steve Hackett. I simply skipped the winter and got a fantastic experience instead. Thanks to all of you who showed up at the shows. The Sea Within CD is ready for pre-order and we´re very happy to present this to the prog community. Great talent combined with hopefully good songs. CD version or Vinyl, your choice. To be released 2018-06-22 pre order here: I also have the new The Flower Kings Boxset "A kingdom of colours 2" 2004-2013 9 Cd´s. To be released 2018-06-01 Pre Order here: We still selling a lot of the new Tangekanic album. Me and Andy Tillison joined forces last year and we did a combined Karmakanic and The Tangent tour 2017, this is the result. To order: I will do a few more shows with Hackett this summer and a tour in the UK in October. We´re playing together with a 40 piece orchestra and I´m looking forward to that. Have a nice spring and see you all on the road!!!! Jonas
Karmakanic Aug 09, 2017
Karmakanic Aug 06, 2017
Don't miss it, go to the gigs, get the fan CD!!! Karmakanic and The Tangent 2017 Aug 26th 2017 – Bierkeller, Reichenbach, DE Sept 1st 2017 - 2 days of Prog +1 Festival, Veruno, Italy Sept 6th Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg Sept 7th Verviers, Spirit of 66 Sept 8th 2017 - The Boerderij, Zoetermeer Oct 8th 2017 - SUMMERS END Festival, Chepstow, UK Oct15th 2017 - Progstock, Rahway NJ, USA Oct 21st 2017 – Progtoberfest, Chicago, USA Oct 22nd 2017 – Shank Hall, Milwaukee WI, USA Oct 24th 2017 – Token Lounge, Westland MI, USA Oct 26th 2017 – Roxy & Dukes, Dunellen NJ, USA
Karmakanic Jan 20, 2017
For Immediate Release Swedish Prog Ensemble Carptree Recording New Album “Emerger” To Be Released On Reingold Records! Sweden - Swedish prog ensemble Carptree will be releasing their new video titled “Fleeting Deep” in February. The track comes from their highly anticipated forthcoming album “Emerger” to be released on April 7th! Carptree is a Swedish progressive symphonic rock duo made featuring Carl Westholm (keyboards, composer, producer) and Nicklas Flinck (vocals, composer, lyrics). Although Carptree is a duo they are almost always accompanied by the No Future Orchestra (NFO); A group of people from known and unknown other Swedish acts, who add their personal touch, more or less frequent. This is also the basis for other important people (OIP) who are also a part of the creative process in the making of a Carptree album. Says the band, “This album was a really slow starter, we started already in 2014 with some of the songs, the first two song was 'Fleeting Deep' and 'Ultimately Lifeless' which both have taken a lot of different shapes along the process. 'Between Extremes' is also a song that has been around in different shapes for many years, first we recorded it in 2009, but was not happy and cut it down to a short version which ended up on Nymf 'Between Extremes, Prelude', then rewrote it and planned to release it as a single in 2012 but was not happy with the result. So again we rewrote it and when we recorded it with Jesper Skarin on the drums and Carl rerecorded everything with just his Fender Rhodes and organ and we were finally happy with it. That's why we wanted to release that song already in May 2016 as a Maxi single to give that special song a chance to stand on it's own.” “A coherent jewel of preogressive rock” - Metal observer As always the duo used the “No Future Orchestra” on the new album, which is a loosely connected group of musicians very important to Carptree. Also on this album Jesper Skarin joined in on drums and percussion and Carl has played some bass and guitars. Except the mellotrons that are taken from a sampler software, all instruments and amplifiers on this album are analogue just as the mix and mastering. On the CD there will be 8 songs including a remixed version of “Dwindle Into Greatness” (The B-side of the Maxi single released in May 2016) as a bonus track. The vinyl version will have the other 7 tracks and will be release approximately one month after the CD on the FOSFOR Creation label. (Two versions, Black and transparent Marine blue) “You can´t get better music than this” - The progressive duo Carptree was formed in 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden, by the songwriters Niclas Flinck, vocals, and Carl Westholm, keyboards and production. Under the years 2001-2010 they released 5 albums and did some live performances. The Album "Superhero" in 2003 was the first to gain a wide popularity among prog listeners around the world. "Man made machine" in 2005 was release both on their own label FOSFOR Creation and Insideout and got an even wider distribution, then followed by "Insekt" 2007 and "Nymf" in 2010 where the latter also was released as a Vinyl LP in 2011 by Ritual echo records. Carl Westholm has apart from this project been a member of some heavy Metal acts like Candlemass, Krux and Avatarium and lately live keyboard player with Tiamat. Between 2008 and 2013 he also released three albums under the name Jupiter Society and has also played on some Declan Burke albums. The newest member of No Future Orchestra is Jesper Skarin on drums known from Swedish acts like Vak and Switch Open and others. Even though Niclas and Carl writes and produce everything No Future Orchestra is way more than just a bunch of hired guns as they have over the years contributed a lot of creative input and support. For all of you that long for music with integrity and diversity, open you arms for the “Emerger”, Carptree is back! Watch the promotional video:
Karmakanic Jan 17, 2017
Scroll down to read a great review of DOT Here is a link to a review I wrote for Dot, you may have to scroll down past the Big Big Train review to find the review entitled 'Composing for Space and Time, Karmakanic's Dot.'..........
Karmakanic Jan 16, 2017
Marillion had quite a success with the votes this year, they deserve it, staying true to their thing. And a big thanks to all of you that is thinking of me year after year, it makes my heart warm and cuddly, my buddy Roine is there too and so is Nick D Virgillio I´m happy for them and it´s great to see some new names, Luke Maschin, hell yeah!!!
Karmakanic Jan 15, 2017
Karmakanic's cover photo
Karmakanic Jan 15, 2017
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Karmakanic Dec 09, 2016
Karmakanic Dec 08, 2016
Get Karmakanic and the players to the top, vote now!!!!
Karmakanic Nov 15, 2016
Here's a summary for Karmakanic fans, share this to the world!!!
Karmakanic Nov 04, 2016
Thanks for voting us no 2 this month:
Karmakanic Oct 31, 2016
Hey everyone! Check out this @Filtr playlist on @Spotify, featuring the best in Progressive Rock. Hear the latest tracks from Karmakanic and other new and classic Prog artists. Curated by @InsideOutMusic, please follow Music in Progress here:
Karmakanic Oct 27, 2016
Karmakanic spelar inte här den 11:e Nov men på enArena i Stockholm. Det blir en fröjdefull kväll i goda vänners lag, missa inte detta. Det finns fortfarande biljetter kvar. Kom, kom
Karmakanic Oct 12, 2016
Karmakanic Oct 03, 2016
Give us your vote!!! We´re in this for the second month now!!!!
Karmakanic Sep 20, 2016
Here's an interesting list on some of the best Karmakanic songs. Agree?
Karmakanic Sep 10, 2016
10/10, thanks a lot
Karmakanic Sep 05, 2016
Reingold Records heading east. Soon people in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, pakistan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Brunei get the music from Reingold Records through streaming services like SAAVN, KKBOX and AWA
Karmakanic Sep 01, 2016
KARMAKANIC - Steer by the Stars (Lyric Video)