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Karl Sanders (Nile) Aug 07, 2019
NB is promising a Release date announcement for the new Nile album any day now...……. Stay Tuned ! :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Aug 07, 2019
Here is a recent interview with Olga over at Inside the Darkness Metal Webzine in Russia :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jul 27, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile)'s cover photo
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jul 15, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile)'s cover photo
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 30, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 26, 2019
Went on a celebratory album finishing rampage. Kill death ratio currently 8.33 / Puts a smile on my face :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 26, 2019
Been a really busy day. I spent it approving the test masters for the new Nile album. I am finally 100 % done with every last goddamn thing that was my part. Time for a well earned Jose Cuervo. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 25, 2019
Dean Guitars
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 19, 2019
Currently in Nashville with Brad Parris and Mark Lewis working on the finishing touches for the new album... So close!
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 12, 2019
Two days left on this bad boy - Thanks everyone for your interest, you rock!! (There are a few other small items listed, in an effort to make some space in the studio.)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 09, 2019
Check out this Killer guitar Perry Ormsby built me. I am fucking speechless.
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 08, 2019
Right now I am enjoying checking out the newest Drum Library from Ugritone , Northern Artillery. Seems perfect for writing some Northern Hyperblast tunes. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 07, 2019
Currently 8.15 K/D Ratio. Kill, Kill, Kill . Almost better than Therapy. I'm sure its of course helping me evolve into a much more rational person.
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 05, 2019
I'm selling one of my classic Nile guitars. I would love for it to go to a Nile fan if possible. This guitar deserves to be played and appreciated!
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 05, 2019
Yes, Damn Right its my Birthday. 56, and I am going to spend it being Metal. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jun 03, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile) May 31, 2019
I fucking Hate waiting on a new Nile album . Already recorded, mixing is only recently started. And I am going crazy. How crazy you ask ? 7.95 Kill/Death Ratio kind of crazy. lol :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) May 28, 2019
Liner notes time!
Karl Sanders (Nile) Apr 29, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile) Apr 28, 2019
Done with acoustic tracking for the new Nile album! Loving my Deans and baglama saz
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 19, 2019
Impromptu Old School Metal Brothers Reunion at Brad's show 🤘
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 19, 2019
Impromptu Old School Metal Brothers Reunion at Brad's show 🤘
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 18, 2019
Here is an interview I did for "Honest Amp Sims Reviews" I really like their website ; it has a ton of genuinely useful and helpful info about everything Amp-sim related.
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 17, 2019
We may just have a winner in the "First Person to String their Guitar with S.I.T. Strings" contest . Hell yes ! Thanks Levi Jaymz Basinger for sharing this pic. :-)