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Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 19, 2019
Impromptu Old School Metal Brothers Reunion at Brad's show 🤘
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 19, 2019
Impromptu Old School Metal Brothers Reunion at Brad's show 🤘
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 18, 2019
Here is an interview I did for "Honest Amp Sims Reviews" I really like their website ; it has a ton of genuinely useful and helpful info about everything Amp-sim related.
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 17, 2019
We may just have a winner in the "First Person to String their Guitar with S.I.T. Strings" contest . Hell yes ! Thanks Levi Jaymz Basinger for sharing this pic. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 12, 2019
Today I am super excited to announce that S.I.T. Strings has just made available the Karl Sanders Signature Custom Seven String Set. This is the exact set of strings that I use day in and day out - on 6 and 7 string guitars I use for Nile. Our Nile guitars are tuned to Drop A , and these S.I.T. strings are the same ones I have used for years - Heavy on the low strings , and light on the treble strings . Its killer for crushingly heavy rhythm tones, and maximum bend-ability for screaming leads. Available Now directly from the S.I.T. Web Store !
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 07, 2019
Many thanks to all the people who have been patient - while I am busy working on the new Nile record. I haven't had any time for Facebook- (or anything else) , so that's why there has been so few updates lately . I have been slaving away making this disc be as killer as possible. I am almost done with the rhythm guitars - got 1 more left - and then its on to bass and vocals. Thank you to everyone who follows this page for your support and for being Metal as Fuck !
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 07, 2019
With The Unholiest of Unholy - the untouchable Immolation at the NAMM show. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 07, 2019
Playing Metal in gale force winds on the deck of 70 k. I look determined, but I was mostly trying not to lose my balance in the strong wind. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Mar 06, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile) Feb 06, 2019
OMG. The Legendary Eduardo Tarilonte ! Mr. Tarilonte is one of my all time heroes. He authors , composes , records , and releases the most AMAZING sound libraries ; the sounds of which are all over many Nile records and my side project . What a blast we had hanging out . Eduardo gave me a thorough, personal demo of his newest library - "Dark Era" . We were like kids on a playground laughing with unstoppable excitement , as he played seemingly endless amazing keyboard pieces of cinematic extravaganza . Each patch of Dark Era was more mindblowing than the last . Sounds so expressive and emotive they should be called works of art . What a great guy - I would of course have bought Dark Era without even hearing it, such is the awesomeness of all his libraries and music. But getting a comprehensive demo from the man himself - WOW ! Unforgettable. Thank you Eduardo - You rule.
Karl Sanders (Nile) Feb 06, 2019
With the Infamous and Incomparable Rusty Cooley at NAMM . Seeing Rusty is always a pleasure. Not just the worlds most scariest Guitar shredder, he is one of the nicest people one could ever hope to meet. Getting to spend a few hours watching him at close range shred to pieces his new Ormsby guitar was for me one of the absolute highlights of this years NAMM .Very thankful for the mindboggling guitar lesson Rusty ! :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jan 25, 2019
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jan 17, 2019
"OK Nova, if you are going to be in here in my studio, then you have to help. I cant work on long-over-due-interviews AND backup the album progress to a 2nd drive at the same time , so you gotta help"
Karl Sanders (Nile) Jan 09, 2019
Going to be going to NAMM this year . I will be at the S.I.T. Strings Booth for a signing with all the SIT artists. Please stop by and say Hello ! Booth 5633 Thursday Jan 24, 1:00PM
Karl Sanders (Nile) Dec 15, 2018
Here's a little teaser from the new album, what do you think?
Karl Sanders (Nile) Dec 15, 2018
What do I do to unwind from the stress of working on a new Nile record ? Kill, Kill, Kill. Currently at a 7.09 Kill/Death Ratio. Thats what keeps me sane. lol
Karl Sanders (Nile) Nov 25, 2018
Karl Sanders (Nile) Oct 30, 2018
George Kollias Official
Karl Sanders (Nile) Oct 20, 2018
Karl Sanders (Nile) Oct 11, 2018
The Marshall DSL20 is kicking ass on Nile recordings!! We’ve been slaving away these past months to bring you a new Nile album unparalleled in brutality 🤘
Karl Sanders (Nile) Oct 07, 2018
Just finished a mix on another Nile song demo. I really like this track - epic, dark , evil and ridiculously headbanging and catchy. Really hoping it makes the record. The countdown to drum tracking in Greece is on ! :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Oct 03, 2018
Why is this Frazetta Painting on my facebook post ? No reason. Its currently the wallpaper on my DAW screen, and was kinda inspiring as I am working on writing song # 12 for the new Nile record . We start tracking drums in Greece in a few weeks, and I am far too busy working on preproduction, to the exclusion of everything else in my life- to make an ACTUAL Facebook post . lol So , no, I am not dead , or MIA , just working long hours every day to make this next record KILLER. :-)
Karl Sanders (Nile) Sep 08, 2018
The Infamous Mike "Unas" Breazeale. Mike has been a contributor to Nile's Music for many years now; Going all the way back to his Nile debut as the Eternal Unas on Darkened Shrines Unas Slayer of the Gods. Since then Mike has appeared as a recurring special guest vocalist on every Nile record , and occasional live guest appearances onstage with the band for 2 decades now. Mike has a special , unique gift as a vocalist who can literally do ANYTHING - from Metal vocals , to clean operatic tenor , to Utterly Epic spoken word cinema style deliveries. Besides the well known guest highlighted vocal parts Like Unas Slayer of the Gods , Those Whom the Gods Detest , What Should Not be Unearthed, etc etc Mike also helps out with innumerable not-so-obvious background vocals as well, lending his unequaled talent and impeccable vocal technique to many , many Nile songs over the years. Mike also sang on both of the Saurian Albums I did ; and the list of diverse , eclectic vocal styles and techniques on display on those 2 records is far too comprehensive to list here. Besides being just a darn treasure of vocalist - Mike has also been a steadfast and loyal friend to the band through thick and thin, never wavering and always dependable to be there for us as a musician AND a great friend. Get ready for some Killer NEW performances from Mike on the upcoming New Nile album !