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Karen O. Jun 25, 2019
How did you spend your hour? (If you’re confused, see my last post 🧐😜) #mykindofhappyhour #igetbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends
Karen O. Jun 24, 2019
If you know me, you’ve definitely heard me say this at least a time or a billion- you can either make time or you can make excuses. Remember to invest in yourself!! Time is the one thing we can n e v e r get back/replace, so spend yours wisely.. do all things with intent, manifest your dreams, work on your goals to create your reality.. Choose happy, choose healthy, CHOOSE YOU. Sending y’all some motivation on this Monday, hope everyone has a productive week of growth/gains 💪🏽✨
Karen O. Jun 24, 2019
Yooo check out this new original music that ya girl is featured on! Did some writing & vocals on this one, lmk what y’all think 🎶🔥👇🏽
Karen O. Jun 23, 2019
Quick reminder - you can catch a FREE Karen O + The No No No’s duo jam TODAY 430-730P at The Living Room Downtown Ocotillo 🎶✨ see y’all soon!
Karen O. Jun 23, 2019
Laughing at myself for not including tomorrow’s schedule in my earlier post whoops 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 ANYWAY tomorrow is Sunday 6/23 & I’ve got a real Funday planned.. starting my day the best way, leading worship over at Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ with my girl @carlycbates (10A service! All are welcome, come as you are) then headed over to Chandler/Downtown Ocotillo for Karen O + The No No No’s duo tings 4-7P at The Living Room Downtown Ocotillo with Shawn 🎶🎉✨ hope to see y’all at some point tomorrow! #attitudeofgratitude #happygirl💕
Karen O. Jun 23, 2019
For the first year in literally as long as I can remember, there’s no pool where I am living. Luckily, it’s pool party season so I’ll get my fix bahaha 😝☀️🧜🏽‍♀️ Where do y’all like to cool down during the summer? • • PS - hbd to the homie @randyequis ! Stoked to celebrate you! ✨🎉
Karen O. Jun 21, 2019
Karen O. has a show on 06/23/2019 at 04:00 PM @ The Living Room Wine Cafe & Lounge in Chandler, AZ
Karen O. Jun 19, 2019
Is it just me or does it look like the clouds are my thought bubbles? 🤔💭🙈 Makes sense; issa real life depiction of me finally embracing my magic & the Universe conspiring with me to make my dreams a reality. 😍✨ Join my mailing list to stay up to date on all that + then some 🤫🎶💛 link in bio or drop your info/email here/DMs👇🏽
Karen O. Jun 16, 2019
Hiii I’m at The Living Room Ahwatukee today 11A-2P doing duo No No No’s loops with Shawn! Come hang with us & bring ya daddies 🥰🎶💛
Karen O. Jun 14, 2019
I mean, yeah.. 💁🏻‍♀️😝🎶✨
Karen O. Jun 14, 2019
Touched down in the valley of the Sun from the east coast late Wednesday night & already making a quick escape north 🙈😋🤣 headed up to beautiful Sedona with my fav pixie photog today, see y’all back at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock TONIGHT 6-10P! ☺️🎶
Karen O. Jun 13, 2019
Been quiet af on my social media to try & enjoy some time w fam at home (stories still active, but timeline 😴 so lemme hop back on here) • • I’d be lying if I didn’t say I miss being able to walk downstairs & see this gorgeous view every night. It’s funny, living in AZ for so long I’ve convinced myself worthwhile sunsets don’t even really exist elsewhere.. but sitting here by the river, listening to River, realizing that I too wished I had a river that would carry me away, I realize that it’s a lie I’ve told myself to keep myself “safe” and complacent.. there’s beauty everywhere if you choose to see it. I have seen my east coast homes with new eyes in a new light and I cannot unsee it.. I’ve returned in physical form but I can’t say I’m fully back in the desert just yet.. • • PS- Escaping this hot reality for just a littleee longer; heading up to beautiful Sedona tomorrow to loop & sing to y’all at Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock ☺️ hope to see some familiar faces, come say hello & treat ya Dad this Father’s Day weekend 6-10P 🎶
Karen O. Jun 13, 2019
Karen O. has a show on 06/14/2019 at 06:00 PM @ Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ
Karen O. Jun 12, 2019
Karen O. has a show on 06/14/2019 at 06:00 PM @ Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ
Karen O. Jun 05, 2019
I’ve done a lot of self work over the years, both on my own and with professional assistance; my journey to self love/acceptance has & continues to be a difficult/strange one, to say the least, but as I get older, certain themes continue to repeat themselves clearly.. one of them, which is one of the best things I have learned - Don’t become who hurt you. You can choose to define yourself by your pain, and live a life wondering “why me” or you can choose to heal and break the cycle and see things as “what is this teaching me” instead. Sending some extra love out to the Universe tonight, seems like we could all use more of that more than ever.. 💕✨ • • • • • #latenighttalks #iwishyouthebest #noliesjustlove #honestyisthebestpolicy #whattheworldneedsnowislove #fighthatewithlove #killemwithkindness #retrainyourbrain #resetyourmindset #itendswithme #breakthecycle #selfcareawareness #iseeyourtruecolors #goodnight😘
Karen O. Jun 03, 2019
Last time we played at Gracie's Tax Bar it was a super grey rainy day, we almost got canceled that afternoon (bc weather) & the power even blew out completely once, but there were a handful of wonderful humans (some we knew prior, most we just met that night) hanging with us on the patio til we finished at 11, even helping us literally move our stuff out of the rain while we were playing.. my heart is honestly STILL full of gratitude for this evening, and any reminders of beauty and love I see and receive from the community, and I’m s t o k e d to say tonight we’ll be doing it all again, sans the rain/power outage 🙈😝.. meet us on the patio 8-11P for some Monday musical shenanigans! Plus, it’s ya last time to see me live before I take off for the east coast for a bit 💃🏻💛 See y’all later 😍🎶✌🏽 Karen O + The No No No’s
Karen O. Jun 02, 2019
Forever thinking about how blessed I am to work with so many different talented musicians in such a wide variety of settings.. for example, this weekend I played solo, lead vocals in a jazz ensemble, led worship at church this morning, and meow I get to jam duo style tonight AND tomorrow 😍🥰 To say it’s a blessing to do what you love for a living is an understatement; music has not only saved me multiple times but has also brought me some of the most important human beings in my life.. I’ll n e v e r lose this attitude of gratitude 💛 hope to see y’all later, two more times to catch me live before I head back east for a bit 🥰😍💛🎶✨ Karen O + The No No No’s x 2 👇🏽 6.2 SUN 4-7P The Living Room Downtown Ocotillo 6.3 MON 8-11P Gracie's Tax Bar
Karen O. Jun 02, 2019
Good morning & happy Sunday! I’m over leading worship at Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ with my bb Carly Bates (10A service) then headed to The Living Room Downtown Ocotillo 4-7P see y’all soon! ☺️🎶💛
Karen O. Jun 02, 2019
Karen O. has a show on 06/03/2019 at 07:30 PM @ Gracie's Tax Bar in Phoenix, AZ
Karen O. May 31, 2019
Quincy caught me being a lil sassy (ok to be fair, might be harder to catch me NOT being sassy 🤗😝) but I digress.. anyyyyhooters, here’s what’s going down on this beautiful FriYAY - YOU come to The Ivy Mediterranean Lounge tonight to enjoy delicious food/drinks/human interaction/ambiance & I’LL serenade you as the sun sets, sound good? L i t e r a l l y YES, it will, cuz I’ll be loopin 7-10P 😉😋🎶✨ See ya there! #sayhellotokareno #womeninmusic #attitudeofgratitude #beyourbestself #giggingmusician #fridaynightlive #funforallages
Karen O. May 31, 2019
A pretty photo of an ugly shituation OR “get harassed for existing but make it fashion” OR “when “omfg you’re soOoO pretty” turned to “I JuSt WaNt tO PiSs on yOuR fACE”- both compliments of a drunk white fuckboy roaming the streets of downtown Gilbert on a Wednesday evening. Posting this to tell you to read the caption of my last post, or honestly just unfollow me cuz I’m never going to lower my standards of humanity just because some trashcan people exist & I’m tired of accepting/excusing this type of behavior, so I’m d o n e with that.. I’m much, much more than just a pretty face that you can’t pee anywhere near, let alone on. PS - who thinks I should get a taser?
Karen O. May 30, 2019
I wasn’t going to post about this but I woke up at 6A still thinking about it, so.. • Last night after my gig we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to adventure.. while shooting in downtown Gilbert with Quincy (& Shawn for moral support lmao), a v drunk guy (probs early to mid 20s, in a trio of other drunk white men) hollered at me loudly “WHOAH YOU’RE SoOoO BEAUTIFUL” and tried to G R A B me and “take a photo with me” then when we ALL said “no” multiple times he finally left.. then came back a few min later to tell me he wanted to PISS ON MY FACE. • • He then followed up with a “what?? All I’m saying.. I just wanna piss on you idk” as if that extra clarification was what all 7(or so) of us needed to hear from him. His friends just looked at us and nervously laughed, and when Spookie asked “WTF is wrong w you guys?!” they literally ran away childishly screaming & laughing. • • I was honestly so shocked I didn’t react quickly at all, and tbh I’m unsure what I would’ve done differently sans whip out my knife (surprise, I’m 5’4” and unfortunately have been in enough shituations that meow I carry a knife!) or engage in pointless verbal volleys.. I tried to let it roll off my back, as I usually do, but I can still see his ugly, sweaty mug grinning while snarling that ludicrous threat at me.. mind you, I’m not scared, I’m more disgusted/sad.. and for once, maybe the first time tbh, I’m angry. • • “Boys will be boys” is a BULLSHIT concept & I refuse to remotely indulge in it. I’m not backing down/biting my tongue anymore. Thanks for yet another reminder of my “why” 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ the line between ignorance and CHOSEN ignorance is apparently thinner than I’d like to believe but overall still v clear, I’m not making excuses for a n y o n e or their choices anymore. I haven’t come across any viable solutions other than a case-by-case basis, but am v open to discussion.. if we don’t discuss these things, we can’t change them. We need to do MUCH better at holding ourselves & our loved ones ACCOUNTABLE for these types of toxic, hateful behaviors.. this is why I always say, I prefer humor where we laugh together, not AT someone. We’re all human; act like it 💛
Karen O. May 30, 2019
Karen O. has a show on 05/31/2019 at 06:00 PM @ The Ivy Mediterranean Lounge in Chandler, AZ
Karen O. May 29, 2019
🎶 W E E K [ E N D ] L I N E U P 🎶 Check the link in my bio for more details, but here’s where you can catch me live before I head out of town for a bit, starting TONIGHT 😍🎶✨👇🏽 • • 5.29 WED 6-9P Sandbar Gilbert 5.31 FRI 7-10P The Ivy Mediterranean Lounge 6.1 SAT 6-8P *private event* w/ Adam Johnson Collective 6.2 SUN 10A service leading worship at Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ w @carlycbates 6.3 MON 8-11P Gracie's Tax Bar w/Karen O + The No No No’s
Karen O. May 28, 2019
I struggle with communication, let alone eloquence, on days like today for many reasons.. my heart is massively heavy & even moreso than I was prepared for when I woke up this morning. The heartbreak is twofold.. • • In the simplest of terms, when my father hurts, I do as well, and today has been a tough one for him for as long as I can remember. Most people equate Memorial Day weekend with bbqs, pool parties, sales & no work/school Monday, but to plenty of us, this is a day of remembrance. This is a day to honor those who we have lost, who sacrificed e v e r y t h i n g for our freedom. For some, like my father, this is a special day to honor the lives of his fallen brothers that he misses so dearly as he continues this life without them.. this is a day to remember the good, the bad.. to reopen those memories, regardless of what emotions may come.. PLEASE, if you have a veteran in your life (of course active duty as well), show them a little extra love/kindness today. Check in with them a couple times; just because they fought in past wars doesn’t mean they have to fight any current battles alone. 💛 • • • • Also (second half, for those still reading/with me), I’m processing my own memories of friends today too, or trying to.. still struggling to understand that I’ll never see Bob McKee’s smiling face again. Bob, one of my first friends in the whole lot, usually the first person to spot me and hug me when I think I’m making a quiet entrance.. thank you for your big heart & hugs, genuine brilliance, and for slyly reminding me *just* when I needed it - “you’re gonna be a superstar.” So much to say, but I’ll leave it at this - I’m sorry I haven’t been around, I’m sorry I thought I’d have another chance to “say yes” and hang out at The Island, I know you would accept me with open arms and a huge amount of love, like you always do.. I have been working on some new music I know you would’ve loved, I just thought we had more time. • • You never truly never know when your last moments with someone could be, so at the very least, live in love and not regret. Happy Memorial Day 💛