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Karen Gwyer Jun 20, 2019
Playing in Poland on Friday, June 21 at ->
Karen Gwyer Jun 17, 2019
BIG NEWS: I have a new record, my friends. "Man On Mountain" drops July 12 on Don't Be Afraid, and it's dedicated to the memory of one magnificent man, my friend Ian Toothill. I really hope you enjoy it. Listen: Pre-order:
Karen Gwyer Dec 04, 2018
Don't Be Afraid
Karen Gwyer Aug 09, 2018
Much looking forward to presenting three nights of a commissioned piece titled “Partager” at Pop-Kultur, Berlin. August 15, 16 and 17.
Karen Gwyer Mar 23, 2018
Such a big night/morning coming up this weekend in Berlin ->
Karen Gwyer Mar 10, 2018
Don’t Be Afraid takes over Rinse for TWELVE HOURS today. I’ll be chattin a wee bit o shiz bout midwest techno alongside Portage Garage Sounds around 4pm. All times in GMT;)
Karen Gwyer Mar 01, 2018
Rembo on the REPRESS! These are flying fast, so head to if you’d like to cop it. Many thanks for the support; it’s humbling to know that this record has made a wee mark out there.
Karen Gwyer Jan 17, 2018
Karen Gwyer's cover photo
Karen Gwyer Jan 17, 2018
Karen Gwyer
Karen Gwyer Jan 17, 2018
Karen Gwyer Dec 08, 2017
London tonight with Josey Rebelle AND Shanti Celeste!
Karen Gwyer Oct 25, 2017
Happy to be joining this big lineup, which includes my favourites The Thing!
Karen Gwyer Sep 15, 2017
The LAST two shops with any stock of Rembo left are Rush Hour and Honest Jon's NO repress planned, so act now to avoid the discogs sharks!
Karen Gwyer Jul 21, 2017
Today is the day. Rembo is out on Don't Be Afraid! Thanks for every last little bit of support, encouragement and inspiration. And thanks to Walden Press for the beautiful artwork. Enjoy your weekends!
Karen Gwyer Jul 20, 2017
I'll be on First Floor today on Red Bull Radio, talking music with Shawn Reynaldo!
Karen Gwyer Jul 18, 2017
Got a new mix up on Fact! Hope you like! Worth checking for that lovely illustration alone ;)
Karen Gwyer Jul 11, 2017
So many incredible producers, but so few live sets. Why?? DJ dominance and other gripes here ->
Karen Gwyer Jun 22, 2017
I haven't even got time to brush my teeth, let alone worry about some prick who reckons ladies are shit ;) More chat below...
Karen Gwyer Jun 20, 2017
So close now, folks! Rembo is on pre-order!
Karen Gwyer Apr 28, 2017
Last night's mix on Solid Steel is up ->
Karen Gwyer Apr 11, 2017
Karen Gwyer Apr 10, 2017
Karen Gwyer's cover photo
Karen Gwyer Apr 10, 2017
Karen Gwyer
Karen Gwyer Apr 05, 2017
I did this! Tough, sweaty, a little shaky, but very fun.