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Sprinter EP
Kaptan Jul 29, 2019
Have TWO songs airing tonight on @teenmom!! Thank you to @musicbed for constantly hooking it up!
Kaptan Jun 14, 2019
✨goldenboy✨ Really proud of this one. Huge thank you to @brandonjday for slaying the production on this, absolutely crushed it. Song is for anyone who has had someone make them feel like they aren’t good enough. #goldenboy #toxicpeople #indierock #indiepop
Kaptan Jun 14, 2019
Kaptan's cover photo
Kaptan Jun 12, 2019
Hey guys! My amazing friends at @musicbed are launching their annual Musicbed Challenge! Put your filmmaking skills to the rest and enter one of 5 categories to win over 80k in grants and gear from @musicbed! You can use my song “Shake This Feeling” in the Documentary category!
Kaptan May 03, 2019
Been in hiding but new music coming out soon guys. ❤️
Kaptan Jan 22, 2018
Woke up to the best text message from my good friend Chris Cline who let me know that “Hardest Part” is now the first song on Spotify’s indie pop playlist!!! 😭😭😭😭
Kaptan Jan 19, 2018
Thanks Cloudberry Mornings!!!!!
Kaptan Jan 19, 2018
Everyone needs a good cry sometimes. Thanks Glamglare <3
Kaptan Jan 17, 2018
Whoaaaaa guys! Just saw that "Hardest Part" is #8 on the Hype Machine popular charts!!!! Thank you so much :) If you're loving the song and have a little time, head over and <3 the song!
Kaptan Jan 17, 2018
Thanks for including "Hardest Part" in your matinee The Revue!!
Kaptan Jan 17, 2018
Thanks for the support Music Is My Life!! <3 u!
Kaptan Jan 17, 2018
Thanks for sharing "Hardest Part" The Indie Folx! Really appreciate all of the support you've given me!!!
Kaptan Jan 17, 2018
Check out "Hardest Part" on Spotify's Indie Pop Playlist! <3 <3 <3
Kaptan Jan 12, 2018
In May 2015, I lost one of the most important people in my life, my mother. Last year I wrote a song about what it was like to lose her in hopes that it would help me heal and that song was released today. Huge thank you to my friends at The Daily Listening for premiering "Hardest Part". I hope anyone out there who is dealing with the same thing can find a little peace in knowing you are not alone. <3
Kaptan Jan 12, 2018
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Kaptan Dec 14, 2017
Kaptan Dec 14, 2017
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Kaptan Dec 13, 2017
HUUUUUGE thanks to everyone that listened this year and everyone that I was able to create music with. Excited for 2018 and for our show on Saturday at The High Watt with Ladysse and Secret Club <3
Kaptan Dec 08, 2017
Hangin wit da boys. Practicing for our upcoming show at @thehighwatt with @ladyssemusic and @secretclubband
Kaptan Nov 21, 2017
Kaptan Nov 14, 2017
Thanks The Record Stache for posting Moving On!!!
Kaptan Nov 13, 2017
Wanting to cover some songs soon. What songs should I cover?
Kaptan Oct 31, 2017
Muchos gracias to @spotify, @mikewbiggane and @johnbstein for always supporting me. ❤️❤️❤️ Check our “Moving On” in these amazing playlists.
Kaptan Oct 30, 2017
Put together a little Spotify playlist with some great tunes for you guys to enjoy. <3
Kaptan Oct 27, 2017
Very very exciting day indeed. My new single “Moving On” is available now AND we get a second freaking season of Stranger Things. This weekend is gonna be 🔥. #movingon #strangerthings Check it out here: