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Crazy In the Night (feat. Kane)
2 Hearts
Everything You Want
What If
What If (Bonus Track Version)
So Glad You Made It
So Glad You Made It
As Long As You Want This
Christian Kane Jun 06, 2019
Jason Charles Miller
Christian Kane Apr 30, 2019
Christian Kane's cover photo
Christian Kane Apr 30, 2019
We had to pleasure os Kyshona Armstrong / Kyshona Music joining us all for the UK charity festival. She won over a ton of hearts and ears. She’s still go some UK dates on this tour. Don’t miss her if you have the opportunity to catch a gig.
Christian Kane Apr 25, 2019
Tonight! Don’t miss it!
Christian Kane Apr 24, 2019
What a generous offer! OMS is offering a very limited number of "day passes" for the concert only portion of the event this Friday and Saturday night just outside Birmingham, UK.. Festivities start around 7pm each night. A minimum 25GBP donation is requested per guest for the concert only each evening. Help support a great cause and hear some awesome music.
Christian Kane Apr 23, 2019
Only 30 or so tickets left for Thursday’s gig at O2 Academy Islington in London. Don’t miss out!
Christian Kane Apr 19, 2019
Dean Devlin
Christian Kane Apr 16, 2019
Christian Kane's cover photo
Christian Kane Apr 02, 2019
This is not an April Fool's joke folks.....
Christian Kane Mar 20, 2019
Haven't had a chance to see #ChristianKane in the film, #Tinker. It's showing on #Nteflix. Check it out and let us know what you think.
Christian Kane Feb 27, 2019
The Librarians is coming to UPtv on March 13 with extended episodes, outtakes and more. Be sure to to check in order to find what channel it is in your service area. Who is going to watch? #Librarians #DeanDevlin #ChristianKane
Christian Kane Feb 15, 2019
Charlie Sheen
Christian Kane Feb 08, 2019
Christian Kane Feb 07, 2019
Christian Kane's cover photo
Christian Kane Feb 06, 2019
Headed to the UK in April to raise money to fight breast cancer. Hope you can join us.
Christian Kane Jan 31, 2019
My good buddy Riley Smith has his new song #RADIO featured by Billboard. How cool is that? You can Pre-Save and Pre-Order it here:
Christian Kane Dec 22, 2018
From Riley Smith's Instagram page.... writing with Hank and RIles....
Christian Kane Dec 21, 2018
More new music from my good friend, Riley Smith. He's got new music and videos coming out every couple weeks. You should like him on FB and follow him on Insta and/or Twitter. Good stuff!
Christian Kane Dec 16, 2018
Christian Kane's cover photo
Christian Kane Nov 28, 2018
Scratch your itch for The Librarians with this new book. gives it a great review and guess who seems to be one of their favorites????
Christian Kane Nov 27, 2018
Christian Kane is returning to London! Tickets on Sale Wednesday, November 28.
Christian Kane Nov 22, 2018
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Christian is excited to formally confirm his participation in tha One More Shot music festival in Birmingham, UK April 26-28 2018. This annual event supports survivors both of breast cancer and breast cancer research. Info link in first comment or OneMOreShotUK dot com.
Christian Kane Nov 21, 2018
Gametime in LA...
Christian Kane Nov 10, 2018
Christian Kane
Christian Kane Nov 10, 2018
Kaniacs killed it at Crockettsville for the Childrens' charities of Eastern Kentucky. You guys rock!