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Kaleido at Dingbatz (October 11, 2019)
Venue: Dingbatz (Clifton, NJ, US) Find tickets
Kaleido Aug 20, 2019
We’re going LIVE on Facebook today and performing on Hyped Up Live Sessions! 8pm! Tune in from anywhere!!! 😘💚
Kaleido Aug 20, 2019
It’s okay to not be okay sometimes
Kaleido Aug 19, 2019
We’re going LIVE with Hyped Up Live Sessions tomorrow ! What song do you want to hear us perform LIVE from the comfort of behind your phone or computer screen?!
Kaleido Aug 15, 2019
Kaleido Aug 10, 2019
Check out our Kaleido Club, where you can sign up to get personalized monthly surprises from us!
Kaleido Aug 09, 2019
Kaleido Aug 08, 2019
Kaleido Aug 08, 2019
Trying to soak up every drop of summer that I can because it’s flying right by!!! How is everyone today?? Good? Sad? Excited? Tired? Happy?.. I want to know, so leave me a comment down below - and let me know what you’re grateful for too. I am grateful for music - which helps me get through the dark and difficult times in life. I am grateful for the amazing support system my songs have built with people I would have never met if it weren’t for the music 💚
Kaleido Aug 08, 2019
Thank you for subscribing to our channel - KaleidoTV
Kaleido Aug 08, 2019
😱😱😱 Review - NO RLY...IM FINE
Kaleido Aug 08, 2019
Kaleido release deeply personal NO RLY....I'M FINE EP - All In Music Review
Kaleido Aug 06, 2019
Excited to announce we are headlining the Lagunitas/Shorts Brewing Company Alternative Rock Stage at Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats & Eats on Saturday, August 31st! Let’s close out the summer with a banger! 🤘
Kaleido Aug 06, 2019
Ending the summer with a Bang! Headlining the Alt Rock Stage at Soaring Eagle Arts, Beats & Eats Saturday August 31st at 9:45pm ! 🤘
Kaleido Aug 05, 2019
“Pretending” just jumped to #1 on the IndiMusic TV Top 21 countdown!!! Check it out here:
Kaleido Aug 01, 2019
Kaleido Logo Tee’s are finally up in our online store!!! We’ve only had these available at our live shows, but now if you want one and can’t make a show - have no fear!! - you can grab one here!
Kaleido Jul 31, 2019
You don't get to tell me what to do! You don't get to tell me how to feel! You don't get to tell me who I am... You don't own me!! 😈 Here's the official lyric video for "Blood!" from our new EP "NO RLY...IM FINE"
Kaleido Jul 29, 2019
Want some Kaleido swag?! We got the new logo apparel up on our website!! Thank you Built By Battle for helping us create these cool new shirts! Check it out here!!
Kaleido Jul 28, 2019
Tell me something good 🥰
Kaleido Jul 27, 2019
Kaleido Jul 27, 2019
Kaleido Jul 26, 2019
Here’s a review of ‘NO RLY...IM FINE’ on Dead 💚🖤💚 If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do! Available on all platforms digitally and CDs are up on our website -
Kaleido Jul 26, 2019
In-depth & intimate interview with All Access Music just posted, check it out 😉
Kaleido Jul 25, 2019
Getting these CDs signed and ready to send out! Thanks to everyone who ordered one! And if you would still like to get one - visit!!
Kaleido Jul 24, 2019
Spotify just added ‘Pretending’ to their HEAVY QUEENS Playlist 😱🤘👸 Check it out! Thank you so much Allison Hagendorf 💚 #KALEIDO #SPOTIFY #PRETENDING #PLAYLIST #NORLYIMFINE