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Live at Berklee (feat. Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra)
The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body
Everybody Glows: B-Sides & Rarities
Dreaming of Revenge
Dreaming of Revenge
...Until We Felt Red
...Until We Felt Red
Legs to Make us Longer
Everybody Loves You
Kaki King at City Winery (September 9, 2019)
Venue: City Winery (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
FIngerstyle Collective Guitar Festival FIngerstyle Collective Guitar Festival 2019
Venue: Camp Mitchell (Morrilton, AR, US) Find tickets
Kaki King at Arden Gild Hall (September 27, 2019)
Venue: Arden Gild Hall (Arden, DE, US) Find tickets
Kaki King Aug 01, 2019
Kaki King's cover photo
Kaki King May 24, 2019
Kaki King's cover photo
Kaki King May 13, 2019
DC & Baltimore – Kaki King is headed your way! Thursday, May 23rd 8pm Kaki King in Baltimore at Creative Alliance Visit for tix and details!
Kaki King May 01, 2019
Excited to be playing ELLNORA | The Guitar Festival at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. For more information and tickets visit
Kaki King Apr 15, 2019
Enter to win tickets to the show at Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music.
Kaki King Mar 20, 2019
Kaki King's cover photo
Kaki King Mar 14, 2019
BAY AREA!!! If you weren't able to get tix to my show at SF Jazz, we just announced a show at Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music on 4/28. Tix here:
Kaki King Feb 18, 2019
“Max take my picture because I’m dead” 📷 @visiblemax Working on a new show and art is hard.
Kaki King Dec 31, 2018
Once a best man, always a best man. My eldest son will always be a legend.
Kaki King Dec 25, 2018
All she wanted from Santa was a gigantic snake. 🎄🐍
Kaki King Dec 22, 2018
“Poorly Attended Inauguration” gingerbread house.
Kaki King Dec 19, 2018
Kaki King's cover photo
Kaki King Dec 12, 2018
Kaki King's cover photo
Kaki King Dec 10, 2018
For any of you in China this month, check out the Kaki feature on Travel Channel China!
Kaki King Nov 13, 2018
Check out myself + @ethelcentral on @newsounds on @wnyc @playing @songs @from @theneckisabridgetothebody @that @i @arranged @for @string @quartet @at @11 @pm
Kaki King Nov 11, 2018
“I like it better than most girlfriends I’ve had.” And they wonder why more women don’t play guitar. This @therealsambora quote has killed me until I’m dead.
Kaki King Nov 09, 2018
Omg I’m so hungry what to eat. Oh yeah those little potatoes we roasted the other night. They were so small they just puffed up to crispy skin with a smooth mash inside. But there’s only a few left? Heyyyyyyyyy that bit of spaghetti sauce we made. The one with the sweet and spicy sausage. It slow cooked all day. Smelled it from morning to night, those onions. That’s it. Onto those little tots you go. Yeah just a spoonful. Mmmmmmm but hey what is missing? No cheese? Damn no cheese. Oh well...except. Naw. No way. Too much, but. That Trader Joe’s run you did to Queens, couldn’t help grab that white cheddar popcorn. Took the bag to school pickup so the 4 yo wouldn’t be mad you that you didn’t fix her scooter yet. It’s mostly crumbs in that bag. Crumbly cheesy corny crumbs. Should I? Potatoes and sauce and popcorn. Do it. But it’s too much. Too crazy. It puts the popcorn on the sauce. Shake that bag out over THOSE LITTLE POTATOES AND SAUCE FUCK EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGG NOMNOMNOMNOM
Kaki King Nov 07, 2018
Took both smalls to vote. Babyson got the sticker which he then had a munch on. But we found this sweet blue LED to take a selfie with. #bluewave #takeyourkidstovote
Kaki King Nov 03, 2018
Can I have both?
Kaki King Oct 30, 2018
“Max take my picture because I’m dead.” 📷 by @visiblemax
Kaki King Oct 29, 2018
They’ve got this under control. #newthings #hammers #ringingrocks #hazmat
Kaki King Oct 25, 2018
Kaki King's cover photo
Kaki King Oct 25, 2018
#tbt Missing that warm desert on this chilly fall day. Send me an oud! @muhammad_hosnii @noonband 📷by @activecultures #uae #abudhabi #dunes #sand #oud
Kaki King Oct 24, 2018
Making things. #newproject
Kaki King Oct 20, 2018
Goood night west coast. Gotta get home to my babes.