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Kadhja Bonet Apr 14, 2019
Hi all - the Los angeles show on 4/24 has been postponed at the venues request. Please accept my apologies. Hope to see you next time ❤️
Kadhja Bonet Apr 01, 2019
Hi hi hi!!! I’m scoring my first (short, but not super short) film!! I’m super excited to be a part of it, its a labor of love for everyone involved. They are gonna continue to raise money to cover the production costs until we can finish it - your help means so much. If you wanna hear me do some styles you probably never heard me try before, this probably it Xoxo
Kadhja Bonet Jan 13, 2019
This will be a year of recording and minimal performances. Hopefully get some visual content together too though, so people stop calling me “mysterious”. In the meantime, there’s this - if you missed it. Xo !
Kadhja Bonet Dec 13, 2018
Kadhja Bonet - Delphine | A COLORS SHOW
Kadhja Bonet Oct 30, 2018
THE HUM PRESENTS: AN EVENING WITH KADHJA BONET Doors open at 7:30pm on November 9, will I see you there?
Kadhja Bonet Oct 28, 2018
Tonight! De centrale hosts me for a final show on my euro trip. Gent, Belgium we hit at 10!! Xoxo
Kadhja Bonet Oct 16, 2018
THE HUM PRESENTS: AN EVENING WITH KADHJA BONET Doors open at 7pm on November 9, will I see you there?
Kadhja Bonet Jul 18, 2018
Just some me and some my guitar and some joey on some drums in some garden sunday
Kadhja Bonet Jul 03, 2018
Music video producers that wanna be down?
Kadhja Bonet Jul 01, 2018
Good times were had. Gratitude in my heart and love on the brain. Thank you for your warmth ❤️❤️❤️
Kadhja Bonet Jun 30, 2018
Thank you so much for coming to my shows this week 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 brought real tears to an alien’s human impersonation 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️
Kadhja Bonet Jun 26, 2018
Last chance last call getcho tix to come hang with me and Who is HoneyLou this week !!!!!!! I have a few vinyl i’m happy to sign as the celebrity or anticeleb of your choice. With love, Martina Mcbride Or Keep trying!! Gentle Dental Dan
Kadhja Bonet Jun 23, 2018
Come to my show ok cool thanks byyeee 6/26 teregram (Los Angeles) 6/28 elsewhere (Brooklyn)
Kadhja Bonet Jun 12, 2018
I’ll play u my whole new wrecka.
Kadhja Bonet Jun 10, 2018
One time a while back i did a lil thing
Kadhja Bonet Jun 10, 2018
Buy CHILDQUEEN today and save!!
Kadhja Bonet Jun 08, 2018
My album CHILDQUEEN is finally out everywhere. Thank u so much for all the support and encouragement! If you enjoy it please share it with your friends!! If you hate it please share it with your enemies!! Love you :3
Kadhja Bonet Jun 08, 2018
Does this link work???????
Kadhja Bonet Jun 07, 2018
Album out in 2 days!
Kadhja Bonet Jun 03, 2018
Kadhja Bonet Jun 01, 2018
I’m really sad guys. I want to make you music videos but Its not working out. and separately but related I don’t want to be on a record label. Stay free fam. Stay free.
Kadhja Bonet May 31, 2018
Do you want to see my musics Ps i dont read what people write about me nor did i speak with npr - possibly a bunch of misinformation. People have a hard time understanding why I don’t like to take myself seriously. Interviews are death. But i love you. Share if you’re feeling generous ❤️
Kadhja Bonet May 31, 2018
Ghettoblaster Magazine couldn’t handle how raw my interview was so they don’t want to share it - but i want you to know the truth. The Truth waits for no one. Sometimes.
Kadhja Bonet May 30, 2018
Kadhja Bonet's cover photo
Kadhja Bonet May 29, 2018
Another track. Album just around the corona